John Deere Vs. Kubota Zero Turn Mowers: Which One Is More Reliable?

People who desire to have a freshly-cut lawn every day will find these mowers beneficial. Zero-turn mowers are very popular because of their unique features and high quality. 

Their wonderful features will provide you with great maneuverability. You no longer have to worry about any damages while cleaning the tighter spaces of your lawn. These are also very suitable for any yards or other residential areas. 

With our article, you can learn about all the crazy facts and necessary information on John Deere Vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers.

John Deere Vs. Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

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Things You Need To Know About A Zero-Turn Mower 

Compared with other lawnmowers, zero-turn mowers are more popular. They have useful features accessibilities. You need to know a few things about a zero-turn mower to simplify your consideration of the John Deere Vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers. Here, you can learn about them!

  1. Turning Radius: Zero-turn mowers have a turning radius that provides exceptional maneuverability. Sometimes, the lawnmower’s drive wheels rotate in opposite directions. The radius helps the mower move without any external support. 
  1. Mowing Deck: These zero-turn mowers have a mowing deck. It helps the mower run without interruptions. It has an outer-front nature of mowing that can mow anywhere without any damage.  
  1. Standard Size: These zero-turn mowers are very suitable for any residential area. They will fit right into your yard or lawn without any difficulties. You can also use them in smaller or narrower spaces because of their easy accessibility.

John Deere Zero-Turn Mower: Advantages And Disadvantages

John Deere’s zero-turn mowers can be more reliable than any other lawnmower. They have great endurance ability and speed. These mowers have the best-known engines that work very well in any workload scenario.

With this article, you can gather all the knowledge about a John Deere zero-turn mower. You can learn about its many advantages and a few disadvantages too.


  • Sturdy Structure: John Deere’s lawn mowers have a sturdy structure of polymer panels. These panels are far more progressive than metal panels. They help the lawnmower from any external damage. You can use them for a very long time without any repair or construction.
  • Finest Materials: Some of these lawnmowers have an Aluminium body. It keeps the functioning parts very sturdy and strong to use for a long period. It also prevents the mowers from rust/corrosion. 
  • Durability: These lawnmowers’ have a life-long endurance ability. It makes them one of the most usable riding mowers. They can last for about 4,500 to 5,000 hours a year. You can also extend their life expectancy with appropriate supervision.
  • Maneuverability: John Deere’s compact and subcompact lawn mowers come with excellent maneuverability. They operate well with immense speed and great maneuverability. You can use it anywhere you want according to your convenience. 
  • Convenient Features: You can use these mowers’ quick-attach bucket to carry your equipment. You can attach snow pushers, snow blades, grapples, bale spears, and pallet forks too. These features can make your work very easy and convenient.
  • Accessibility: These John Deere riding mowers have easy accessibility for you. You can use them without any technical expertise. You can also use them anywhere you want.
  • Considerable Price: You can get these lawnmowers at a very reasonable price. You can enjoy their many facilities to have a freshly-cut lawn in front of your house.


  • Vibration on hard surfaces
  • Soil berming/Crop damage
  • Big-budget

Kubota Zero-Turn Mower: Benefits and Drawbacks

Kubota zero-turn mowers are famous for both residential and commercial use. You can multi-use them because of their great versatility. They have enormous speed and durability. These riding lawn mowers are also super functional because of their 3-range transmission.

Here, you can learn about their several advantages with a few drawbacks!


  • Standard Structure: Kubota zero-turn mowers have a standard structure of metal panels. These panels can protect the mower from any serious damage. They have durable steel to stay longer than any other riding mower. They have some of the best-known engines that have enormous power and speed.
  • Useful Features: Some of these riding mowers come with a quick-mount system. It helps the mowers run without any interruption. You can also attach their quick-loaders according to your convenience.
  • Durability: These zero-turn mowers can last for 4,500 to 5,500 hours a year. You can also exceed their life expectancy from 5,000 hours to 10,000 hours a year.
  • Maneuverability: Kubota zero-turn mowers are very usable because of their noteworthy maneuverability. It will help you save time and keep your lawn fresh without much effort.
  • Versatility: They come with great versatility. These riding mowers have a three-range transmission. The transmissions make the riding mowers very functional to work with.
  • Reasonable Price: You can get these mowers at a reasonable price except for some models. You can enjoy their many benefits without much trouble.


  • Less speed in high workload scenarios
  • Requires technical expertise
  • Big-budget

John Deere Vs. Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers: Head to Head Comparison

Our article has narrowed down some of the major differences for you. Now, you can choose between the John Deere and the Kubota zero-turn mower without any worry.

With the help of this diagram, take a look at all the significant differences between the John Deere Vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers.

     FeaturesJohn Deere Zero-Turn MowerKubota Zero-Turn Mower
DurabilityAbout 4,500 to 5,000 hoursAbout 4,500-5,500 hours
Exceeding  Hours10,000 hours per year10,000 hours per year
Fuel 6 to 31.8 US gallons per hour11.1 US gallons per hour
Weight Around 2550 kg (ROPS) to 7165 lbs (Cab)Around 1694 kg 3734 lbs to 1850 kg 4080 lbs 
EngineLess than 100 horsepowerOver 200 horsepower
MaterialPolymer panelsMetal panels

An Easy Guide To Simplify Your Consideration 

Both the John Deere and Kubota zero-turn mowers have strong and durable materials. They have sturdy structures with remarkable features. Our helping guide will help you choose the best one for you. 

Consider the following matters to choose between the John Deere Vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers


Both these lawnmowers have enormous durability. The Kubota zero-turn mower may have more durability than the John Deere mower. But, it may not operate very well in high workload situations.

Speed Power

John Deere’s riding mowers have more speed than the Kubota mowers. They have well-known engines that operate well in high workload situations. 


Kubota riding mowers need technical expertise to run them. It can become a hassle for some people. But, John Deere’s lawn mowers are easier for you to use.


John Deere’s lawn mowers have more features than the Kubota lawn mowers. With the John Deere zero-turn mower, you can attach many tools according to your comfort.

Reasonable Price

Kubota zero-turn mowers are more expensive than John Deere lawn mowers. You can afford the John Deere mowers at a considerable price.

You can now choose the perfect zero-turn mower for you to live in a healthy environment.


How many hours will a John Deere zero-turn mower last?

Ans: A zero-turn mower’s durability depends on how you maintain it. If you supervise a John Deere zero-turn mower with appropriate caution, it can last for about 4,500 to 5,000 hours. You can extend these lawnmowers’ life expectancies with proper maintenance and care.

How long will a Kubota zero-turn mower last?

Ans: Kubota zero-turn mowers can last for about 4,500 to 5,500 gauged hours if protected with extra caution. These lawnmowers have great endurance ability. With proper care, you can also exceed their life expectancy to 10,000 (ten thousand) hours a year.

What are some major drawbacks of a Kubota zero-turn mower?

Ans: One of the major drawbacks of a Kubota zero-turn mower is its difficult accessibility. Compared with other riding mowers, Kubota lawn mowers need more technical expertise. It can become a hassle for some people.

What are some major disadvantages of a John Deere zero-turn mower?

Ans: A John Deere zero-turn mower doesn’t have many disadvantages. But, some models of a John Deere lawn mower can be too pricey for people. Those with a small budget will not be able to afford these lawnmowers.

Will any of these riding mowers fit into a residential area?

Ans: Both the John Deere and Kubota zero-turn mower will fit into any residential area. These lawn mowers come with great maneuverability and accessibility. You can run these lawnmowers into your yard without any trouble.

Final Verdict

If you have read our article this far, you have gathered all the information on John Deere Vs. Kubota zero-turn mowers with their major advantages and disadvantages. Our helping guide has narrowed down all the features and qualities of these mowers.

People who enjoy a healthy environment will find these lawnmowers very useful. These riding mowers have great durability. They also have exceptional maneuverability with easy accessibilities. You can use them anywhere you want.

These lawnmowers also come with a life-long expectancy. If maintained with proper care, you can use them for a very long time without any damage or repair. You can now choose one of these zero-turn mowers for your lawn/yard at a considerable price.

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