Laminate Vs Granite Countertop: Which Should You Go For?

Some people make a mistake considering materials with a lower price when selecting the appropriate material for remodelling their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Although the budget is a significant determinant of the kind of materials to afford, it should be of good quality. When it comes to kitchen countertops, two materials are always given consideration: Laminate and Granite. 

Some decades ago, Laminate was commonly seen in most houses before discovering the Granite to serve as a countertop. Laminate contains a mixture of paper and wood products which glue and resin held together. Laminate is an ideal material to obtain when operating with a tight budget as it is budget-friendly and appealing to the eye. 

Granite is obtained from igneous rock and mined from the earth. The resistance to heat and the low maintenance requirement make Granite a good material for kitchen countertops.

Are you faced with selecting the best material for your kitchen countertop between the two? This guide will help you as it contains the information necessary to make your decision.

Comparison Table of Laminate Vs Granite Countertop

Material OverviewLaminate countertops are made of wood and paper products held together with glue and resin.Granite is mined from the earth since it is an igneous stone.
PricingIt is cheaperIt is more expensive
Heat ResistanceIt has low resistance to heatIt has high resistance to heat
DurabilityLess durableMore Durable


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Differences between Laminate and Granite Countertop

Although Laminate and Granite are used as kitchen and bathroom countertops, there are some differences between them regarding durability, maintenance, heat resistance, and pricing. These differences include:


Although Laminate is durable, it is not as durable as Granite which was made through a process that involves heat and pressure. Laminate can last for a long time and will still be effective when used daily, although it will require repairing over the years. The composition of Laminate is particle boards held in place with resin and glue, thus ensuring its susceptibility to damage by water, peeling, and scratching. The materials that made up Laminate made it less resistant to heat.

Granite does not get damaged by water and can resist scratches, cracks, and chips. Unlike Laminate, it has high resistance to heat and does not need repairing over a long period as it can last forever. If installed properly, there is no decrease in its quality as it will maintain the same look forever.


Repairing Laminate countertops is not easy. The maintenance requirement of Laminate is low and as time goes on, subjecting it to delamination is a possibility. After installing Laminate, you do not need to bother yourself about sealing or using a particular way to clean it since you can use cleaning items you use for daily cleaning at home.

If it is Granite countertops, all it requires as maintenance is polishing and frequent cleaning, and it will maintain the same new appearance forever. When cleaning, ensure not to use cleaner abrasive cleaners, and there is no need to seal the granite countertops.


You can install Laminate yourself since it is simple and fast, but you cannot say the same for Granite as its installation requires a professional. Also, it is possible to install Laminate countertops within a day, but for Granite countertops, it will take a few days for the installation to be complete. Attempting to DIY a granite countertop is not encouraged.


Compared to what you will spend installing a Granite countertop, it is not expensive and saves money. You will pay a total amount of $800 to $1700 to install an average laminate countertop which implies that for a square foot, it costs $10 to $50. Installing a Granite countertop will require you to spend a total amount of $2000 to $4,500, implying that for each square foot, you will pay $35 to $100. 

Thus, if you are operating with a tight budget, you may want to go for Laminate ahead of Granite since it is cheaper. However, certain things like country of origin, appearance, thickness, and porosity contribute to the expensiveness of Granite. Although Laminate is affordable, it does not last as long as Granite. Thus, you will need to replace the Laminate with another one once it gets damaged without the option to repair it. Also, the home’s resale value will be higher with Granite countertops compared to Laminate.

Resistance to Stains and Scratches

Laminate countertops are susceptible to scratches which is why it is advisable to get a cutting board if you are using Laminate. Likewise, when there is a food, drink, or water spillage on the Laminate countertops, it gets stained, disfiguring it. However, with Granite, you do not need to bother yourself about getting a cutting board or preventing spillage of food, drink, or water since it is resistant to stains and scratches.

Health Concerns

If not properly clean and maintained, Laminate can serve as a breeding ground for the spread of germs. Laminate countertops can support microorganism growth since it is porous and gets stained with food or drink. However, since Granite is impervious to drinks, not porous, and cannot get stained with food, it does not support microorganism growth and does not spread germs.

Similarities between Laminate and Granite Countertop

Since Laminate and Granite are both materials for kitchen countertops, there are certain similarities between the two, and they include:


Although Laminate and Granite have their differences, they are suitable as countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Your budget will determine the kind of countertop material that is best for you. Laminate is a cheaper alternative to Granite in terms of price.

Boost the Value of Your Home

Both Laminate and Granite increase the house’s resale value once they are installed. Although Granite countertops have a higher resale value than Laminate countertops, they both contribute to the increase in the house’s value.


Although there used to be a limit to the patterns and designs of Laminate countertops, unlike nowadays, where there are numerous patterns and designs, there is an improvement to the appearance of Laminate such that it is possible to make it look like Granite. Granite countertops are not devoid of patterns and designs as it is known to be of many colours and patterns.

Which Material Should You Buy Between Laminate And Granite?

Granite and Laminate are suitable materials for Kitchen countertops, but there is a need to make the best choice, especially when remodeling the kitchen. This guide will prevent you from making a mistake when selecting the best material for you between the two. If you care about longevity and are not worried about the price, you should use Granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. However, if you are operating with a tight budget but still want good material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, you should go for Laminate.

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