Wilsonart vs. Formica Countertop

When it comes to laminate countertops, the most popular names on the market are the Wilsonart and the Formica. Both brands are well known for producing countertops with good design and durability. Many homeowners choose laminate countertops because they are reliable countertop options that come at a very reasonable price. 

Wilsonart produces countertops that are made of 100 percent acrylic resins and sometimes 90 percent acrylic resins with pigments and powdered bauxite filler constituting the remaining 10 percent. 

While Formica, a legend in laminate countertops, produces countertops made of phenolic plastic resins, which are heated and then poured onto a particleboard or kraft paper to solidify.

The truth is, Wilsonart and Formica’s countertops are basically the same. The major difference between Wilsonart and Formica is that they are two different brands that produce countertops with different qualities and designs. However, both brands are known for producing durable laminate countertops.

Wilsonart vs Formica countertop

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Comparison Table between Wilsonart and Formica Countertop

CompositionAcrylic resins, fire retardant filers, color pigments, particleboardPhenolic plastic resins, kraft paper or particleboard, wear-resistant layer
Design optionsVarieties of colors and patterns.Varieties of colors and patterns.
DurabilityExtended DurabilityLess durable
Lifespan15 years15 years
MaintenanceEasy maintenanceEasy maintenance
InstallationDIY installationDIY installation

Wilsonart vs Formica Countertop Differences

Since they are both laminate countertops, there are just a few differences between them which can be seen in their quality, design, and durability. 


The quality of a product is an important factor to consider before buying it, and that applies to buying a countertop because it plays a part in determining how reliable your counter will be after installation and in years to come.

Wilsonart has improved the quality of its countertops in terms of design and durability by producing HD (High Definition) laminates. This product line has a great visual depth and up to five times the wear resistance of other standard laminates. This improvement also sees the inclusion of the AEON technology, which increases durability, and the introduction of the Wilsonart LUJO collection, which provides striking 3D designs.

On the other hand, Formica has not done much to improve quality in terms of durability, but there is a significant improvement in the quality of its design. So you will get higher grade products such as its Jonathan Adler Collection, its 180FX line of laminates, and the Formica Authentix collection. 


Wilsonart countertops can be finished in several patterns, colors, and styles when it comes to design. Some of this finishing include the High gloss-1, where a countertop looks like a mirror sheen with a very smooth and brilliant appearance. The Mirage-35 combines both the matte and gloss finishes and is available only in the Wilsonarts HD product line.

We also have the Quarry-52, a finish designed to imitate the pitted look that is seen on natural, polished stone, and the Crystal-90, which offers a scratch-resistant, finely beaded texture that reduces fingerprints and smudges. The laminates also appear in alluring colors, such as the crystal fushion, which is translucent white, the jeweled Saphire, which is green, and the black canyon, which is black. 

Formica also prides itself in a long list of designs for you to choose from, such as the Jonathan Adler Collection and the formica180fx series. In the Jonathan Adler Collection, you will get laminates with bright and bold patterns. While the 180fx series offers up to 36 different patterns of real-looking granite, wood-grain walnut, and natural stone. Its large patterns go across the countertops without repeating, which gives it an edge over other wood-look and stone-look laminates. There is also the Formica Authentix collection which has countertops that are designed to appear like metal.


A lot of factors come into play when comparing the durability of Wilsonart and Formica countertops, and it mostly depends on the countertop you are buying. For example, if you are going for a countertop with a matte finish, you should consider the Formica product. This is because matt finishes of Formica are thicker than that of Wilsonart and therefore stand a better chance against scratches and wear, making it more durable. But suppose you prefer a gloss HD finish. In that case, Wilsonart is a better option because Wilsonarts HD laminates are produced with AEON technology which adds a vital protective layer to the surface of the countertop to further prevent scratch and wear, thus increasing durability. It is important to know that this technology is available only on Wilsonart HD and some Wilsonart premium laminates.

Similarities between the Wilsonart and Formica Countertop

Wilsonart and Formica countertops share some similarities, which can be seen in their appearance, impact resistance, maintenance, installation, and customizability  


Wilsonart and Formica both developed a technology that allows their countertops to appear as granite, wood-grain, and solid surface countertop.

Impact resistance

They are both scratch and stain-resistant. They do not require resealing as they are tightly sealed.


Maintenance is very easy with both countertops. Because of their sealed nature, a simple wipe down with water and mild soap will do. Avoid acidic soaps and abrasives as they might damage the surface over time. 


Installation is also very easy with both countertops. They are lightweight, and both offer a DIY installation process. No special tool or training is required.


Both countertops can be customized to whatever style, shape, or design you want.


Looking into the details above, you will agree that both countertops are very functional and will serve their purpose whether you place them in your kitchen or bathroom as long as it is well maintained. They are both affordable options, although prizes will slightly differ depending on the quality or design you want. Plus, Wilsonart tends to demand some extra bucks for their product because of their high quality in durability. However, if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to compromise durability, you should consider the Formica matte finish, which is affordable and quite durable. Both countertops have a lifespan of 15 years if used in the right condition.

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