Moen vs Delta vs Kohler: Faucets Comparison

What is the worst thing that could happen when you enter your toilet? Well, that would be a broken faucet. Turns out, damaged faucets can lower the water pressure, rust easily, and even leak. When it comes to a premium brand selection, who will win in the Moen vs Delta vs Kohler?

Well, the easy answer is, it depends. Kohler is what you should get if you are looking for a faucet pitching at a higher price. For the midranges, Delta and Moen shoot the best dimensions and easy installations.

Let us compare the three products and find out the one best for your bathroom. And don’t forget to check out the comparison table below for a 2-min problem solution.

Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucets

In a hurry? Take a glance at the comparison table.

ProductsPricing DurabilitySpot resistanceTechnology usedNumber of model stylesPrice
Moen$75-$6005-10 yearsSpots appear with timeMotion sense170+Check on Amazon
Delta$80-$7005-11 yearsSpots appear if not cleanedTouch20120+Check on Amazon
Kohler$80-$80010-15 yearsNo spots after cleaningResponse 250+Check on Amazon

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Moen Faucets: Why choose it?

Moen faucets leave no stone unturned in giving a versatile finish to sinks. Here, the chrome finish is so smooth that you can’t take your eye off it. If your sink contains 1 to 3 holes, this faucet can be a reliable option for you.

There is a reflex system equipped with the product to give you an easy operation. And don’t worry about the movement. Even that is easy with a secured docking on the spray head. Now let us find out what else is more inside the object and what features it holds.


One thing to clear you up is that the installation of this faucet is almost effortless. So stay tension free about the complications. Furthermore, it gains a spot resist finish option, making the object look shinier and hold its quality for many years. And it will not be an overstatement if we say that the Moen faucet is built to last.


The price of the faucet is quite affordable, in the range of $80 – $700. But all I will say is the product carries the actual value for money in every way. So, be determined that the Moen faucet is worth your acquisition. 

Motion Sense Technology

What else do we need when motion sense technology comes along? Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. This faucet does come with technology. With this technology, you will get a faster fill and faster clean in your faucet for sure. 

Now you don’t have to scrub for hours just to get a shining glow. Give it a slight rub and wallah. You have yourself a mirror-like faucet. 


  • Installation is super easy 
  • Allows easy operations and movements
  • Hardly lets any spot come
  • Gives a faster fill and faster clean


  • Sometimes disturbs in functioning 

Delta Faucets: Why choose it?

Delta faucets are one of the leading items in today’s market. When it comes to easy maintenance and cleanliness, Delta faucets stand up tall. There is a clean touch spray with this product which allows wiping away the lime build-up and calcium quickly.

And, guess what? This faucet is going to last two times longer than any ordinary one. Are you fed up with the points in your faucet? Then nothing can be better than Delta’s product for you. Since it holds DIAMOND Seal Technology, you can have an excellent usage from here.

Design and service life

Here, you will get a MagnaTite Docking which is much suitable to snap kitchen sprayers into place. Also, it uses a powerful magnet so that the docking stays in place and does not droop over time. Now coming to the service life, you will surely get five years of warranty without any sort of defects.


To purchase it, you need to spend a price around $75 – $585. Frankly speaking, there are no faucets with this much resilience for the price. It is a win-win for sure. 

Touch20 technology

Do you want leak-free operations in your faucet? Then Delta has just got you covered. With its touch20 technology, you can have a greater lifetime and install it easily in your kitchen. Moreover, you can sense the difference between a grab and a touch. Hence, the chance of false activation is going to be significantly less.


  • Ensures and easy maintenance and cleanliness 
  • Allows wiping away dirt easily
  • Lasts two times longer than ordinary faucets
  • Keeps the docking in place
  • Has more leak-free operations 


  • Needs regular cleaning.

Kohler Faucets: Why choose it?

The best thing about Kohler faucets is, they are highly affordable and gain outstanding features at the same time. Also, there is a pull-down spray head with two functions that allows the stream to switch to sweep spray. 

Moreover, there is a transitional design that comes with Kohler faucets. From this alternate, you can definitely have a lighthearted sensibility in its usage. Want to know more about the item? Let’s have a look at some of its further features. 

Feel and longevity 

With a docking system of DockNetik magnetic, the faucet ensures a secured lock. Therefore, the spray head remains in place and does not budge at all. And talking about longevity, that is entirely up to a premium mark. Since its hard metal maintains the quality, you can have a long-lasting use from it.


There is no doubt that Kohler is at the top list when it comes to the most expensive faucets in the market. Usually, the price differs from a range of about $300-500. So, why think about it a second time? Every good thing costs more. Kohler costs more but gives a better performance boost than all its competitors. 

Response technology

Though we face a lot of power outages, there is still a possibility to live and typically work with this faucet. Since the technology here saves the cleaning time, you will not need to worry that much about the maintenance even.


  • Gives a lighthearted sensibility in usage
  • Ensures a secured lock in docking
  • Saves the time of cleaning and maintenance 
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Price is a little high

Moen vs Delta vs Kohler faucets: Let’s dig in

Though the three products have similar properties, they still have a difference worth noting. For starters, Moen and Delta are between the mid-range budget. But Kohler makes expensive faucets, which are of top quality. Let’s see a side by side comparison. 

Price difference

The first difference between the three faucets is in the price range. If you are in the mid-budget section, try out the Delta and Moen. Delta costs from $75 – $585, and Moen from $80 – $700. Delta provides better performance and good service life. For the price, beating Delta is tough. 

Kohler is on the premium site of the price list, costing about 80-800 dollars. Try out Kohler faucets if money is not an issue for you. 


When it comes to technology, you will hardly see any difference. Though the names are kinda hard to spell, you will get a similar user experience. Moen and Delta use Motion sense and Touch20 technology, respectively. Both the technology help the faucets get a better shine and easy water flow. In the case of Kohler, manufacturers use Response technology that helps avoid damage under a high usage load.

Here Kohler is the winner for us. 

Style variation

Delta has around 106 faucet styles for all its other decorative bathroom parts. And Moen has about 173 models, which is just mind-boggling. Finally, Kohler has more than 250 model styles. Kohler wins again.

Spot resistance

Out-of-the-box all three products offer spot resistance. However, with time, Delta and Moen lose a bit of their shine. Cleaning them is also easy, but hey, when it comes to spot resistance, Kohler is king. 

End Note

We have reached the end of the comparison. So, what did you think? Who wins for you? Is it Delta, Moen, or Kohler? 

For us, Kohler is a bit expensive, but the best as a premium brand. Delta offers the best of both worlds in terms of price and product quality. 

If you stand on a budget range, Delta wipes its competitors clean. So, no more today. Bye. Have a good day.

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