5 Bathroom Rugs Safe for Vinyl Flooring

Homeowners who installed vinyl floors in their homes ask this question often: What are the best bathroom rugs safe for vinyl flooring?

There is logic as every rug in the market is not friendly to the vinyl surface. Most rugs are rubber or latex-based. And both of these cause your vinyl base staining or discoloration. So, it’s recommendable to avoid such a rug to protect the beauty of your LVP floor.

Here in this article, we enlisted the top 5 non-slip rugs for vinyl floors. They are gentle to your surface, stay in the place both wet & dry condition, and comfortable for stepping out of your bathroom. To learn more about them, keep reading till the end.

Bathroom Rugs Safe for Vinyl Flooring

What are best bathroom rugs for vinyl floor?

Well, if you’re looking for best bathroom rugs for vinyl floor , then here is a list of 5 best bathroom rugs for vinyl floor that would help make your bathroom look better and warmer.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: ITSOFT Non Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Rugs
    “This best overall bathroom rug is soft & comfortable, slip-resistant, vibrant, and absorbs water quickly.”
  2. Best Budget: Amazon Basics Microfiber Bath Rug
    “Classic design, machine washable & dryable, and affordable price make the bath rug ideal to keep in our lineup.”
  3. Best for Vibrant Decor: Versailtex Plush Microfiber Bathroom Rugs
    “The bold stripe patterns & color of this rug helps to add a beautiful look and bring back a charming feeling to your bathroom. “
  4. Best Durable: LuxUrux Soft Plush Anti-Slip Bath Rug
    “Its long-lasting construction material ensures the rug will not flatten, deteriorate, and fall apart with ease.”
  5. Best Water-Absorbent: MAYSHINE Bath Mat Runners for Bathroom Rugs
    “Bathroom rugs from MAYSHINE are specially designed to absorb water quickly to leave your bathroom floors dry & clean.”

Top Rated 5 Bathroom Rugs Safe for Vinyl Flooring

01. Best Overall: ITSOFT Non Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Rugs

Soft, vinyl floor-friendly, ease of cleaning, and superior absorbency are some characteristics that define ITSOFT Non-Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Rug. These features provoke us to rank it as the best overall bathroom rug safe for LVP floors.

Key Features

  • Strong water-absorbent ability
  • Skid-resistant bottom
  • Provide extra softness
  • PVC non-slip backing

What Other Customers Are Saying

Non-slip Shaggy Chenille Sof Rugs from ITSOFT manages to get 4.8 of 5 stars with 7000+ ratings from customers. Long-lasting, anti-slip quality, comfortable, and affordable price can easily convince buyers to get it in their bathroom.

Most users who spend a good amount of time in the bathroom find it comfortable to stand on. They are impressed, observing that its tendrils don’t mush down, no matter how many times they stand on it. Therefore, every user loves it because they get a high-quality product at a low price.

Our Experience

Super Comfortable

Super comfy bathroom rug we ever used! There are no gaps because its tendrils are close together. Therefore, its special microfiber construction makes this extra soft, and it seems like we sink into a deep cotton pile while standing on it. We give it 10 out of 10 for its softness.

Better gripping ability

Unlike our previous bath mat, it doesn’t shift or wander around when wet. The anti-skid baking bottom helps to hold the mat in its place firmly and prevents the rug from moving around.

Safe for Vinyl floor

We don’t notice any discoloration of our vinyl base yet. The anti-slip backing of this rag uses natural ingredients which are non-toxic & odorless. So, it doesn’t bring any damage to our vinyl floors.

Quality product at low price

High-quality rug at an affordable price! Who doesn’t love that? We also love it very much due to its quality which doesn’t break our bank to get the mat.

02. Best Budget: Amazon Basics Microfiber Bath Rug

You don’t mind getting a bathroom floor mat that doesn’t empty your wallet but meets the highest quality. Everyday Cotton Bath Rug Set is such an affordable, stylish, water-absorbent, and comfortable bath rug.

Key Features

  • Microfiber bath rugs
  • Simple & classic design
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Eco-friendly

What Other Customers Are Saying

AmazonBasics Everyday microfiber Bath Rug Set receives 4.4 out of 5 stars with 2600+ ratings. Affordable prices, simple to clean, and compact size are some notable features that motivate the consumers to get it.

Users praise its ease of cleaning. They can toss it in the washer & dryer to clean the rug. On top of this, this rug has different finishes on each side. So, they can get the look & feel that goes with their existing home decor.

Our Experience

100% Cotton

We don’t buy it if it doesn’t use 100% cotton as a construction material. And we all know cotton is a natural ingredient which is safe on vinyl floors.

Perfect Size

The cotton rug is large enough to stand on while also small enough to toss in the washing machine. It’s perfect in size.

Dry Fast

Plush construction of the rug helps to wick away moisture and excessive water. Plus, it is breathable enough and allows the bath mat to dry quickly.

03. Best for Vibrant Decor: Versailtex Plush Microfiber Bathroom Rugs

No matter what existing home decor is in your home, this bath mat from Versailtex complements that. Neutral colors with bold stripes pattern will be a lovely addition to your bathroom.

Key Features

  • Thick and soft bath mat
  • Use slip-resistant SBE/Hot melt spray backing
  • Machine washable
  • Made of durable materials to ensure longevity

What Other Customers Are Saying

Versailtex Grey Bath Mats earns 4.4 out of 5 stars with 27000+ ratings from consumers. Non-skid nature, thick & soft, vibrant look and ease of cleaning are some phrases that go with this beautiful mat.

Users find the rug in its shape though they wash it several times within ten weeks. No fiber loss in the washer or dryer will occur, and it stayed fluffy. Apart from these, the rug feels soft on the feet, and its size is perfect. Indeed, this bath rug was the best for the bang.

Our Experience

Super Comfortable

We found Grey Bath Mats soft, cozy, & bushy. Its thick and plush tufts across the entire top surface make the rug comfortable to stand on.

Anti-skid Backing

The non-slip backing bottom stays securely in its place. We observed the bath mat grip the floor firmly and held it in the right spot even in wet conditions.

Premium Quality

We are pleased with its quality. The rug uses new material like SBE/Hot melt spray backing. Because of this, the mat remains breathable and dry quickly.

04. Best Durable: LuxUrux Soft Plush Anti-Slip Bath Rug

If you look for a bath rug that lasts for long, you must consider the Luxury Bath Rugs to have in your lineup. The mat uses durable microfiber materials and updated construction to ensure the longevity of it.

Key Features

  • Made of super-absorbent and fast-drying material
  • Use high-quality construction to ensure durability
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a bunch of colors & sizes

What Other Customers Are Saying

With 4.5 out of 5 stars and 17000+ ratings, Luxury Bath Rugs gain a lot of love from consumers. Extra softness, superior water absorbency, and ease of cleaning are some remarkable characteristics that melt the hearts of thousands of users.

Our Experience

3 Level of Layers

This rug we choose has three layers- top, middle, and last layers. The top layer feels soft to stand on, and the middle layer helps absorb water and keeps the mat dry. Finally, the last layer is skid-resistant. It prevents the rug from moving around when the floor is wet.

Soft & Comfortable

No matter how long you stand on the rug, it feels soft to your toe. We highly praised its extra softness and thanks to its 1″ microfiber shags. When we keep our feet on it, it seems we sink in it.

Absorbs water quickly

Thanks to the construction material it uses. The microfiber surface of the rug soaks the water like a sponge and keeps the mat dry. We are impressed to see its water-absorbent ability.

Come in different colors & sizes

There are various colors & sizes available out there, and we could go for a specific one that complements our existing home decor. Luxury Bath Rugs come in multiple colors & sizes, which help you to pick the best one.

05. Best Water-Absorbent: MAYSHINE Bath Mat Runners for Bathroom Rugs

If you want to shield your toe from cold & keep your feet dry after stepping out of the shower, you must get the MACHINE Bath Mat Runners. The sponge layer of this rug helps to soak water quickly and provides you comfort by keeping your feet dry.

Key Features

  • Unique fiber-locking technique
  • Use the PVC backing for ensuring the longevity
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Water absorbent

What Other Customers Are Saying

MAYSHINE Bath Mat Runner manages 4.7 out of 5 stars with 14,400+ ratings from customers. Users are motivated to purchase it for its superior water-absorbent ability, longevity, and extra softness.

Most users found it soft & warm when stepping out of the shower and helped to dry their feet quickly. Ease of cleaning is another noteworthy feature every user loves most. It fits in the washing machine and dries fast outside on a sunny day.

Our Experience

Absorb water optimally

Thanks for its optimum water absorbency! The middle layer of the rug works like a sponge and soaks water to keep the mat dry. Therefore, the PVC backing of the rug makes it durable and allows it to absorb moisture.

Premium Quality

Surprisingly, we went through a lot of bathroom rugs in the last one or two years. The mat we used disintegrated when we put it in the washing machine. Another bathroom rug we got faded when we hung it over the railing of our deck. But this one is different from both of the two. The MAYSHINE mats have thick microfiber loops that dry quickly, stay colorfast, and are never held down when we machine wash them.


We never feel it hard when standing on it. It uses thick fibers that don’t turn deflated after use. As a result, we find it exceptionally comfortable, which supports our feet.

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Factors You Should Consider before Picking the Best Bathroom Rugs Safe for Vinyl Flooring

Every rug you discover in the market is not safe on your vinyl surface. But you can detect which one will be vinyl friendly and which one is not by conducting a bit of research. Below, we will mention some criteria that keep you ahead to pick the right bathroom rug that doesn’t bring any damage to your LVP floor. Here we go.


First off, consider the construction material of a rug before purchasing it. Keep yourself hundreds of miles away from the rubber and latex-based mats. Rubber reacts with chemicals contained in vinyl and causes discoloration. Generally, the chemical reaction happens when heat from sunlight or friction of traffic comes and falls on the vinyl floor.

However, some rubber-based rugs are designed to be used for vinyl. In this case, you should check the manufacturer’s info about it.

We recommend you get a floor rug that uses natural ingredients like jute and cotton for vinyl floors.

Absorbent or Not

Water-absorbent ability is another criteria you should consider. Look for a rug that can soak water like a sponge and keep it dry for stepping out. Ensure the bath mat you will buy is made of individual microfiber high-pile and thick chenille fabrics. You can also choose a rug that uses plush construction. Such a vinyl floor mat absorbs water quickly and wicks away excess moisture. This type rugs are safe for the entryway use.

Skid-Resistant or Not

The bathroom is the most slippery area in our home. No one wants to get injured by slipping away on the floor. And placing a non-skid rug on the floor can be a lifesaver. Ensure the mat you will pick uses slip-resistant baking and holds the mat firmly in its place for safety.

Is it Machine washable?

Rugs like other stuff in your home get dirty. So, you should wash the mat to give it a new look. The traditional washing method takes a lot of elbow grease and time. Regarding this, get a rug that is machine washable. Fortunately, all the bathroom rugs we enlisted are compatible with machine wash.

Soft to feet or Not

Whether the rug you want to buy will feel soft beneath your feet or not is another thing you should consider. Pick a mat that uses microfiber shags to ensure the softness of it.


Choose a bathroom rug that adds a distinct look to your home & bathroom. Pattern rug with neutral color will be an excellent option to go with every home decor.


What rugs are safe for vinyl floors?

Rugs made of natural fabrics like backing cotton and baking jute are safe for Vinyl flooring.

Can you put rubber-backed rugs on vinyl floors?

No, we don’t recommend you to put rubber-backed rugs on your vinyl floor as it reacts with the chemical contained in vinyl and brings damage to it.

Are polypropylene rugs safe for vinyl floors?

Yes, polypropylene rugs are safe for the vinyl base though we recommend you to put a rug pad under it.

Final Verdict

Above, we reviewed the top 5 bathroom rugs safe for vinyl flooring. So, you can pick any of them without any hesitation.

However, choosing the ITSOFT Non-Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Rugs will be wise if you want to get an overall good bathroom rug. It is stylish, water-absorbent, machine washable, and a slip-resistant bath mat.

On the other hand, if the budget matters a lot but looks for a quality product, there is no better option for you except AmazonBasics Everyday Cotton Bath Rug.

You can also choose Versailtex Plush Microfiber Bathroom Rugs if you want to get a vinyl-friendly mat that resembles your existing home style.

Therefore, LuxUrux Soft Plush Anti-Slip Bath Rug is another bath rug that is durable & long-lasting.

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