Nequare vs Dyson: Which Brand Makes Powerful Cordless Vacuum

Cleaning the house is tough, especially without a compact cleaning tool. When comparing the Nequare and the Dyson, we find tons of similarities, especially in the built design and usage. So who will win between Nequare vs. Dyson?

For starters, the Dyson has a longer body when compared to the Nequare. Then again, Nequare vacuums come with a soft broom head, whereas the Dyson has a standard rolling bristle head.

Today, we will see the head-to-head comparison of Nequare and Dyson, clearing any misconceptions in the process.

For us, the result ends with Nequare winning with maximum scores. We have also done a quick comparison chart, so you don’t have to read everything here.

Nequare vs Dyson

Quick Peek Comparison For Nequare vs. Dyson

Broom HeadSoft broom headStandard rolling bristle head
Docking stationsTwo in one heads with furniture head and replacement bristles Two in one heads for vents and corners
SoundMuch quieter Loud
LED indicatorsPresent Absent
Battery lifeAverage of 30-35 minsAverage of 15-20 mins

Dissimilarities between Nequare and Dyson

Though both the vacuums look highly similar, the differences are well reflected in their features. Let’s see the other dissimilarities between them. 

Power indicator 

When working with a vacuum, the power indicators can help determine how long you can use it. The indicators also help finish the work faster and often before the battery drains out. In the case of the Nequare, there are LED lights, which indicate the battery state. On the other hand, Dyson doesn’t have this feature on any of its models. 

Sometimes, Dyson vacuums will stop working without you not knowing the battery percentage. Here, Nequare clearly wins. 

Low light usage

In low light conditions, working with a vacuum cleaner can be tough. Frankly speaking, you won’t see what you are cleaning. Turns out, the Nequare has the upper hand with some inbuilt LED lights on the vacuum head. The Dyson falls short in this category, and you will need to have proper lighting to see everything. 


No one likes a loud buzzing sound. However, when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, we can’t avoid it. Though both the Nequare and Dyson seem similar in sound, the Dyson is much louder. This being said, Nequare vacuums won’t break your glass windows anytime soon. If you want a low sound setting, avoid Dyson vacuum cleaners. 

Battery life

The battery life is another key difference between Nequare and Dyson. For the Dyson vacuums, you will get about 20 mins of usage. However, a Nequare vacuum can handle up to 35 mins of non-stop, which is 70% more than Dyson. 

In general, you need to recharge Dyson vacuums more than once to vacuum the complete house. If you want to avoid such a problem, get the Nequare instead. 

Body design

Both the vacuums have similar body designs, where the Dyson is a little longer. Other than that, you will hardly see any difference. It is a tie here. 

Broom head

Though the broom heads look similar in both of them, they are completely different. The Nequare has a soft broom head, and the Dyson has a standard one with bristles. The soft broom head helps Nequare take away bigger chunks of debris. However, Dyson vacuums face difficulty when picking up anything bigger than a grain of rice. 

Docking Stations 

There is hardly any difference between their docking stations. Nequare has two-in-one heads with furniture head and replacement bristles. However, the Dyson has a regular two in the head for vents or corners. The furniture head and replacement bristles are the only difference inside them. 


Now comes the fun part. Though the Nequare offers better features, it pitches are low price tag. It is about 40% cheaper than a Dyson vacuum with a similar spec list. Some Dyson vacuums may even break the bank, whereas Nequare will seem like a discount option. Yet, you won’t see any difference in the durability sector. 

Which one is the Best between Nequare and Dyson? 

After checking out the dissimilarities between the two, what is your opinion? For us, the Nequare wins with top features and pricing. 

Though the Dyson is longer than Nequare, you will see a difference in the Broom head, sound, battery life, and so on. Having a soft broom head, Nequares can carry out bigger dirt particles. In contrast, Dyson can’t withstand anything bigger than a grain of rice. 

Surprisingly, the battery life of Nequare vacuums is more than Dyson, like 70% more. You can finish cleaning the whole house with one go and still have some charge left for small tasks. 

Additionally, Nequare offers LED indicators and lighting, which helps determine the charge left and in low light cleaning. Nequare is also much quieter than Dyson. Turns out, your neighbors can hear the sound when you are using a Dyson cleaner. 

If you want a top-notch solution to a cleaning problem, get a Nequare cleaner. It will serve you better than any Dyson cleaner. 


Is Nequare a good vacuum?

Yes. Nequare is a good vacuum. Turns out, they have tons of features, and the price is at a respected level. You can get a good quality Nequare vacuum for just 200 USD. The best part is, the service life of Nequare will last for years to come.

Why is Dyson so expensive?

Dyson has a good build quality, which drives up the price. This is the only reason we got. On the other hand, Nequare has more features than Dyson but pitches at a low price point. 

End Note

So, did you get your answer yet? Frankly speaking, the Dyson falls behind Nequare vacuums in almost all aspects. Though both of them are top-notch products, we would recommend you to get a Nequare vacuum instead.

Turns out, Nequare offers LED lighting, better battery life, and low noise output. Additionally, all these features come at a lower price when you compare with Dyson vacuums. 

So, this is all for now. Have a good day.

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