NuCore vs. Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

Installing new flooring for your home or any using space can be tricky. You’ll always want to have something good-looking and durable within your budget. NuCore and Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring can be the best choice on a low budget.

NuCore vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest vinyl floorings. It comes in a massive range of designs and patterns. As an addition, it has soundproof quality. On the other hand, Lifeproof vinyl flooring is budget friendly. The designs and prints it offers can be pretty close to natural wood flooring. It has a rigid core feature and claims to be 100% waterproof.

To make your choice easy, look in NuCore vs. Lifeproof vinyl flooring. Even though NuCore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring are both budget-friendly, you will want to choose one.

NuCore vs Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring


NuCore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring are prominent among consumers who are looking for something extra on a budget. Before comparing them, let’s look into some basic properties each of the vinyl floorings has.

Nucore Vinyl Flooring

NuCore Vinyl flooring has some basic qualities that draw the customer’s attention. These qualities are their selling points. 

Wear Layer:

It has a pretty thick wear layer of 22 mils. Compared to any other EVP flooring, it is quite broad. This works as a resistance shield against scratches and strains. It also helps to maintain durability.

Rigid Core:

NuCore vinyl flooring offers durability with scratch and stain resistance up to some extent. It has a rigid core made of Stone Polymer Composite (SPC). The rigid Core helps to make the Vinyl flooring waterproof.

Thus it’s suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, or/ garage floor. It is also moisture-proof. You can use a wet mop to remove any stain

Cork Underlayment:

To provide a moisture barrier, there is a layer of cork between the subfloor and plank. The cork underlayment is pre-installed. So you don’t have to work on any other coating on the subfloor before installation. This underlayment helps to give your foot a feeling of comfort too.


NuCore vinyl flooring has the quality to make your room soundproof. The cork underlayment resists sound transfer from one floor to another. This is why it is said as children and pet-proof. 

Photographic Layer:

There are almost 100 options to choose from in NuCore vinyl flooring. It will give the natural hardwood look or natural marble look. 

You can select these designs in 5 types of finishing – NuCore Textured, NuCore Embossed-In Register, NuCore Hand-scraped, NuCore High Glass, and NuCore Smooth.

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

Lifeproof Vinyl flooring is known for its easy installation. The brand offers features which you might find attractive.

100% Waterproof

One of the main specialties of Lifeproof vinyl flooring is its rigid core. It contains a rigid PVC core. This is also known as ISO CORE. It’s suitable for tropical weather. 


One of the most attractive selling points of Lifeproof vinyl flooring is that it prevents mold formation or any microbial organism. 

Therefore, if someone has an allergy issue, they can install this flooring and stay tension-free. The antimicrobial property makes it easier to clean and maintain hygiene.


Lifeproof vinyl flooring offers different sizes of wear layers. The two highest-selling sizes are 6 mm and 12 mm. It also has 22 mm, but that’s not found in all designs. 

Radiant Heat Resistant

While installation, the flooring doesn’t need to be glued. Therefore, Lifeproof vinyl flooring is suitable for any temperature and weather condition. 

The planks can expand and contract easily. Thus, a change of temperature will not damage the flooring.

Low Maintenance Of SubFloor

The underlayment is installed by default. Therefore, if the subfloor is not in too bad condition, Lifeproof vinyl flooring can be installed.

Pros And Cons

Before buying any product, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of the product. NuCore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring have some advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about them makes it easier to judge them.

NuCore Vinyl Flooring

NuCore Vinyl flooring Is quite user-friendly. From its past reviews, let’s see some pros and cons it has to offer.


  • Offers 100+ designs and patterns to choose from.
  • Easy installation.
  • One of the most cost-efficient Vinyl planks in the market.
  • Easy stain removal and has waterproof technology.


  • Even with wear layers and tear layers, it is not 100% scratch-resistant.
  • The availability in the online market is relatively low.
  • Due to frequent changes in style, finding a matching replacement is entirely challenging.
  • Dust and molds quickly build up and make maintenance difficult.

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

Pros and cons of LifeProof vinyl flooring will let you know if it is suitable for your use. 


  • Quality construction makes the product light in weight with durability.
  • Interlocking systems make it easier for DIY installation.
  • Range of VOC is relatively low.
  • Also suitable for Radiant heated floors.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.


  • Not soundproof .
  • Warranty is applicable for first users, making it unsuitable for rented homes.
  • Commercial warranty is only for 5-10 years.
  • Interlocking system needs to be handled delicately.

These are some of the pros and cons you would like to know before purchasing NuCrore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring.


Budget is quite an essential factor while choosing Vinyl flooring. A consumer will always try to get as many features as possible on a lower budget. 

NuCore Vinyl Flooring

NuCore vinyl flooring is one of the most budget-friendly brands in the market. The price range starts from as low as $2.5. With more qualities, it goes higher.

LineThickness (1)Wear LayerCost/sq. ft.Warranty (2)
Textured6.5mm – 8mm22 mils$2.59 – $3.89Lifetime/15
EIR6.5mm & 8mm22 mils$2.89 – $3.49Lifetime/15
Handscraped6.5mm22 mils$2.69 – $3.09Lifetime/15
High Gloss6.5mm22 mils$2.89 – $3.09Lifetime/15
Smooth6.5mm22 mils$2.99 – $3.09Lifetime/15

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

Lifeproof vinyl flooring also starts at a quite low range. The starting price is $2.59. But it can go up to $4.5 with a variety of features. 

Thickness (1)Wear LayerCost/sq. ft.Warranty (2)Installation
6mm & 7mm6 mils$2.59 – $3.09Lifetime/5Locking
8.5mm6 mils$3.29 – $3.59Lifetime/5Locking
8mm12 mils$2.79 – $3.59Lifetime/10Locking
8mm22 mils$4.09 – $4.39Lifetime/15Locking


There is only one significant similarity between NuCore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring, which is installing. Both these brands can be installed through DIY methods. 

Lifeproof flooring has a “drop and locks” interlocking system. And NuCore has an “angle-and-tap” locking system. Both of these systems don’t require any heavy instrument or glue to attach the planks. 

The replacements are pretty straightforward with these methods. 

Final Words

NuCore and Lifeproof vinyl flooring are prominent in the vinyl flooring market. They tend to hold on to their qualities and satisfy the customers. But they both come with their pros and cons. Before deciding which one to select, get to know about the quality, you are looking for. Then find out which one of the brands offers them. Decide your brands depending on your necessities.

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