10 Plumbing Upgrades to Enhance Your Home Value

Nothing beats a nicely refurbished house. Two of the most essential and frequently used rooms in your home are the bathroom and kitchen. Upgrading the two rooms allows you to improve the house’s appearance and its value. Even if you are not looking to sell your home after an upgrade, the house value will still be high when you are ready to sell it. Most homebuyers keenly check the two rooms before deciding to purchase a house.

Be sure to hire a professional 24-hour plumber when planning to do plumbing upgrades to your home. For your kitchen, hire a kitchen plumber to be assured of quality workmanship and value for money. Do not ignore the efficiency of the upgrades, even if you would love to improve the aesthetics of your home. The upgrades should meet your unique needs as well as those of would-be homebuyers. In short, consider plumbing upgrades in your home as an investment where you can get tidy returns in the future.

Plumbing Upgrades to Enhance Your Home Value

Below are ten invaluable plumbing upgrades you should consider during your home renovations.

Water Heater 

If your water heater is faulty or has hit a decade in service, you should replace it with a newer model. There are more advanced models in the market that are effective in water conservation. With the rising inflation, energy costs are concurrently rising. The newer models can help reduce energy bills and increase the resale value of your home.

Consider a tankless water heater if you are improving your kitchen. This water heater is ideal if you do not use large volumes of hot water at once. It only heats the water that you are using at a single moment. This feature helps minimize energy costs.

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation is often overlooked during construction. Most people commit the same mistake when buying homes. They rarely remember to check whether plumbing lines are insulated. Insulation safeguards your lines from bursting or developing leaks. If left uninsulated, water inside your lines may freeze and expand during frigid winter conditions, leading to bursts and damage.

Insulation is easy and pocket-friendly. In some cases, you can insulate pipes on your own. Buy wraps or sleeves from a nearby store and cover the pipes. Insulation is not limited to your home interior only but also the exterior. So, be sure to cover the plumbing lines and faucets outside your home.


Old toilets can be a bother, especially during flushing. You may have to plunge them frequently. The net effect is that it leads to water wastage and frustration. Consider upgrading your toilet if you notice it is flushing slowly.

Newer models flush fast while conserving water. They also have improved features, such as hand bars for support during toilet use. Replacing old models with advanced ones gives your bathroom a modern and luxurious look. Quality toilet improvements boost your home value and increase your chances of finding prospective buyers. 

Pipe Upgrades

Consider replacing your old plumbing lines to attract better returns from the housing market. A plumbing line upgrade might reduce the timeline for closing a house sale deal. This is fueled by purchasers who consider a piping system improvement a major buying point. Older pipes are prone to cracks. No one wants to keep on incurring repair costs.

You will enjoy a well-functioning piping system, even if you are not selling your house after pipe upgrades. The system will also be free from blockages and stubborn clogs.

Taps and Shower Upgrade

Taps and plumbing fixtures have seen continued improvements due to dramatic advancements in technology over the years. The new taps and showers have superb performance. The fixtures also confer your bathroom and kitchen an ultra-modern look. On top of that, they are affordable. 

A dysfunctional tap or an outdated shower will turn off a potential homebuyer if you choose to sell your home. Elegant plumbing fixtures, on the other hand, maximize your odds of netting a serious buyer.


Installing a dishwasher can help boost the value of your home if it does not have one already. Consider installing another dishwasher in the guest house kitchenette if your home has a dishwasher only in the main kitchen. A dishwasher saves time spent on cleaning dishes. 

Modern dishwashers conserve water while also using less soap to clean the dishes. The initial installation costs of a dishwasher may seem high. A dishwasher installation, however, proves to be cost-effective in the long run due to the convenience and savings in water bills associated with it. 

Eco-friendly Appliances

Climatic conditions are worsening as time progresses. Any positive effort, no matter how small, is always welcome. Investing in environmentally safe fixtures has a positive environmental impact. Eco-friendly fixtures also reduce energy bills.

Homebuyers are constantly looking for ways to save a few dollars in these tough economic times. As such, eco-friendly appliances are likely to persuade them to move forward with the purchase. Low-flow showerheads and solar-powered water heating units are some examples of environmentally friendly appliances. 

Extra Bathroom

A potential buyer, especially one with a family, will be wooed by an extra bathroom. An additional bathroom is a strong selling point. Consider repurposing another existing space, as adding extra space to your home may be difficult. This may include areas such as your laundry room. Hire an experienced plumber to help build an appealing and modern extra bathroom.

Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen

This is one plumbing improvement that is invaluable in the long run. A remodeled kitchen and a bathroom will always strike the right chord in any potential buyer. Remodeling your kitchen increases its appeal. In addition, it significantly enhances your convenience and comfort during day-to-day activities. 

Clear Attic Ventilation System

Having a modern attic ventilation system automatically boosts your home value. Houses with state-of-the-art improvements to allow more natural light attract high resale value. An attic ventilation system makes your home brighter. The net effect is that other upgrades in your house will appear elegant and modern. An attic ventilation system also helps safeguard your roof from heat-related damages.

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