Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol: Everything There Is To It

Cleaning the house isn’t easy, especially if you have children or pets. You need to clean everything and disinfect them and do it regularly. Both Mr. Clean and Lyson are top-notch cleaning agents. 

But is Mr. Clean an effective cleaner? Or does Lysol rule them all? 

Well, between Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol, one acts as a complete cleaner while the other disinfects about 99.9% of germs. 

Mr. Clean basically takes away all the dirt, debris, grease, and grime. On the other hand, Lysol will eliminate all germs, starting from Staphylococcus, yeast, and even Salmonella. 

Today, we will see a complete comparison between Mr. Clean and Lysol. We also included a chart, so you don’t have to go through everything inside out. Let’s begin.

Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol

Mr. Clean Vs Lysol: Comparison Chart

In a hurry? Try going through the comparison chart for a fast and easy answer. 

FeaturesMr. CleanLysol
CleaningRemoves 100% of dirt, grease, and grimeNot really meant for cleaning
DisinfectantNot all Mr. Clean products can disinfect. Cleans 99.9% germs
Spot removalYesNo
Usable surfacesAluminum, marble, finished wood, granite, chrome, and nickelAlmost all hard surfaces
Unusable surfacesFabrics, copper, brass, or untreated wood surfacesFabrics
EffectivenessHighly effective for cleaningHighly effective for disinfecting
FlavorsUp to 7 flavorsAbout 4
Toxic for pets and childrenYesYes. But not too many


Pine-Sol Vs Mr. Clean
Pine-sol vs. Lysol
Pinalen Vs. Pine Sol

Mr. Clean: Why use it

Mr. Clean is a highly effective cleaning product, which can take care of all forms of dirt, spots, grime, and so on. Having C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxide as its main cleaning agent, Mr Clean has no trouble fighting greasy stains, or other surface deposits. You can also use it on floors and make it spotless. 

Here are some features of Mr. Clean worth mentioning: 

100% surface cleaning

Whether it be floors, aluminum frames, or your regular finished wood, Mr. Clean is the one to call. Sometimes, dust or dirt can combine on household surfaces, causing them to lose their natural shine.

This is where Mr. Clean kicks in. Its active ingredients loosen them up and help you clean them easily. You will get a 100% overall cleaning every time. 

Up to 7 flavors

In the Mr. Clean flavor selection, you will get about 7 flavors. They are Moonlight Breeze, Meadows and Rain, Original Fresh, Freshness Linen and Sky, and Tropical Sunrise. Turns out, the flavors can change one’s mood for the best. 

If you are feeling sad today, try out the Meadows and rain, or the fresh linen and sky. 

Cheap and reliable

At a price of just $10-$22, a bottle of Mr. Clean is really cheap. However, due to its all-in-one cleaning property, the darn thing can take down even the behemoth of dirt and stains. No matter how old the stains are, Mr. Clean won’t disappoint you.

Lysol cleaner: Why use it

Who didn’t hear about Lysol? A great disinfectant that kills off any form of bacteria there is. It comes in multipurpose spray bottles, bathroom cleaners, disinfecting sprays, etc. Using just a bit of Lysol, you will get 99.9% germ reduction on almost all surfaces. However, don’t use it on fabrics.

Highly effective disinfectant 

With its powerful sodium hydroxide and hypochlorite base, Lysol can kill almost anything. Additionally, it has antimicrobial properties, which disinfects any surface you want to cure. Not even covid can withstand Lysol.

Usable on all surfaces

Germs can accumulate almost anywhere. Whether it be aluminum doorknobs or your phone screen, Lysol can act on all of them. However, don’t use too much of it on fabric, as it can melt away fabric bonds. 

Easy usage

Just pour some and apply. Easy as it can get. Unlike other disinfectants, you don’t need any specific water reading just to get things started. Lysol is so easy to operate that even a kid can use it.

Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol: Head to Head

If you hit this portion, you must have really been interested in the difference. Is Lysol and Mr. Clean the same? Well, not even close. Lysol is a pure disinfectant. Whereas, Mr. Clean is more of a cleaning product for dirt, debris, and molds. Here are a head to head difference between these two: 

Disinfecting surfaces (Lysol wins)

Lysol is basically the only disinfectant between these two. Though you can find Mr Clean disinfectant in stores, they prefer making quality cleaners. All lysol products can disinfect. However, not all Mr Clean products can disinfect. 

Cleaning stains and marks (Mr Clean wins)

Mr Clean gets the upper hand on this one. Having stain cleaning reactants as their active ingredient, Mr Clean can make most surfaces spotless. Though you can remove some amount of stain marks with Lysol, they aren’t meant for removing stains and marks. 

All surface usable (Lysol wins)

You can use lysol on literally any surface you want. On the other hand, Mr Clean damages surfaces like copper, brass, and untreated wood surfaces. So, be careful while using Mr Clean.

Usable on fabrics (Draw)

If you are thinking of cleaning or disinfecting clothes with Mr Clean or Lysol, then stop. Turns out, both of them will damage the fabric’s internal bonds inside out. 

Availability of flavors (Mr Clean wins)

Mr Clean has more than 7 flavors, whereas Lysol has about 4. People with a more sensitive nose can alternate between the different flavors of Mr Clean.

Pricing (Draw)

Mr Clean wins yet again. The price of Mr Clean is anywhere between $10-$22. Lysol starts from $5. But depending on the packaging and flavor, lysol may cost more than $30. If you want a regular priced cleaner or disinfectant, then both of them are the same.

Toxicity (Draw)

Turns out, Mr Clean and Lysol both of them are a bit toxic. However, someone needs to consume it directly to be affected. Kids and pets may lick the floors too often, which can trigger an allergic reaction or food poisoning. So, keep kids and pets away from the freshly cleaned surfaces. 


Does Mr. Clean have disinfectant?

Mr. Clean has a disinfectant. But the thing is, all Mr. Clean products can’t disinfect surfaces. Rather, it’s more of a cleaner. You can expect about 100% cleaning of stains, marks, dirt, and debris. So, is Mr. Clean a disinfectant? The answer is no. Not completely. 

Does Mr. Clean clean freak kill bacteria and viruses?

Mr. Clean clean-freak cannot kill off bacteria and viruses. The reason is, that clean-freak isn’t a disinfectant. It’s more of a cleaner. You can clean floors, polished wood, aluminum, and a heck lot more. However, when it comes to killing bacteria and viruses, you need a disinfectant like Lysol or the Mr. Clean Antibacterial cleaner. 

Is Lysol All Purpose Cleaner the same as Lysol multi surface cleaner?

In practical terms, both of them are the same. Lysol all purpose cleaner has the same active ingredients as the Multi-surface one. Additionally, you can use both of them in almost all surfaces including floors, metals, walls, and so on. So, they are pretty much the same. 

Can you mix Mr. Clean and Lysol

You shouldn’t mix Mr. Clean with Lysol. Mr. Clean contains chlorine bleach, ammonia, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, which renders the Lysol useless. Afterward, the benefits you would have gotten from Lysol fade away. You will hardly get the surface clean with a mix of Mr. Clean and Lysol. Overall, don’t mix them together. 

End Note

Hope now you found the difference between Mr. Clean and Lysol. Frankly speaking, Mr. Clean is one of the best cleaners out there. Lysol is great at disinfecting and eliminating up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

Both of them have their separate uses. Mr. Clean can prepare a surface for the Lysol to work properly. Lyson will take off any germs and bacteria afterward.

This is all for today. Wish you all the best. Have a good day.

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