Schlage vs. Emtek: Which Door Lock Brand To Choose?

Door locks are essential features that every home needs. They upgrade the appearance of your home, and they also provide the best security needed. That is when you purchase an excellent one. Schlage and Emtek are two premium door lock brands known for producing top-notch products.

Schlage is an American brand that was established in 1920 by Walter Schlage. They are known for producing some of the best smart locks you can purchase in the door lock market. Their products are BHMA certified with a grade AAA rating in all three categories (Durability, Finishing, and Security).

Emtek was founded in 1981, and they are known for producing door accessories and all kinds of door locks (electric locks, side plate locks, levers, knobs, etc.) They are a part of ASSA ABLOY, and their door locks are engineered through a Schlage C-keyway.

One significant difference between Schlage and Emtek is that Emtek has a broader range of lock styles. The latter has eight styles, while the former has three different styles available to customers.

Schlage vs Emtek

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Lock stylesThe Schlage website shows three lock styles. They help you to select the best using their style selector carefully.Emtek offers eight different lock styles to choose from.
Lock typesSchlage produces about four different kinds of door locks for commercial and residential spaces.Choosing Emtek means you have six different lock types available to you. An example is their electronic door lock.
Keyway typeSchlage has a lot of keyway types such as Primus, Primus XP, Quad, Reverse, etc.Emtek door locks are engineered through the Schlage C-keyway.
MaterialSchlage residential locks are made using zinc die-cast. Their door locks are made using durable silicone, making them resistant to heat and water resistance.Emtek uses different materials for their door locks; sand-cast bronze, wrought steel and solid forged brass.
Lock finishesSchlage offers hardware, doorknob and handle finishes ranging from different color tones.Emtek gives you twenty different finishes for your door locks to choose from.
CostSome Schlage products are less expensive than Emtek door locks.Emtek door locks are somewhat more costly than Schlage door locks.

Differences between Schlage Door Locks and Emtek Door Locks

There are many differences between these two-door lock brands ranging from the styles, finishes, and types. There is also a significant difference between the warranty both brands offer on their products.

Lock Styles and Finishes

When it comes to lock styles and finishes, it is always better to have various options that one can choose from. A more comprehensive range of styles is something Emtek has over Schlage as they have eight different styles while Schlage provides three styles only.

All lock styles that Emtek offers include Rustic Living, American Classics, Art Nouveau, Tuscany, Arts & Crafts, American Designer, Contemporary, Plus Crystal and Porcelain. They all come with forged handles.

On the other hand, Schlage offers only three styles: Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary. You can access a style selector through their website, which helps customers pick the most suitable style without leaving the comfort of their homes. After selecting a style, you can then go ahead to choose between a doorknob, handle set or lever.

It all depends on which brand offers what suits your taste best when it comes to finishes. Emtek has up to twenty different finishes (polished brass, polished chrome, satin brass, satin nickel, matte black, etc.) Customers have the luxury of picking up to two finishes for one lockset.

Schlage offers doorknob, door handles, and hardware finishes as written above. They have Gold Tones (bright brass, antique brass and satin brass), Silver Tones (bright chrome, satin nickel, polished nickel, satin chrome, distressed nickel), and Bronze and Black tones (matte black, aged bronze, oil-rubbed bronze).

Lock Types

Picking a lock type can be challenging, but having different options makes your work a lot easier. When it comes to lock types, both brands are somewhat equal. There is barely any difference as Schlage produces four lock types and Emtek makes six.

Depending on your choice, Schlage produces smart electrical locks, electrical locks, single-cylinder locks and double cylinder locks for both residential and commercial purposes.

Emtek produces electrical, single, mortise, two-point, multipoint, Sideplate and tubular locks.


One significant factor that many consider before buying a product is the warranty provided for that particular product. The warranty that both brands on their products offer is worth it, but of course, there is a significant difference between the two.

Schlage provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their products (residential applications only). For example, the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt has a limited lifetime mechanical warranty and a limited three-year electronic warranty.

This warranty does not cover products used in commercial spaces, neither does it cover products that have been damaged through the usual wear and tear, nor does it cover any defects or damages. Lastly, the warranty is only applicable to the original user of the product.

Emtek provides a lifetime limited on all their products and a two-year warranty on all electrical door locks. Lastly, they offer a five-year warranty on all finishes, except the polished brass and nickel, with a lifetime limited warranty.

Keyway Type

Emtek keys are engineered through the popular Schlage C-keyway, which uses a five-digit code. A Schlage C-keyway is accessible from several locks and key distributors; it is an open keyway and can be keyed with any other C-keyway.

Schlage uses different keyway types such as Quad, Reverse, Paracentric, Primus, Primus XP, Everest and Obverse. They use specific keyway shapes (CNC Milling), which helps prevent non-OEM keys from accessing a lock.

Similarities between Schlage Door Locks and Emtek Door Locks


Schlage and Emtek door locks are highly durable and trusted as both brands have been in the door lock business for a long time. Emtek has a grade 1 BHMA rating on its products, while all Schlage mechanical knobs have a grade A rating in Security, Durability and Finish.


It is apparent that both brands produce high-quality and top-notch door locks that come in different styles, types, and finishes. It is now up to you to pick whichever you think is the best. Before choosing your door lock, do not forget to consider your budget, the security grade, and what best suits your taste.

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