Stihl MS250 vs. MS251- Which One is the Best Chainsaw?

A chainsaw can make cutting projects a lot easier, but finding the best one is a whole new story. The Stihl MS250 and MS251 are the most popular chainsaws in the Stihl brand due to their top-notch engine performance and cutting efficiency.

But what are the differences between the Stihl MS250 vs. MS251?

For starters, the Stihl MS250 is lighter than the MS251 chainsaw. However, it contains fewer features, like- a holding capacity of 15.9 ounces. On the other hand, MS251 is heavier than Stihl MS250 but can hold fuel up to 13.2 ounces.

Well, these two features are not enough to justify the best one. For this reason, you can give a glance below to find more information about them.

Our experts have gathered all the information and comparison about MS250 and MS251. We have tried both chainsaws, and our experts have liked the MS250 the most. Let’s dig into it.

Stihl MS250 vs. MS251: Comparison Table

FeaturesStihl MS250MS251
Power sourceGasGas
Power head weight10.1lbs11.9lbs
Guide bar length18 inches18 inches
Oilomatic® Chain.325″ RM3.325″ RM3
Chain oil capacity6.8 oz.6.7 oz.
Engine power3.0 bhp3.0 bhp
Fuel capacity 15.9 oz.13.2 oz.
Displacement 2.77 cu. in.2.78 cu. in.
Engine typeSingle-cylinder two-stroke2-Stroke

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Stihl MS250: Why choose it

In many cases, consumers choose Stihl MS 250 over any other chainsaw because of its great features. And Stihl MS 250 contains all the capabilities to keep our home cozy and warm

Nevertheless, Stihl MS 250 leaves no stone unturned to build a solid woodpile in firewoods. 

MS 250 is always up to the job, as you will get a nice power-to-weight ratio here. Not only that, Stihl MS 250 is much easier to use and can tackle any cleanup or clearing tasks

Cutting through small trees and limbs is another efficient feature of the MS 250 chainsaw. So it is quite relevant that any user will find enough ease while using Stihl MS 250 as they will get higher efficiency and reliability from this product. 

Moreover, MS 250 serves with an incredible performance, which never lets the users find any objections. 


  • Handles cleanup and clearing tasks smoothly
  • Reduces arm fatigue
  • Builds solid woodpiles in firewoods
  • Easy to use in all conditions 
  • Serves with an incredible performance 


  • Often shows fuel delivery problem 
  • Hard to start sometimes

Stihl MS251: Why choose it?

Like Stihl MS 250, Stihl MS 251 provides sufficient comfort in homes through firewoods. Moreover, MS 251 delivers all the powers that anyone could expect from a high-quality chainsaw. 

Due to its ergonomic design, users will find no hassle regarding the adjustment of Stihl MS 251. By using this Stihl equipment, you can perfectly fell small trees and do cutting, thinning, and pruning effortlessly.

All being well, MS 251 is a piece of renowned equipment because of having 50 percent reduced emissions and 20 percent fuel saving. Compared to previous models, Stihl MS 251 is more effective and reliable in all terms. Hence, getting a longer run time from MS 251 will become a cakewalk for you. 

The MS 251 is environment-friendly and consumes ample power overall. 


  • Sufficient comfort through firewoods
  • No hassle regarding adjustment
  • Effective and reliable 
  • Conveys a longer run time
  • Highly environment friendly


  • Not good for heavy-duty use
  • Hardly adapts to cold weather 

The leading difference between MS 250 and MS 251

Though the MS251 is good, the true winner is the MS250. There are a few reasons why we and groundguider thought of it. Let’s look at them below: 

Build Design (MS250 wins)

MS 250 has a firm designation for firewood cutting. By keeping an environment-friendly style, MS 250 chainsaw adopts powerful integrity all over. Besides, its compact design ensures high performance with the best outcomes.

In contrast, MS 251 has always been the flawless chainsaw that any user wants. On a note, MS 251 removes all hindrances of utilization with an ergonomic and comfortable design.

Cozy Use (MS 250 wins)

Unless you get comfortable using a chainsaw, there is no point in acquiring it. And if you are looking for STIHL equipment that is superior for comfortable use, the STIHL MS 250 wins on this part. Moreover, it easily adjusts like a pie on any firewood.

Lightweight (MS 250 wins)

As mentioned before, STIHL MS 250 is lighter than any other chainsaws. So, it is inevitable that MS 250 is lighter than MS 251. In particular, MS 250 weighs 0.7 ounces less than MS 251. Therefore, users can carry it more easily.

Capacity (MS 250 wins)

Though STIHL MS 250 has a compact design and is lighter than MS 251, it has more fuel capacity. If Stihl MS 251 can hold 13.2 ounces of fuel, Stihl MS 250 can hold 15.9 ounces of fuel. Those who want a chainsaw with more fuel capacity can simply choose MS 250 over MS 251.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is an MS 250?

The MS250 is pretty damn good and features a 3 HP motor for better performance. It can hold 15.9 ounces of fuel at once, which is just outstanding. Weighing about 10.1 lbs, the chainsaw is easy to use and reduces arm fatigue even after longer use. 

Will the Oregon chain work on the Stihl chainsaw?

The Oregon chain will work on the Stihl Chainsaw. However, the models should be ⅜ inch or a low profile pitch for a perfect fit. As most Oregon chains are of this pitch, it fits perfectly on Stihl chainsaws. 

How big is a STIHL MS 250?

As you see, Stihl MS 250 has been a favorite consumer product for a long time for its reliability and efficiency. Generally, STIHL MS 250 has a distinctive measurement. However, this STIHL MS 250 comes 18 inches keeping an incredible performance as essence. Keeping this in mind, STIHL MS 250 is quite lighter than any ordinary STIHL equipment. Or you can say Stihl MS 250 weights 10.1 lbs. 

What size file do I need for a Stihl .325 chain?

STIHL files are a fine substitute for all prints in the saw chain. Additionally, a Stihl .325 chain fits easily and gives smoothness in usage. Anyways, this chain has a size of 4.8mm × 200mm. Thus, there remains no doubt that the STIHL .325 chain is also absolute in measurement.

What is the longest bar Stihl makes?

The longest bar that a STIHL can ever make is 72 inches in a length of 72 inches. Most commonly, a 72-inch bar is seen in chain saws as the longest size. Although this bar is not readily available, you will not find a long bar above 72 inches for sure.

What is the longest chainsaw ever built?

In 1996 the Moran Iron Works, IncOnaway Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan, USA, made a tremendous working chainsaw. Its measurement was 6.98 meters (or 22 feet 11 inches) in length and 1.83 meters (or 6 feet) in height. Well, this chainsaw can be called the longest chainsaw ever built. The name of the Moran Iron Work’s chainsaw is ‘Big Gus.’ In Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, Michigan, USA, Moran Iron’s longest chainsaw was first displayed. 

End Note

After giving a glance at the entire concept, you must have known that MS 250 owns the crown. Whether it’s fuel capacity, power, or performance, MS 250 wins every term. 

Anyways, STIHL MS 251 is not inferior either. You will find here hassle-free adjustments, reliability, efficiency, environment-friendly design, and so on. 

Likewise, the performance of STIHL MS 251 does not disappoint us. But if you want more than that, STIHL MS 250 is a better choice.

Although both of this equipment tend to be useful enough, they do not match each other completely. For salient and adequate use, MS 251 can work like magic. Or else, MS 250 is there to meet your contentment with the best features.

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