Tineco ifloor 3 vs. Bissell Crosswave: Let’s Compare

While there are a lot of floor vacuum mops in the market, finding a perfect match for floors is easier said than done. The wrong option may just put you on pins and needles, causing loads of distress.

Tineco ifloor 3 and Bissell Crosswave are top-notch floor vacuums, having multi-surface usage, self-cleaning and faster work time.

But who will win between Tineco ifloor 3 vs. Bissell CrossWave?

Well, the Tineco has a better weight distribution, faster drying, and a single press usage, making it our top choice. The Tineco is also easier to clean after a round of floor vacuuming. You can also use it on area rugs and floor carpets.

Reading below, you will find a comparison chart, so comparing the Tineco and Bissell vacuums becomes easier.

Tineco ifloor 3 vs. Bissell Crosswave

Tineco ifloor 3 vs. Bissell Crosswave: Comparison chart

FeaturesTineco ifloor 3Bissell Crosswave
Item weight Around 9.9 lbsAround 11 lbs
Bin Capacity16.91 oz14.50 oz
Cleaning Path Width11 in.12 in.
Cord lengthFully cordless25 ft
Usage time 30 mins25 mins
Self CleaningAvailable Available 
Brush roll typeShort fibrousLonger and thicker
Two handle settingNoYes
Full bin indicatorNoYes
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

What is better than the CrossWave?

The Tineco ifloor 3 is a better option than the Bissell CrossWave in almost all ways. For starters, it has a better weight distribution, faster cleaning, and low moisture result after vacuuming. You will have reduced arm fatigue and a better cleaning experience with the Tineco ifloor 3.

Does Tineco work on area rugs?

Tineco works on area rugs, carpets, and any other floor fabrics. If you need to shift from hard floors to area rugs while cleaning the house, Tineco should be your best choice. The floor vacuum can give your rugs a new refreshing vibe. 

Tineco ifloor 3: Why choose it?

The Tineco ifloor 3 offers a fast and easy floor cleaning with instant drying and minimal streak. Having a 3-in-1 brush setting, the vacuum mop can pick almost any dirt and debris. Even sticky spills and pet hair don’t stand a chance. Here are the features of the Tineco ifloor 3:

Advanced digital display

The advanced digital display comes with a highly accurate parameter reading, such as the modes, battery life, and max power. Other indicators like Self-cleaning, tangled brush, CWT empty, and DWT full or blocked are also available. 

Fast dry technology

Seeing the floor wet after a floor cleaning isn’t pretty. The Tineco ifloor 3 takes away almost 95% of the water after usage, which reduces the floor drying time. 

Multi-surface usable

Sometimes, we need to shift from regular hard floors to area rugs or carpets. If the floor vacuum doesn’t work on them, you may be in for a downfall. However, the Tineco works flawlessly on all floor surfaces, making it a versatile tool, indeed. 


After regular cleaning, floor vacuums can get dirty and clogged inside. With the self-cleaning technology, the Tineco ifloor 3 offers inside-out cleaning automatically. Just use some detergent and get a flawless finish. 

Lightweight and self-propelled

Weighing about 9.9 lbs, the Tineco ifloor 3 trolls less stress on the arms while cleaning. It also has a self-propelled feature, which ensures free movement around furniture and other house corners. 


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Decent water tank capacity
  • Instant self-cleaning
  • Usable on multiple surfaces, including area rugs
  • The floor dries almost instantly 


  • Charging time is about 4 hours

Bissell Crosswave floor vacuum: Why choose it?

The Bissell Crosswave is another state-of-the-art floor vacuum mop, having an ergonomic design and a powerful micro-suction. You can pick out pet hair, dead skin cells, and even oil stains with it. A left-handle setting lets you grip better while cleaning on the go. Here are some features of the Bissell Crosswave:

Dual-action brush roll

A dual-action brush roll aids in mopping and picking up debris simultaneously from hard floors. You will get a better cleaning performance than a sponge floor mop and in half the time. 

Vacuum and wash 

This feature of the Bissell Crosswaves saves time by washing the floor and vacuuming the debris. If you don’t want to waste time mopping the floors, then this floor vacuum is pure gold for people like you. 

Area rug usable

Cleaning area rugs with a floor vacuum cleaning can be a problem, especially while taking debris from within the fabrics. However, the Bissell Crosswave’s powerful suction can work flawlessly on area rugs, giving it a new look. 

Extra handle for better control

This feature allows the user to grip onto the vacuum with the left hand and keep a firm balance. Arm fatigue and movement limitation is reduced due to it. 

Pet hair removal 

Pet hair removal can be quite tricky as they vary in shape. They are often really thin, making them sneak away from the vacuum pull. Turns out, the Bissell Crosswave has long brush fibers to pick up all pet hairs, including the micro ones. 


  • Good swivel steering performance
  • A model for each type of use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Left handle gripping support
  • Multi-surface usable


  • A little heavy for some 
  • Long hair sticks to the brush roll

Tineco ifloor 3 vs. Bissell Crosswave: Which one is better

Though the Bissell Crosswave is a good vacuum mop, the Tineco iFloor 3 is the sole winner. The Tineco will give a better weight distribution, low moisture, better self-cleaning, and so on. Let’s compare the features for a detailed comparison: 

Weight Distribution (Tineco wins)

The Bissell Crosswave weighs about 11lbs, whereas the Tineco ifloor is just 9.9lbs. Your arms won’t feel heavy every time you swing the vacuum. 

Cleaning after effect (Tineco wins)

After side by side comparison, Tineco has proven to have less water leftovers after the cleanup. You may need to clean the floor twice with the Bissell Crosswave for oil stains. 

Single press usage (Tineco wins)

In the case of the Bissell Crosswave, you need to hold the on-switch as long as you use it. However, the Tineco iFloor 3 uses a single press design, which is much more user-friendly.

Better reach (Bissell wins)

Due to the down, bent design of the Bissell Crosswave, it reaches better than Tineco. There are no gaps in between the brush rolls and the vacuum end. So, you get good cleaning even on step-up corners. 

Tank cleaning (Tineco wins)

Cleaning the Tineco water tank is as easy as opening it up and letting the water flow. On the other hand, cleaning the Bissell Crosswave is somewhat difficult due to its edge structure. You need to clean it every time you use it. 

Self-cleaning (Tineco wins)

Both the vacuums have a self-cleaning feature. However, the Bissell Crosswave leaves too much water in the charging dock, whereas the Tineco ifloor is a lot drier. Then again, due to bigger brush roll fibers, long hairs keep stuck to the Bissell even after self-cleaning. 

Can you use Tineco on Vinyl flooring?

The Tineco hard floor vacuums work great for cleaning vinyl flooring as well. Similar to a regular hard floor, the Tineco will clean all dirt and debris from vinyl floors as well. However, try not to use too much detergent on every cleaning session. 


Is the Tineco ifloor 3 worth it?

Tineco ifloor 3 is one of the best floor vacuums due to its awesome cleaning performance, single trigger usage, and low weight design. The vacuum costs about 300 dollars and is worth every penny. 

Can the Tineco ifloor 3 just vacuum?

The Tineco ifloor 3 can vacuum floors and wash them at the same time. A dual-action brush roll helps take away microfibers and clean oil stains as well. You can also add some detergent to get an even better cleaning result. 

Is the Tineco ifloor good for pet hair?

The Tineco ifloor is a good choice for taking care of pet hair regardless of size. Generally, pet hairs are thin and short. The smallest ones are pretty hard to pick up with regular vacuum mops. But, the Tineco ifloor has a dual-action brush roll, which takes care of micro hairs as if it was nothing. 

Can you use Tineco ifloor on the carpet?

Yes. The Tineco ifloor is usable on carpets, area rugs, and so on. In the US, we lay carpets to keep our feet warm from the cold floors. So, while cleaning it, we often need to shift from hard floors to carpets and area rugs. Having a powerful suction and dual-mode setting, the Tineco can put new life into carpets and suck out unwanted debris. 

Can you use any cleaning solution in Tineco?

Using a few ounces of cleaning solution in Tinceo will help improve its cleaning efficiency, especially for oil stains. Sometimes, oil stains can stay on floors even after mopping the floor a couple of times. Cleaning solutions like detergent or floor cleaners will help break down the oil residue and bring out a new glow. 

Can you use the Tineco without water?

You can use the Tineco without water, but the mopping feature will not be available. We know, to mop the floor, you need water. So, if you don’t use it, the Tineco will work as a regular floor vacuum and not as a mop combo. 

End Note

Did you find your top choice yet? The Bissell Crosswave is a great floor vacuum. However, when it comes to raw performance, the Tineco iFloor 3 rules every round. 

It has a better cleaning edge, fast run time, and offers single press usability. Additionally, the Tinceo is lighter than the Bissell Crosswave and will rarely put your arms under stress. 

When you are about to clean the wastewater tank, hair fibers and dirt can clog in the Bissell’s tank. Whereas the water in the Tineco simply slides off, carrying the dirt and debris. 

This is all for today. Hope you have a good day.

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