SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra Vinyl Flooring

SmartCore is the best budget-friendly flooring brand. They are affordable and the quality is also good. There are four different models of flooring of the brand. The SmartCore, The SmartCore Ultra, The SmartCore Pro, and last but not least The SmartCore Natural.

So, the question is which type is the best and which one should you buy. Well, do not worry, you will get the answers to all your questions after reading this discussion. We will discuss the SmartCore pro vs ultra vinyl flooring facts so that it becomes easier for you to make the decision. So, let’s get started.

SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra

Types of SmartCore Flooring

SmartCore offers four different types of Vinyl Flooring. First of all, let’s have some ideas about them.

  1. SmartCore: This is a great choice for daily use areas. This wonderful flooring is waterproof and durable. The design is very eye-catching.
  2. SmartCore Ultra: This ultra-premium flooring from SmartCore is suitable for the hi-def style. It comes in so many wonderful designs. This ultrasoft vinyl flooring is more comfortable and less noisy.
  3. SmartCore Pro: The SmartCore Pro can match any environment. It is very much durable and includes strong wear and tear protection. This is because it has an SPC core. The core also makes it dent and stain-proof.
  4. Smartcore Natural: The SmartCore natural is a good choice for real waterproof hardwood and bamboo veneers. It adds a natural grain pattern to the floor.

SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra Vinyl Flooring Comparison Table

As you have come here to learn about SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra Vinyl Flooring, let’s discuss it. But before that here is a quick comparison chart to make it easier for you.

FactorSmartCore UltraSmartCore Pro
Thickness7.5 mm6 mm
Wear Layer12 mils20 mils
Cost/sq. ft.$3.20 – $.40$3.50 – $3.65
TypeWPC (Wood, Polymer Core)SPC (Stone Polymer Core)
Styles25 Styles15+ Styles

Major Differences Between SmartCore Ultra and Pro Vinyl Planks


SmartCore Ultra is called WPC flooring. WPC means Wood Polymer Core. It is a mixture of wood fibers and polymer plastics. The WPC floors are softer and suitable for residential use. 

On the other hand, Smart core pro is called SPC flooring. It is a blend of crushed limestone and plastic. It is more rigid and dent resistant.


Thickness is a very important factor for vinyl floors. The SmartCore ultra comes with a thickness of 7.5 mm while the thickness of the Pro version is 6mm.


Both the Ultra and Pro come with a lifetime residential warranty and also a good warranty for other usages.

Overview of SmartCore Ultra and SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring

SmartCore Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring

SmartCore Ultra flooring is one of the best items from the brand. Here are details about this floor, in case you want to buy it.

Style: The SmartCore ultra can be found in more than 25 styles. Some designs may discontinue over time and more new designs will come. So, there is no way you will not find a beautiful style that matches the floor.

Colors: Most of them are brown. You can find brown colors in light, medium, and dark forms. Also, there are grey and off-white colors available.

Types: Most of them are of wooden types. Also, some stone tiles look available in the collection. The wooden tiles are so amazing and you will like them at the first glance. So, other types even do not need to be in the shop.

Sizes: SmartCore Ultra floors are available in planks and tiles. The plank size is 6”x48” and the size of the tiles is 12”x24”.

Usage: This ultra vinyl plank is more popular among homeowners. It will increase the premium look of your house flooring. These planks are cheaper but look premium.

It is waterproof so you can use it anywhere. If you are planning for a long time living then these dividend planks are the best choice for your flooring. They are durable enough to serve you for a long time.

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring 

The SmartCore Pro planks are slightly thinner. But they are strong enough as they are made of the rigid store and polymer core. Here are some facts you should consider before buying pro planks of SmartCore.

Style: Style is the first thing everyone will look for when buying planks for the floor. At this point, you can keep the SmartCore pro ahead of other models. Because they have more than 15 styles available from where you can always choose a perfect one.

Colors: There are a handful of colors available and you can choose from the light, medium, and dark forms of every color. Also, you can choose a multiple-colored plank according to the design of your house. This kind of color is called multi-tonal.

Types: The SmartCore pro planks are mostly wooden types. The wooden style includes traditional hardwood looks.

Usage: The planks have a lifetime residential warranty and 10 years of commercial warranty. Using it either in a commercial building or in a house is recommended. Using it in your house is the best option as you can understand.

These planks are rough and strong so you can install them where you put your easy chair or other hard things.

Special Features of SmartCore Vinyl Plank Flooring

Ultra or Pro whichever vinyl plank floor you want to buy, you will always consider the SmartCore because of the following special features. 

Waterproof Construction

The most amazing thing about SmartCore is all of its planks are waterproof. Even the wood, polymer core planks are waterproof. The reason is they are encased in vinyl entirely.

The SPC (Stone, Polymer Core) is 100% waterproof as it is stone-based. If your floor gets wet too frequently then the SmartCore Pro is a perfect choice for you.

Attached Pad

The attached pad helps a lot in the installation process. Most of the SmartCore LVP and LVT include the attached pad. It makes the installation easier and also reduces the installation cost.

Float it or Glue it

The Planks come with an interlocking construction system. The tongue and groove create this interlock. This special construction can create a floating floor. After interlocking, you can glue the planks too if you want.

For some specific places, it is required to glue the planks. First of all, flooring on stairs must be glued. Flooring under direct sunlight should be glued down. Otherwise, sun heat may expand the floating floor and makes them come apart.

Suitable for Any Surface

The SmartCore vinyl plank can be installed on any surface. No matter the surface is made of wood, concrete, or anything else the planks will fit perfectly.

Low-VOC GreenGuard Certified

VOC is responsible for indoor air pollution which is harmful to your health. VOC usually leaches from building materials especially from flooring material and spreads into the air.

Thanks to SmartCore at this point. Both the Ultra and Pro planks are low-VOC material and GreenGuard Gold certified. So, they will never pollute the indoor air.

SmartCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons

Every single product has its pros and cons. And the SmartCore vinyl plank is no different. Here are some important pros and cons of these products.


  • Affordable products. The cost is under $4 per square foot.
  • Easy to install hence installation cost is low.
  • The planks are waterproof.
  • Durable enough to get a lifetime service from the product.
  • Lifetime warranty for residential use.


  • From the customer reviews, we have learned that the scratch resistance of the planks is not good enough.


Does SmartCore pro need underlayment?

SmartCore flooring comes with an attached pad which can work as the underlayment. However, to add some extra protection against moisture you should apply SmartCore Underlayment.

Will pet urine stain my vinyl flooring?

SmartCore vinyl flooring is waterproof and pet urine can not do any damage to the material, that’s what the company says. But you should not take any risk. Always clean pet urine properly otherwise it can ruin the color of the flooring over time.

Can I use a steam cleaner on SmartCore luxury vinyl tile or planks?

This is not a good practice. The company discourages using a steam cleaner on SmartCore vinyl planks. This may void the warranty as well.

Final Thought

So, here we are at the end of our discussion on SmartCore Pro Vs Ultra Vinyl Flooring. Have you understood the major differences between these two plank models? Hope you have.

The two planks are different from each other in several aspects such as design, color, style, use, thickness and so. So, measure where you want to install the planks and buy the one which fulfills your requirements the most.

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