What Are Invisible Countertops?

Countertops have become an inseparable part of modern kitchens. Countertops made of supreme quality protect the kitchen from getting stained and damaged. Also, they help improve the look and feel of the kitchen.

Quartz is one of the most popular materials in modern times. It’s available in an array of design and colour options to choose from. One can select the one that matches their kitchen interiors.

Among various styles, invisible kitchen counters have gained huge popularity.

The invisible countertops contrast beautifully with maple wood cabinets. Lighting is another great option to elevate the beauty of the counter and the entire kitchen.

However, the concept of invisible countertops may seem alien to many people.

As the name implies, these are invisible to the naked eyes. But why would anyone want to install such countertops? Well, the answer will be provided in this post today.

Let’s explore everything about invisible countertops.

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What Are Invisible Countertops

What are invisible countertops?

An invisible countertop, as already discussed, is a countertop that is not visible to the human eyes.

Invisible countertops include an induction cooktop which is installed under the countertop. The cooktop includes the burners, which are totally invisible. In order to cook, an individual has to place the vessel directly on the specific spot where the burner is installed.

A hidden control panel is also installed on the countertop to control the stove. Providing an unbelievable look to the kitchen is not just the sole purpose of these countertops; they also make cleaning a lot easier and faster.

What are the advantages of invisible kitchen countertops?

Now that we have understood invisible kitchen countertops, let’s understand why these countertops are so popular among house owners. These countertops might be invisible to the eyes, but the benefits of these countertops are definitely visible.

Energy efficient

There are several reasons to consider an invisible countertop but the major reason that contributes to its popularity is its energy-efficient feature. In addition, these countertops provide homeowners with a clean work area.

They create more space in the kitchen

Another feature that attracts homeowners to the invisible countertop is its ability to save a lot of space. As the stove is mounted within the countertop, no extra space is occupied by the stovetop. While cooking, that space might get busy, but apart from that, the stove space is unoccupied all day and could be used for other purposes.

They are impressive

Along with their functionality, invisible kitchen countertops are also capable of seeking attention. These countertops will leave an impression on guests, and they will be compelled to say wow.

Though invisible countertops leave an impression of a kitchen of the future, as seen in movies or T.V. shows.

Easier to clean

If an individual is thinking of swapping his regular countertop with an invisible one, here is one more benefit which will prove that he made a wise decision. Gas stoves are very hard to clean, especially gas stoves made of materials like cast iron etc.

This countertop has an induction gas stove mounted on the countertop itself, and hence they have a flat, plain surface which is as easy to clean as a glass surface is. Also, unlike cast iron gas stoves, the invisible countertop is stain resistant and does not require hard scrubbing, even if someone spills liquid on the countertop.


Invisible cooktops are often much thinner (shallower) than conventional radiant cooking equipment (gas and electric). This feature makes them a good option while building a kitchen that will be utilized by a homeowner who is confined to a wheelchair. They won’t have any trouble reaching the burners by bringing their legs under the appliance.

What are the disadvantages of invisible countertops?

Here are some of the disadvantages of invisible countertops:

They still require cleaning

Although they are easier to clean, that does not change the fact that they will still require some cleaning.

An individual could forget it’s even there

No matter how tempting this factor is that an individual’s stove is invisible, one might end up forgetting its presence over there. This could be a bit inconvenient and may waste time; however, it is very unlikely that this could cause any damage. Being an induction, the stove top won’t activate until it comes in contact with a compatible top or pan. Additionally, a dedicated control panel is also provided, which is not invisible. Hence, this is hardly a disadvantage but still might cause a bit of inconvenience.

Can be quite expensive

Homeowners might have guessed by now that an invisible countertop is not going to be a low-cost option. The final cost depends on quite a number of factors like the size of the countertop, which brand is chosen, the size of the stove, the number of burners, etc.

Surprisingly, even the cheapest invisible countertop comes roughly $2,400. This might sound expensive, but after looking at all the benefits of this countertop, its cost is justified.

Might require new cookware

Traditional cookware is incompatible with this induction cooktop because it requires a special kind of bottom to distribute the heat properly.

Therefore, homeowners must get some new cookware suitable for induction if they are not available in their house.

Interfering with pacemakers

Although medical research suggests that being close to induction cooking surfaces is safe, people with cardiac pacemakers should always check with their cardiologists first. Likewise, people with magnetic fields should avoid sources such as induction cooking surfaces because they can cause damage to their devices.


So, the question arises: should an individual invest in these countertops? Well, this depends on the individual’s personal preferences and pocket. If their priority is to add an aesthetic look to the kitchen, they should consider installing this invisible countertop.

But what if an individual’s pocket does not allow him to go with this countertop? This is definitely not the end of the world; there are plenty of other countertop options available around the market. There are few materials which give a luxurious look to the kitchen while being extremely pocket-friendly.

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