What Type of Insulation for Crawl Space?

The first thought of a home builder is usually to keep the home safe from many environmental hazards that occur in this day which could range from heat to sound concerns for those who get to live in the home.

This precedent gives reason why a crawl space and insulation is very important in a home. A crawl space is built in a house to protect and provide support for the home area just above it, but it would not be able to do that effectively without aids such as proper insulation helping it to stand firm.

What is crawl space: A crawl space is a limited space that is a unoccupied under a building between the floor of the building and the ground. Crawl space gets its famous name for its small size as it is not even wide or long enough to allow for standing. Any space larger than 1.5 meters and taller than 44-46 inches is considered a basement not a crawl space as they are often mistaken for the other. There are two common types of crawl space which are: the ventilated and unventilated crawl space.

What Type of Insulation for Crawl Space

The Importance of Insulating a Crawl space

Environmental health

The use of energy resources such as electricity in the home cannot be controlled definitely but it can surely be efficiently managed. If a crawl space is not insulated, the rate of heat and cool air that is lost increases considerably which encourages more use of electricity in the home to maintain temperature. The world is at this time in need of an environment that is safe and climate conditions that are healthy. Electricity consumption is one of the leading causes of ozone layer depletion, and insulating your crawl space can help to curb that even if in minute measures.


Energy cost is no doubt a huge addition to cost of living for most people. Research says that insulating your space reduces energy cost in the home by a staggering 11% by reducing the need for heater during winter and the need for coolers during summer times.

As insulation increases heat flow resistance, heating and cooling cost reduces which is a win-win situation for any home owner.

Do you find that you have been changing your air conditioners and furnace more often than necessary ? It may be due to overworking them and what helps in reducing the task that these equipment do is insulating every part of your home including crawl spaces which many might deem unnecessary. It also goes a long way in making your living areas more comfortable and conducive regardless of whatever season we might be in.

Types of Insulation for Crawl Space

The primary reason for insulating a crawl space is to provide a thermal surrounding for space in order to preserve energy.You definitely do not want to wear socks during cold weather all the time in your home or not dress just as you like during hot weather.

The best type of insulation which creates a barrier of air for crawl spaces is foam based insulation

1. Foam Based Insulation

If you are an ardent environmentalist passionate about green air, foam based insulation is the one for you. It is made from biodegradable materials mainly organic chemical and water blown compounds gotten from natural petroleum resources.

It seals and controls the air barrier of the home by expanding so much to fill every part of the space to restrict and control movement of air.

Because of its biodegradability, it does not retain moisture absorbed and so you are completely certain that your crawl space will not be filled with mold, it also keeps pets away from your home as they can’t feed on them.

Although it might be expensive and not a DIY project to take on(you need an experienced building contractor for installation), it is the most energy conserving type of insulation due to its air seal property which saves you money in the long run and in the future.

Rigid Foam Insulation

An example of a foam based insulation is the popular Rigid foam insulation. It can be made of expanded polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate and it is often made facing a foil that is directly opposite the crawl space.

The foil also helps serves as a barrier for moisture and heat vapor in the crawl space.

Another type of foam based insulation is the spray foam insulation, this is often used for spaces within walls of crawl spaces

2. Fiber Glass Insulation

If you are a home owner who loves an insulation that saves you money and provides a DIY project at the same time, fiber glass insulation is the perfect fit for you. Fiber glass insulation for your crawl space also gives you a standard stud wall and floor joists in your space. Fiber glass insulation works for anyone who wants a short term insulation as it is very easy to dismantle if you are trying to pull down a building. It is a traditional method that seems to be going out of vogue for home owners because it is not as effective as any foam based insulation.

For houses which have two or more storeys, the soundproofing that fiber glass insulation provides is second to none. It helps to completely shut out the sound and cut off sound transmission when it is installed in the floors of the crawl space.

 It is made up of rolls of spun fiber glass fibers which can be very soft and bend at will for ease of use. The major disadvantage of fiber glass insulation against foam based insulation is its susceptibility to moisture which can cause mildew and mold to grow in the space.

To make your final choice of the best insulation for your crawl space, you need to determine your priorities for the crawl space.

If you desire energy conservation and moisture protection more than anything for your crawl space , rigid foam insulation is the best option to choose. Cost may also be one of the factors that sways in favor of fiber glass insulation as it is inexpensive compared to any foam based insulation. Your crawl space is just as important as any part of your home and it should be given just as much priority. Choosing the best insulation for this space goes a long way in making the house even more comfortable for its residents. A little guide like this is what you need to choose what is just perfect and right for your home.

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