Why can’t You Use a Plunger with Drano

Drano is a clog removing material for the kitchen and bathroom. It removes the unwanted clogs from the kitchen like a plunger. But why can’t you use a plunger with Drano?

Drano can splash your face and eyes when you work with a plunger. Also, Drano is harmful to health and the environment. There are some other reasons behind this. So, read till the end of this article and learn more about it.


A drainage cleanser, aluminum, lye, bleach, sodium nitrate, and salt make up Drano.

The lye first decomposes all organic components in the pipes. The aluminum reacts with that lye to accelerate the breakdown process.

It also quickly heats up to near-boiling temperatures. The lye reacts with the lubricant to form a soapy liquid that breaks the clogged material and allows it to wash with hot water. However, you can use it once a month to clean the drainage system.

Why can’t you use a plunger with Drano?

The plumbers do not recommend Drano. You can’t use it with a plunger. Following are the reasons why can’t you use a plunger with Drano.

Drano is Often a Temporary Fix

While Drano may clear a blocked sink, it may only be a temporary solution if you have more significant plumbing issues. When blockages appear in the same region of your home regularly, Drano may help you to deal with it. If you keep using Drano on a chronic blockage, you risk severe harm to your plumbing system.

As a result, if you use Drano to clear a blocked sink and the blockage reappears, don’t keep pouring Drano down the drain. It will not give you a satisfactory results. Call a plumber to resolve the problem correctly, if you prefer to use Drano and still have blockage difficulties.

Drano is Bad for The Environment

Drano may have a significant environmental impact when it escapes your pipes and enters the municipal wastewater system. Also, it can destroy the plants and animals if comes into contact. 

Moreover, it has the potential to pollute the local water source. As Drano is so toxic and destructive, it may influence the environment long after it has left your home.

Health Risks

Drano can dissolve practically any organic substance. It can cause serious harm to your skin and eyes if it comes into touch with them. 

Inhaling the gases might also harm your lungs significantly. If you put Drano in a sink, it will take at least 24 hours for the circumstances to be safe enough to use.

Plumbing System Damage

Even if you just use Drano once, the risk of negative things happening to your plumbing system is still present. Drano’s corrosive nature causes toilet stuff to shatter, pipes to break or melt, and the adhesive keeps pipes together to dissolve. If any of these things happen, you’ll be left having a broken drainage system and costly repairs.

Dangerous When Mixed with Other Equipment or Substances

If used with other plumbing equipment like a plunger, Drano can quickly come from the sink and injure your lungs, skin, and eyes. Suppose you have different cleaning solutions and Drano remains in your drain. In that case, various chemical reactions might occur, resulting in the release of noxious odors that are damaging to everyone in your home.

Other Methods to getting Rid of Clogs Without Drano

As Drano has some negative impacts while cleaning the clogs, some other methods are available to get rid of clogs. Let’s have a look at them!


If your toilet is blocked, the best method is to unclog it with a flange plunger bell-shaped. Simply place the plunger in the toilet bowl and move it up and down violently until the stuff breaks, and you may flush. If you have a clogged drain in the bathroom sink or kitchen, use the cup plunger built for plain surfaces like the flange plunger.

Natural Enzymes

Several drain cleaners are available on the market, providing natural enzymes and bacteria that digest organic waste while being safe for your sink and pipes. This treatment is the safest approach to eliminate a blockage, though this may take a while. 

While it may appear to be a quick cure at the moment, the long-run consequences can be disastrous for your health, money, and plumbing system. 

Suppose you are unable to unblock a drain along with one of the simple methods listed earlier. In that case, you should find your nearest Drain Professionals or plumbing experts who will swiftly resolve the problem.

Drain Snake

They are an excellent approach to eliminating a clog close to the surface. It’s as easy as uncoiling the snake. That snake will part ways the blockage without your assistance, securely allowing it to pass via your pipes.

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