Will Bad Wax Ring Cause Toilet Not to Flush

It is understandable to worry about your toilet not flushing when you have a bad wax ring. But rest assured, such malfunctioning won’t cause it not to flush. However, it could inconvenience your living in the house.

Toilets are crucial for your household sanitation. The facility hygienically removes septic-prone wastes from your home to protect you and your family from germs.

It reduces your exposure to human wastes and possible diseases they carry. Thus, a wax ring is needed to prevent the toilet wastes water from leaking into your bathroom.

Since the toilet is the second most used facility in the home, the wax ring is prone to breakdown due to frequent use.

Will Bad Wax Ring Cause Toilet Not to Flush

What is a wax ring?

It is a ring with sticky wax used to seal the joint between the sewer pipe and the bottom of the WC. The gummy resin makes the joint watertight enough to prevent waste fluid from leaking when you flush the toilet.

As every material for house construction will fail eventually, the wax ring is not an exception. It can dry out and make your bathroom vulnerable. The toilet wax ring lifespan can last up to 30 years, depending on the joint. And once installed, it can go for a long time without the maintenance!

There are Two Types of Wax Rings

There are two options for wax rings. The regular and double-thick, and the wax-free flange seal! You can determine the type installed in your toilet by checking the toilet flange. The wax-free flange seal is a heavy-duty rubber flexible enough to shimmy into the toilet joint without smearing the wax ring.

The flange is the metallic or plastic piece on the pipe floor under your WC.

This type of wax ring is reusable. If still fixed to the bowl and in good shape after a repair, they are good to reuse. It allows you to reinstall your toilet without needing to replace the seal.

Why is a wax ring necessary in my toilets?

The need for comfort and safety inspires home design and improvement! Every facility in a house is a product of diligent engineering to offer maximum protection without compromising the home’s beauty.

Thus, the primary job of a wax ring is to make your toilet odor-proof with a sense of a secure environment. Therefore, the wax ring provides a seal between the sewer and the toilet to make your bathroom safe and beautiful.

Therefore, wax rings serve two critical purposes in your toilet, which forms the reason for their use.

  1. Safety: Human wastes contain germs and septic materials that, if exposed, could cause sickness. The wax ring makes the joint water and airtight to prevent airborne materials from escaping and protect you from diseases.
  2. Aesthetic: After using the toilet, the flush process creates a force that mixes the water from the water tank with human waste by turning it into a liquid for the onward journey to the septic tank. Without the wax ring, your bathroom will be drenched after every flush. Also, the offending odor in your bathroom would disgust you.

Does every toilet use a wax ring?

Yes, every wax ring is crucial in every toilet. From earlier discussions, you can see the need for a tight seal between the WC and the sewer pipe. Thus, the wax ring’s role is required in every toilet.

Also, the material is used to resist mold and bacteria in the system. Such material should retain its sealing capacity, even after years of use.

What Could Cause a Wax Ring to Fail?

If your toilet is firmly mounted and in such a position that it didn’t get loose, you need not worry about a wax ring failure. 

Ideally, it is compressed to shimmy into the flange and toilet joint. However, as your toilet age, the installation materials become worn and gradually loosen their hold on your toilet.

There is a gradual shift in the toilet mount with continued use and without maintenance, and the seal will start to lose. This gradual loss of its firm hold is often why toilet wax rings fail.

How Will I Know if My Wax Ring is Bad?

Toilet wax ring replacement is necessary when the current installation starts to malfunction. The first sign of a toilet seal problem is the seeping of water outside the base of your toilet.

Other bad wax symptoms include:

  • Offending odors: Modern bathrooms are designed to give no sign of smell, but a faulty wax ring allows the sewer stench to come through and pollute the environment.
  • Floor damage: The release of wastewater and toxic air can cause mold and floor stains. If you notice this, try to observe closely to ensure your toilet wastewater isn’t leaking.

If any of the above is true, call a plumber for repair before it gets worst.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Wax Ring?

Wax ring replacement costs only a fraction of its value to your home. Ideally, the material for replacement and labor would cost anything from $50 to $200.

However, the cost of the material itself is pretty affordable. It costs anywhere from $2 to $10. However, you need the expertise of a handyman to do it yourself. Otherwise, call a plumber!

Can I Fix a Bad Wax Ring Myself?

Absolutely, yes! If you are new to a wax ring replacement, don’t be intimidated, it’s something you can accomplish if you are DIY inclined. You can do a clean repair with tools like an adjustable wrench, disposable gloves, a putty knife, paper towels, and a bucket.

Final thoughts

The bathroom is the next most visited facility after the kitchen. That is because it’s a place of convenience to ease bodily stress.

The toilet is designed to transport human waste hygienically to the septic tank, where it’s safe from polluting the environment. The wax ring ensures the toilet’s proper functioning to provide safety and make the bathroom inviting.

A broken wax ring can result in a significant setback for everyone in your household, and a quick fix is needed for comfort. While it won’t cause your toilet not to flush, it can make your home an impossible place to be. Have you experienced a faulty wax ring in the past? Please share in the comment how you fixed it.

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