Cabinets To Go Vs. IKEA Cabinets

Cabinets are an integral part of your living space but finding the right cabinet for your space is quite a challenge. Apart from the basic task of hiding, storing, and displaying your things, cabinets are important parts of your interior design and should be carefully considered to ensure you choose the more suitable one for your home.

Cabinets To Go is known for its strong build, quality, and the ability to be customized to the size, shape, and design you want.While the IKEA cabinets are more simple, compact, and easy to set up.

The main difference between these two cabinets is cost. Cabinets To Go specializes in producing high-grade cabinets, so they are more pricey than the IKEA cabinets, which focus on creating low-budget cabinets. What they both have in common is that they can both handle your basic cabinet needs, and the right choice will serve its purpose.

Cabinets To Go Vs IKEA Cabinets

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Comparison table for Cabinets To Go and IKEA cabinets

FeaturesCabinets To GoIKEA cabinets
  Build quality  Robust build, rigid and moist resistanceFragile, materials are susceptible to light
  style  Bulky, varieties of designCompact, simple designs
  Installation  Assembly is required, also arrives pre-assembled for customized orders.  Assembly is required.
  Cost  More expensiveLow-budget cabinets
  Ideal forDIYers, professionals  DIYers, professionals  
  Warranty  Lifetime warranty25 years warranty

Differences between Cabinets To Go and IKEA Cabinets

The major differences between the Cabinets To Go and IKEA Cabinets can be seen in their build quality, styles, warranty, and maintenance

Build quality

The build quality of cabinets determines how reliable they can be immediately after installation and years after. The Cabinets To Go box construction is made of solid birch hardwood with a 3-quarter-inch birch at the center and a half 7-ply covered in wood veneer at the sides.

On the other hand, IKEA cabinets are made of fiberboard, also known as “engineered wood.” The term ‘Engineered wood’ means wood made out of wood fiber, wax, and resins. These particles are compressed together with high pressure and heat to form boards. These boards are then usually covered in glass, paint, or melamine foil.


With the Cabinets To Go, you have a long list of designs to choose from, and they are usually bulky. The styles they are popularly known for are the high panel and the shaker style, which give a more classic look. In addition to this, they can be customized to the size, shape, and color you want, giving you nearly unlimited access to different styles. While the IKEA cabinets are majorly slab or bevel-front cabinets with simple designs. They are usually compact, and unlike the Cabinets To Go, they are routinely upgraded to a set of style options.


It is important to consider a product’s warranty before investing in it. Having your cabinets break down on you, especially when there is no way to repair them or when repairing it will take a long period of time, is something no homeowner would want. The Cabinets To Go offers a lifetime limited warranty that covers the hinges, door hardware, and drawer glides. Although they specified that this warranty does not cover cabinets that are installed outdoor or poorly taken care of by the owner.

However, the IKEA Cabinets offers a 25-year warranty that covers the strips, toe-kicks, frames, cabinet doors, legs, and hinges. The rest of the cabinet has a limited warranty.


Maintenance is slightly different for both cabinets since they are made of different materials. The cabinets To Go are made of natural wood; therefore, the rise and fall of temperatures and humidity can cause them to expand and shrink, which results in cracks at the joints. Knowing this, you need to control the heat and humidity surrounding your cabinet. The IKEA cabinets, on the other hand, are not affected by temperature and humidity fluctuation unless there is a tear on it, but they age faster when exposed to light.

The cabinets To Go are resistant to wear, tear and scratch. While the IKEA cabinets are not. And when there is a tear or scratch on it, the solution is mostly refinishing it entirely or sometimes replacing the entire surface.

Similarities between Cabinets To Go and IKEA cabinets.

As cabinets, the Cabinet To Go and the IKEA cabinets are similar in functionality, installation, and reliability.


The cabinets To Go and the IKEA cabinets both have the versatility needed to function throughout your home. This means they can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and any other place where you have the space for it.


Assembly is required for both cabinets. Only in special cases do the Cabinets To Go arrive pre-built, and that is when there is a customized order. Apart from this, they are both easy to assemble, and they both arrive with a detailed, clear picture instruction manual. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY homeowner building your kitchen from scratch or doing some renovations, you will definitely find these cabinets user-friendly with the right tools.


Despite their difference in construction, both brands do an excellent job in producing cabinets with outstanding reliability in their specific functions, and if the right cabinet is chosen for the right space, it will serve its purpose.


With the details explained so far, you can see that both the Cabinets To Go and the IKEA cabinets are good choices. As a homeowner, if you know exactly what you want, you will be able to decide on which cabinet to choose.

The Cabinets TO Go put more energy on craftsmanship, producing cabinets with natural, high-quality materials, and offering varieties of designs. As a result, their products are often expensive, suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind splashing the cash. In contrast, IKEA cabinets focus on creating budget-friendly cabinets that are also of great quality, suitable for anyone on a tight budget, and not so concerned about the design. Both cabinets are functional and will handle your basic cabinet needs.

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