6 Simple Ways to Lighten a Small, Enclosed Garden

Small gardens are as quaint, cute and functional as they are small, enclosed and not very roomy! Although the advantages and disadvantages of such an outdoor space are evenly balanced, many people become confused as to what lighting should go where. Your garden can’t be dark at night, but nor can it be too bright.

Furthermore, large outdoor lighting can seem very out of place in a small, enclosed garden! Fortunately, we’re here to help. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a guide with 6 simple ways to lighten a small, enclosed garden space.

Ways to Lighten a Small Enclosed Garden

Post Lights

On the market, you’ll find a great selection of post lights. Post lighting would be a brilliant solution to your small garden woes, as they are extremely maneuverable! Place them on fenceposts, gateposts, low garden walls or around raised flowerbeds. They create a path of light through a small, enclosed garden, making the space seem much bigger than it is.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are beautifully ambient, don’t take up too much space, and have no limit on where they can be used! String fairy lights up across the fence, wind them around your outdoor furniture or use them to line your favourite plant pots.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Wall lights negate the need for space in your garden completely. As outdoor wall lights can be inlaid to the wall, you have all your floorspace left free! They’re fairly inconspicuous depending on their design, bright (but not terribly bright!) and add to the sleek beauty of your garden, instead of taking away.

Hanging Lights

Of a similar concept as fairy lights, hanging lights are an equally brilliant choice for versatile lighting that won’t take away from the little room your small, enclosed garden has. Your existing garden fixtures would look lovely adorned with some hanging lights, splashing light wherever you’d like!

Table Lighting

Many of us enjoy garden furniture, such as a table and chairs. These pieces provide a place for entertainment, but also decoration. Consider table lighting as a multi-functional tool to enhance your garden space. Small, solar table lights are cute, portable and come in an array of fun designs. Make table lights the centrepiece of your garden furniture, and enjoy a soft glow of light.

Strip Lighting

Strip lighting rose to prominence as an attractive form of lighting the interior of your home, complimentary to the living room or bedroom.

However, your strip lighting doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors! Outdoor strip lighting can line the garden’s fence, furniture, walls, floors and flowerbeds with a colourful, ambient wash of brightness.

With the above tips and tricks, even the smallest of gardens can look light and large! It’s all about maximizing what space you have, and ensuring you choose the right ambient glow for your garden.

When considering the above lighting solutions for your space, make sure you’re choosing the right strength of bulb and intensity of light while you’re at it. Your small, enclosed garden will thank you!

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