7 Best Floor Scrubber for Tiles in 2021 – Your Way to Easy Cleaning

For day to day life at home, floor scrubbers are one of the most important housekeeping things. Besides housekeeping, it has used in office, industry, medical, and another place. Currently, Around 25 companies are producing the floor scrubber on the market.

Last time when I visit the market for my personal need of scrubber, I perceive all the company is not the same its quality. Even all of those are not in the same budget range. Sounds complicated? Some parameters are the thing to make differ from one scrubber to other scrubbers.

  • Their compatibility
  • Common affordability
  • Average efficiency

No worry! Here we pick the 7 best floor scrubber for your tile depends on most of the people may choose to price and quality. Rest of the session we are going to explain the description with the pros and cons of those articles. Don’t miss any bit till the last.

best floor scrubber for tiles

What is the Best Floor Scrubber for Tiles in 2021?

  1. Best Overall: Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber
    “Recommended for household using washroom cleaning or ground floor scrubbing. Besides that place without electricity deserve this scrubber for regular cleaning.”
  2. Best for Cleaning Floors: BISSELL Spinwave
    “For those people, this is suggested who needs to clean the vinyl, or hardwood surface. This can you take instead of mop or other regular cleaners.”
  3. Best for Multi Purpose Use: Oreck Orbiter All-In-One
    “If you need a multi-purpose cleaning, polishing, and scrubbing tools, then get the Oreck Orbiter All-In-One. Commercial use like in the hotel, restaurant, or office is perfect for this scrubber item without any doubt.”
  4. Best Budget Scrubber: Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Floor Scrubber
    “As this machine does not have a cord but efficient performance, this can take to use in a large house. Even this is one hand usable, and that’s why busy people can get this to maintain simplicity in their regular life.”
  5. Best Professional: Oreck Commercial
    “For commercial use like professional cleaning, you can select the Oreck device. Even another sector where it needs heavy cleaning in regular life, there it can be the perfect one. Such as office, hotel, restaurant, or public place cleaning.”
  6. Best for Bare Floors: BISSELL BigGreen Hercules Scrub
    “The BigGreen Hercules Is semi-professional scrubber, rather this is more suitable for homely use. Where it needs a short level but hardcore cleaning, it is most perfect for there. Like the surface of the rooftop, meeting room, medium size of the office, and other.”
  7. Best Cordless Scrubber: Homitt Mop Power Floor Scrubber
    “Suggested for indoor use. The kitchen, washroom, living space, and bedrooms are perfect for Homitt mop power scrubber. To be very honest, this cannot be the right choice for commercial use because of its reachable power supply.”

Top 7 Best Floor Scrubber for Tiles that You Need to Judge

One thing we need to ensure that the list of that floor scrubber is made after judging many things. Like usability, efficiency, availability, and public review. So you must have the scrubber here that you want.

1. Best Overall: Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

The first item we pick on our list is from Homitt. Its continuous performance and fast charging ability bring it to the level next. Water and dust proof body. It has designed without cord and powered by 2 cells of LG battery. The important thing is its scrubbing head can spin at 300 RPM while washing.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

In each box of Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber, you will 2 pack of the brush head (all are different in size and shape). There will be more charging cord and scrubber holder. Its physical body can expandable to the 21-inch maximum.

To remove the stain, old spot, this performs better. Depends on cleaning demand, it easily can change the attachment and no additional issue to maintenance. Besides that this is usable for bathtub, basin, and other parts that need routine wise cleaning.

Pros Cons
  • Height adjustable physical construction.
  • The different type was necessary of the adjustable head.
  • Best performance at a reasonable price.
  • Often adjustable heads come with a soft brush.


2. Best for Cleaning Floors: BISSELL Spinwave

For washing hard surface, it needs mop beside a scrubber. Bissell Spinwave will give you that type of scrubber that you can choose for washing hard floors. Inside the scrubber, there is a tank to contain 28-ounce water. Grip and other parts of the scrubber are built with such design to reduce the cleaning afford. On-demand, spray function makes it more productive for cleaning and scrubbing.

BISSELL Spinwave

All the unit comes with the mop pad, hard floor mop, and other attachments. The mop pads are given are washable and changeable. For initial use, you will have 2 cleaning solutions inside the box. Its multi-surface formula makes it usable to bring it to any part of the house, office, or anywhere. This requires 0.9 amp electric power to operate the device for cleaning.

Pros Cons
  • Washable scrubbing and mopping pad.
  • Decent size of water container inside.
  • On-demand spray function.
  • Adjustable and changeable power spin mops.
  • Not a perfect choice for Porcelain tiles.
  • Pretty heavy to use.


3. Best for Multi Purpose Use: Oreck Orbiter All-In-One

The professional look is the most significant thing of the Oreck orbit. Thing is not just a scrubber but also a polisher and cleaner as well as. This is the reason this mention to all-in-one floor cleaner machine. The powerful motor installed inside ensures deep cleaning. Easy to use and no complex using procedure.

Oreck Orbiter All-In-One

No height adjustable functionality is available. No in build power source, but there is a long power cord. Easy to grip physical function are given. After buying once, you can use it at least 10 years with comfort. Because of its large warranty.

There is no internal water tank on the cleaner. Removal pad, scrubber, and other important equipment will be added to each unit. Don’t forget to get your free unit of cleaning solution. It silent and noise-free performance must amuse you.

Pros Cons
  • Works fineon different types of floors.
  • Don’t make any after-scrubbing mark on the floor.
  • Powerful motor and noise-free performance.
  • Long large product warranty period.
  • Pretty heavy to carry.
  • Often makes damage in the sensitive surface because of its weight.


4. Best Budget Scrubber: Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Floor Scrubber

Surface scrubber with cleaning liquid spray has huge efficiency. From that corner Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Floor Scrubber reach to the list of best with if all the specification. Decent physical construction and it does not have a way to power by a cord. Provide build in Li-ion battery that can keep the machine working till 50 minutes. The rest of the cleaning will take a 2-hour maximum to over the cleaning process.

Rollibot M6 2 in 1 Floor Scrubber

For scrubbing, there is a dual head type mop pad. This can spin at 140 RPM. You can scrub and polish by this machine even keep it under 65 db noise. Thought spot, old stain all can clean perfectly. The dedicated water container can contain 300 ml water with a cleaning solution. For maximum use, this ability to spray 100 ml liquid per minute.

Because of its multiple features of mop and scrubber, this is considered in a heavy mop class machine. This works fine for the tile, vinyl, laminate surface, marble even on the hardwood too. The important thing is after over the cleaning it will never drop its scrubbing spot on the floor.

Pros Cons
  • Cordless, 50-hour restless performance with fast charging.
  • Have one have usability and easy to use.
  • Minimum noise and keep comfort in household use.
  • Lightweight with or without cleaning liquid solution.
  • LED light needs to improve a bit more.
  • Pretty expensive than other cleaners that exist in the market.
  • It does not have a height-adjustable handle.


5. Best Professional: Oreck Commercial

In our list of the most perfect scrubber for your floor, we pick another commercial item. Oreck commercial is one of the best electric floor scrubbers for tile, marble, and another surface. From the first look, it has an impression like a commercial one. Pretty heave that have 24-pound weight. As it will provide heavy-duty, it will take a 5.4 amp electric supply. The cleaning pad is given with the machine, this has a 13-inch cleaning path.

Oreck Commercial

Because of the powerful motor inside, it can run to scrub at 170 rpm. No matter cleaning, polishing, and other things can easily handle by Oreck commercial scrubber. Hard surfaces, ceramic, tiles, marble, or other types of floors are perfect for this. It does not have an internal power supply but 50 feet large cord. All easy functionally can make its using procedure smoother.

Multi-floor cleaning enables and no physical torque or gouging problem it has. For perfectly cleaning use can use many more things as it can support. Like bonnets, shampoo, other cleaning solutions. None of those may give with it, but you need to collect it separately.

Pros Cons
  • Fast and powerful motor spinning to clean perfectly.
  • Price is pretty reasonable after comparing it to its work ability.
  • A wide cleaning path and large power cord length can ensure fast cleaning.
  • Perfect for cleaning old stain to pet hair as well as.
  • Require a little bit more power supply.
  • Not suggested for the sensitive surface.
  • It does not have any adjustable features and a water spraying system.


6. Best for Bare Floors: BISSELL BigGreen Hercules Scrub

As usually another Bissell machine takes part from the list of the best scrubber. The BigGreen Hercules scrubber is visually and productively a perfect and hardcore cleaning machine. Almost everything people want from a scrubber, all is available in this. Powerful motor, cleaning path, proper performance, and other things. Most important thing is, the machine is too lightweight from the comparison of its performance. Only 3.6 kg weight this has.

BISSELL BigGreen Hercules Scrub

The powerful motor can spin unbelievably 2200 times per minute. Then again there is a protective bumper that will protect its brush and scrubbers. The handle is adjustable, which makes sure your comfort for cleaning. 30 feet long cord size is perfect to clean big size of the room. It takes 120 V to power up and operates the scrubber. As the handle size is adjustable, this is easy to keep and store. The maintenance procedure is also easy.

For polishing and scrubbing your floor, there are 2 brushes, 2 microfiber pad, a couple of pad holders with the polishing pads. No matter you have laminate, marble or wooden type of surface, tiles and grout,  BigGreen Hercules Scrub can handle this properly.

Pros Cons
  • All the necessary attachments are added to each unit.
  • Echo friendly and no chemical used to clean.
  • Powerful motor, compact able for any type of surface.
  • The long power cord to cover the long room.
  • Comparatively less expensive than its performance.
  • Lightweight and adjustable size
  • It does not have a water tank with it.
  • Plastic build physical body.


7. Best Cordless Scrubber: Homitt Mop Power Floor Scrubber

At the last of our list, we keep another wireless scrubber item that you may be looking for.

This item is from Homitt and has an outstanding outlook. This is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to maintain anywhere. Inside the physical body, there are 2 cells of LG battery to operate the scrubber. In the fully charged condition, it can run over 50 minutes long. Then again it needs 3 hours or more to charge up again. During it works, its scrubbing pads are spin at 130 average RPM.

Homitt Mop Power Floor Scrubber

Here the remarkable thing is, this is simple to operate. In each box, you will have a charging adapter, a pair of the pad for scrubbing, 2 stain cleaning pad, and 2 soft pad for polishing. Here one thing needs to mention that after each cleaning it does not leave any scrubbing spot on the floor.

No matter you have sticky, old stain, this can clean, mop, and at last polishing. Its lightweight design and less expensive price and effective performance make it more home-friendly and bring it to the favorite list.

Pros Cons
  • Adjustable design and simple physical construction.
  • All essential attachment is given with each unit.
  • Rechargeable and portable to anywhere easily.
  • Pretty slow charging feature that may waste your time.
  • Sometimes it generates unexpected noise during it works.

Final Words

Often we here few words like “There is none of bad or good in scrubbers. Pick any from here.”!

That is disappointing if people say at the time to 2020 where most people are educated and conscious about all the things. Floor scrubbers are directly connected to the health issue of a house. A good scrubber can ensure 20-30% of the healthy environment of your house. So there is no chance to omit to search the best floor scrubber to keep your house healthy.

Rest of the time, remember this you are in our prayer to stay healthy with your family.

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