Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Plus – Which is the Better Mop?

A good vacuum makes room cleaning effortless. Hurdle comes when we need to select the best and most suitable vacuum for our home.

Bissell is surely one of the best brands in the vacuum industry. People easily choose their products for the quality and effectiveness they offer. However, they offer a wide variety of vacuum with different specs and features. Among their large collection, Bissell Spinwave and Spinwave plus set themselves apart from others.

But comparing Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave plus and picking the suitable one is not a cup of tea for a newbie. To back you up, we have come up with this comparison between these two Bissell Spinwave models. The writings will help you get a clear idea about the differences and make a decision to pick one.

Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Plus

Brand Introduction

Bissell Inc., some people know as Bissell Homecare, is American floor care and vacuum cleaner company. Founded in 1876, the company has been dominating the vacuum and floor cleaning industry for more than 145 years. They have more than 2500 employees around the globe.

In the beginning, they used to manufacture mechanical sweepers. But with time, they upgraded their system and started to produce vacuum cleaners as well carpet shampooers. Since then, manufacturing good quality vacuum cleaners to ensure hygiene and cleanliness has become a habit for them. You will find versatile vacuum cleaners to keep your floors clean from this company. Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave plus.

ItemWeightCapacityPadsHeadlightVoltageSuitable forPrice
Bissell Spinwave9.5 pounds28 oz.2 scrubby, 2 soft mop padsNo100/240 VoltsHard Floor, CarpetCheck on Amazon
Bissell Spinwave plus9.5 pounds28 oz.2 scrubby, 4 soft mop padsYes100/120 VoltsHard Floor,Check on Amazon

Bissell Spinwave Overview

The Bissell Spinwave is one of the most popular vacuum models in the Spinwave series. It boasts a classic compact and plane upright design.  Besides, it features a white finish with chacha lime accents. With its 9.5 lbs weight and comfortable handle, maneuvering the vacuum is a child play.

In addition, it has a heavy base that offers smooth scrubbing to ensure perfect cleaning. With this cleaner, cleaning sealed or hard surface floors is safe and comfortable. You will get scrubby pads for hard and tough floors. Also, the soft touch pads come with it to clean the soft surface.

The power spin pads reduce pressure on hands and knees when cleaning. You will even get an on-demand spray that helps to remove rigid dirt from the floor. Besides, its 28-ounce water tank capacity will let you ceaselessly run the vacuum to clean the floor. To conclude, despite being an old model of the Spinwave series, it has been an extraordinary cleaner for all.


  • Compatible with hard and soft floors without damaging
  • Easy to maneuver for its swivel steering
  • Less noise to ensure a sound environment
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Suitable for rigid dirt or simple wiping


  • Need to lean forward when cleaning


  • Dimensions: 8 x 16 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 2 years.
  • Power rating: 0.9 ampere
  • Batteries: No
  • Included Components: Hard Floor Mop, Mop Pads, Cleaning Formula
  • Tank Capacity: 28 oz.
  • Cord Length: 22 ft.
  • Carry Handle: No
  • Swivel Steering: Yes

Key Features

Let’s discuss the key features so that you can understand what you can get from this version.

Cleaning formula for different surfaces

For normal cleaning, wiping with water is enough. However, when you are dealing with rigid dirt, water is not enough. You must need cleaning formulas. But not the same formula is suitable for all surfaces. To get rid of this problem, this mop comes with two 8 oz. multi-surface formulas. You can clean the sealed soft floor as well as hard floor with formulas.

On-demand spray

Putting the right amount of formula is important for effective cleaning. Even if you have multi-surface formulas, you might not get the best result unless you put the right amount. To ensure that, the mop features on-demand spray. You will have a spray trigger to control the number of formulas you put on the floor.

Quiet operation

One of the major problems with using mop is noise. When cleaning the floor, most mops make noises and that bothers others. But the Spinwave 2039A model offers low noise while maintaining the high power to clean your surface.

Easy maneuverable

The mop is built with swivel steering that makes it perfect to clean along the baseboard and furniture. Besides, you will have a comfortable handle that makes it easier to maneuver. With its 9.5 pounds lightweight and sleek design, maneuvering even becomes more comfortable.

Reusable mop pads

The scrubby pads ensure effective hardwood cleaning. On the flip side, its soft-touch microfiber pads deliver soft sealed floor cleaning without any damage. However, replacing pads after use is hassle and expensive. For that, it features reusable scrubby and soft-touch microfiber pads. You can wash those pads in washing machines and use them for a long time.

Large water tank

When you have a small water tank, your time will go on filling up the water tank. To release you from this problem, this Spinwave version offers a 28 oz large water tank. You can simply add cleaning formulas and keep cleaning for a long time.

For whom this product is designed for?

Spinwave 2039A model is the older version of Spinwave plus. You will get your job done smoothly with this version without any hassle. Also, it is inexpensive compared to Spinwave plus. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly yet powerful mop, this one will be a perfect option.

Bissell Spinwave plus overview

Spinwave Plus is the updated version of the Spinwave model. With some upgrades and added functionalities, it offers a superior cleaning experience. Its aesthetic and design are different from its older brothers. Though it has the same upright design, it has a silver/black finish. Also, you will find a metallic blue accent.

The weight and dimension are the same as its big brother. So you will get similar comfort with its weight and comfortable handle. With its soft cleaning pads, you can gently clean soft floors. Additional scrubby pads help you clean tough floors smoothly.

Like the previous model, it offers on-demand spray so that you put the exact right amount of sprays on the floors. The wood surface formula is there that helps you bring back the natural shine in the wooden floor. To conclude, this one will be a suitable option for all types of floors to clean without paining your knees and hands.


  • Easy to maneuver when cleaning
  • Large water tank for ceaseless cleaning
  • Washable soft and scrubby pads
  • Cleaning formulas for different surfaces
  • Noise-free cleaning experience


  • Incomplete manual
  • Less durable mop pads


  • Dimensions: 8 x 16 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 2 years.
  • Batteries: No
  • Included Components: Hard Floor Mop, Mop Pads, Cleaning Formula, wood cleaning formula
  • Tank Capacity: 28 oz.
  • Cord Length: 22 ft.
  • Carry Handle: No
  • Swivel Steering: Yes

Key features

When you know the key features of both the Spinwave and Spinwave plus, it becomes easier to compare. So have a look at these key features.

Reusable scrubby and soft pads

Like the previous model, it offers reusable scrubby and soft pads. That means you can use the mop for hard and soft floors by interchanging the pads. Also, these pads are machine washable and reusable. However, the difference is, it comes with 2 additional soft pads, meaning that you will get 2 scrubby and 4 soft pads.

Wood surface formula with the multi-surface formula

You would get multi-surface formulas from the older Spinwave version. However, when you pick this one, you will get one additional wood surface formula along with a multi-surface formula. Cleaning wood floors is not the same as other traditional floors. If you have a wooden floor, this formula will help you clean floors smoothly.

On-demand spray

Easy trigger helps you put the exact amount of solution on the floors. Without the right amount of cleaning solution, cleaning will be tough when you are dealing with hard dirt. It becomes dangerous for soft floors since removing hard dirt with only water and scrubbing might damage the floors.

Less noise

Since it is an upgraded version of the Spinwave model, you won’t find much noise while using it. Disturbing others while cleaning is not a good idea. And to prevent disturbing, the noiseless design will help you a lot just like the previous one.

Large water tank

To clean heavy dirt, you must spray enough water on the floors. Without a large tank, cleaning a large surface will take more time and effort. You may need to refill water many times. However, like the previous one, this one offers a 28oz water tank.

Compact design with comfortable handle

Finally, the design is the same as the previous version. You can comfortably maneuver it with its comfortable handle with better gripping. Also, the lightweight design makes it easier to move and clean.

For whom this product is designed for?

The Spinwave plus version is designed with some added functionalities and better maneuvering facilities. With that, the cost has increased as well. So if you have enough budget and want a decent vacuum cleaner, then this one will be a perfect option.

So, Which one is better? – Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave plus

The decision is now yours. If you want a good cleaning solution for a limited budget, then obviously Spinwave’s older version will be a good one. It has almost all the facilities to clean different floors effectively. On the flip side, when you are looking for an effective vacuum with a decent budget, Bissell Spinwave plus will be the best choice.

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Picking up the right vacuum cleaner for your floor is extremely important for easy and effective cleaning. Also, to protect your floor from scratches or watermarks, a good cleaner plays a vital role. So make sure you pick the right one for your needs and according to your floor types.

In the Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave plus comparison, we have portrayed all the similarities and differences. You can easily differentiate between these two now. By reading the comparison, pick the suitable for to make your floor cleaning experience better and smoother.

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