Can You Buff a Floor After Waxing?

That is a common question! Can you buff a floor after waxing? My answer – it will depend on your waxing process. However, I refuse to buff in about 90% of cases. With a little time, the shine and gloss of the floor remain intact without any damage. Not just waxing, but how we are going to buff.

Many say that to make such a decision; one needs to have an idea about VCT. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. You may not get any kind of gloss but realize that it is waxed. You certainly won’t be satisfied because on the floor you’ll be unable to bring out the real shine.

Can You Buff a Floor After Waxing

Understanding The Buffing Process

I asked Nevada VCT expert Lacan Moore about this. He satisfied me with the answer. He usually starts buffing after waiting 48 hours. However, it also says that if advanced RPM varnish is used, it can be buffed after the waxing process is over. However, the level of this RPM is tricked according to experience.

In the beginning, we need to understand the buffing process. You need to learn precisely why you need to buff the floor. Typically 175-RPM, 350-rpm, and 3000-rpm floor buffing machines are used for buffing. The base is selected according to the location and manner, what kind of buff machine should be provided to operate it.

What is buffing on the floor?

Buffing is a process of buffing the floor. It is used to deep clean your floor. It is run over the top layer of the floor, where both dirt and polish can be seen. At the end of a successful buffing process, your floor returns to its original form. Then the glossy beauty and shine on the floor caught everyone’s eye.

Almost all types of floors can be buffed. Maybe the floor is of any kind. It can be buffed on all kinds of floors, including vinyl, wooden, concrete, tiles. However, according to each base’s structure and condition, the action strategy is fixed using different tools.

Is floor buff urgent after waxing?

One of the conditions of floor waxing, the floor must be clean. If necessary, the buffing process should be carried out on the floor. Then wax should be prepared and applied on the floor. So if there is no clean floor, there should not be waxed.

Floor waxing is not as complicated a task as we might think. This can be done quickly and in the fastest way if you know how to use the right tools and methods.

Floor waxing will require several materials. If the floor is not clean, a floor buffer will be required first. Then floor wax should be collected and stored. We will need three more materials – Garbage Bag, Mop Bucket, and Applicator Mop (Flat Wax). Note that each material must be brought to the appropriate place before starting work. Materials are required to complete the waxing process successfully.

How to successfully wax your floor?

We can wax our floor in 4 steps. These steps should be followed to finish the waxing process quickly and easily. First, you have to prepare the wax. Then start the waxing process on the floor. Once the floor wax is done, wait until the bottom is dry. Then the floor needs to be buffed if required.

Prepare wax for the floor

First, a decision has to be made about how you want to prepare. You can call it a preparation plan.

Do you want to use a bucket or flat wax applicator mop? If you’re going to start the waxing process using a bucket, there is no need for an applicator mop. Line up buckets and garbage bags. Then fill it up with wax items.

Apply wax on the floor

Now, the preparation for applying wax on the floor is over. Before starting the wax, divide the floor into several parts. Start working on a specific position.

Start the wax at the opposite end of the path to enter the floor. Walking on the instantly waxed floor will cause damage. So wax with a plan so that the wax process ends at the entrance to the floor. You can get out without damaging the newly waxed floor.

Avoid excessive waxing. Nothing extra is good. Extreme waxing will cause a thick layer of wax to fall off the floor, which will annoy you. As a result, the floor needs to be cleaned again to remove this annoying wax.

Give the floor time to dry

This is an essential step. You cannot walk on that floor until it is completely dry. Take the matter seriously and keep an eye on the floor. Close the entrance to the floor; then, the children will not be able to enter.

It isn’t easy to understand precisely how long it will take for the floor to dry. At this point, you can do other things. Start cleaning the materials that were used to wax the floor. If the floor is dry, we will benefit, but if the used materials are dry, we will have difficulty cleaning. Because of the wax freezes, it isn’t easy to lift it. So start cleaning these to save time and labor. On the other hand, let the floor be dry.

Now Buff The floor

You wanted an answer to a question. But I did not forget the question! Your inquiry was – “How can you buff a floor after waxing?” If you need to, you can, of course, steam the floor. However, check if the floor is dry. Now you can buff on the floor to show beautiful gloss and attractive shine.

You can also clean the floor with a soft and smooth cotton cloth. Maybe some physical work, but the cost of the buffing process will be saved. But to dry clean, do what is appropriate.

Final Words

All our processes, including floor waxing and floor buffing, are finished. Now it looks gorgeous to see your floor. Hopefully, it turned out to be precisely the beautiful look you wanted. Everyone will appreciate such a bright and beautiful floor.

One last suggestion, plan for the next floor waxing and floor buffing. The right plan speeds up your work. A properly clean and waxed floor symbolizes your personality because it looks fantastic.

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