Can You Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop on Laminate Floors?

If you have a laminate floor, you will have anxiety about how to clean and comb your beloved floor. Though the laminate floor is available in modern times, it is much tough to keep it clean, spotless, polish, and dirt-free also. To clean a laminate floor, you have to concern about your floor and what should be used to clean it.

Every single family has a lot of cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaner, sweeper mop, hot steam mop, and so other mops. Although you have those things, it makes you confuse that can you use Swiffer Sweeper wet mop on laminate floors?

Beginning of the discussion, you need to know a little bit about the laminate floor. The laminate floor is multi layer synthetic flooring, which consists of a combination of some materials and pressed together. It is based on four layers-

  1. Back layer,
  2. Core layer,
  3. Design layer
  4. Wear layer.

It is very easy to look after your laminate floor, but laminate manufacturers strongly disagree to use any wet steam on your laminate floor. If you want to use Swiffer sweeper wet mop, experts suggest that you can.

Can You Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop on Laminate Floors

Can You Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop on Laminate Floors?

Everybody thinks that dry mop is good to clean laminate floor, but wet mops are the best. You can use wet mops on laminate floor regularly, and that will shine the floor, but you have to give a little bit of attention. While using wet mops, you should be careful because water could damage the laminate floor if it puddles for a long time. Besides, you can use a little bit detergent mix with water to moisture and spray on the floor then clean it properly. Despite so many wet mops, Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop is the best solution.

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop is the right application tool which effectively works on your floor; it’s designed for all kinds of floor such as laminate floors, wood floors, sealed tile, and so on. On the other hand, you should not use on wooden board, unfinished floor, oil or waxed and non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors; because they are water sensitive. You should also know the way of handling the spray mop.

Swiffer Sweeper Wetjet

The Swiffer WetJet is designed for many types of flooring, including laminates. A Swiffer Sweeper wet mop supplies the right amount of moisture spray.

Swiffer Wetjet comes with 6 heavy-duty mopping pad which you can refill, and those are so useful, even you don’t need to touch the pad as well as four original mopping pad refills.

The One bottle of cleaning solution can provide the right amount of liquid spray without damage your laminate floor. Don’t need to grab a separate spray bottle or bucket. You will get four batteries, which helps you to run this mop for a long time.

It’s colorful with the best design that makes you interested in cleaning your Laminate Floor.Its handle is very comfortable and easy to move when you are cleaning the floor in a short time. Swiffer Wetjet is also best for waterproof laminate floors.

Cleaning With Floor Steamers

Though so many people try to clean laminate floor with steam mops, it is not suitable for laminate. It can damage the laminate floor because it releases hot steam that makes loosen planks. So experts suggest,” Do not use Steam mops on your laminate floor.”

Cleaning with vinegar.

Vinegar is a very simple but effective cleaning element which can easily shine your laminate floor. Its acidic ingredients help to removes spots, marks, and dullness to your laminated floor. So it can be an ideal cleanser for your lamented floor.

So at first, add warm water with an equal amount of vinegar in a bottle spray. Shake it and mix it well. Then spray it on your laminate floor where it’s needed. A few minutes later, wipe it out with a mild hot wiper. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish washing soap with that vinegar mixture. This cleaner works magically for the prefect cleaning on your laminate floor.

Difference Between Dry Mopping and Wet Mopping

Dry mops:

A dry mop is similar to a wet mop, but it sweeps the floor without any moisture or liquid. You can easily clean your floor by using it. It removes dirt, dust, food rubbish, soil, and sands. A dry mop is faster than wet mops some times 30% faster than wet mops. A vacuum cleaner is the best solution for the dry mops, which can pick up the dust easily. It mainly used hardwood or laminate floors also.

Benefits of using dry mops:

Using dry mop on your floor is very beneficial. It is an easy cleaner to clean up dust and dirt within a minute. It also kills the bacteria from your floor. Before using the mop, sweep the flood with a handy brush and get up all the large dirt and visible dust from your floor. This process helps

Wet mops:

Wet moping means cleaning the ground with a little bit of damp mop. It’s a floor cleaning solution which made in wet microfiber clothes. You can easily clean your dirty floor by the use of the tool. Usually, on your home floor cleaning, it can be an ideal one. During the cleaning of your laminate floor, this wet mop could be the best solution. There is various kind of wet mop such as sponge mops, traditional mops, spin mops. Their qualities are different and multiple uses. Before using a wet mop, you should dust your floor. Wet mop makes your floor slither, so you should be careful while cleaning.

Can Swiffer Wet Cloths be Used on Laminate Floors?

Many people are wondering if Swiffer wet cloths can be used on laminate floors. The answer is yes, and it’s actually a good idea to do so because of the added moisture from the wet cloths which helps cleaning go more smoothly. By using these dampened pads to clean your floor, you can avoid scratching the surface or dulling the shine that some laminate floors have.

If you own any type of wood-based furniture with varnish, lacquer or other protective coating then I would recommend not using this product for fear of coming into contact with water/moisture which could ruin whatever finish has been applied in those areas by way of absorbing into them via microscopic pores where they cannot escape later on.

Final discussion

Floor cleaning is a regular household work. We have to do this every day. Sometimes we get boor, and it gives us pain when we could not get perfect tools to clean our favorite floor. If it would be a laminate floor, then you have to give a little more attention.

Every kind of cleaning tools such as broom and bin, steam mops, vacuum, wet mops, dry mops, or any other which is available in the market are suitable for cleaning (all the time remove dust, dirt, mud, and spills) but some other better.

So you have to choose and apply the correct one which is the best for your floor. If you want to find out a good one, then Swiffer Wetjet Hardwood & Floor Spray Mop will be the best.

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