How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa?

Stylish and comfortable, sectional sofas would be a great addition to your interior design ideas. But, after decorating your living room with sectional sofas, you get to choose the right rug to place under the sectionals to leave your room appearing more elegant and versatile. 

A rug under the sofa can also provide a lounging option for your kids and pets. That’s handy!

Well, the problem is you might go through a dilemma when it comes to placing the rug underneath properly. Keeping this in mind I’m going to discuss 7 simple ways of how to place a rug under a sectional sofa that would fit everything.

How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

Finding the Right Rug Placement Under a Sectional Sofa

1. Center Your Rug In Your Living Room

By putting the sectionals around your rug, you can place the rug in the center of your home instead of positioning it under the sofa or couch.

Other types of furniture like side tables can also be placed around the rug. Or, you can also make a focal point by putting a coffee table in the center.

2. Asymmetric Placement

You can make your smaller sectional sofa or coffee table look bigger by placing a rug asymmetrically under it. If you have a low budget for an area rug or want to cover less floor space, then it will provide you with an opportunity to make use of a smaller rug. 

For asymmetric placement, all you need to do is just put the rug off-centered under one end. Then, if you wish, you can add a small side table to anchor the rug.

3. Front Legs On The Rug

You can also choose to put a large rug under the front edges of the sectional sofa to make the area look unified. But be sure you align the rug with the edges of your sectionals, which can create a rectangular or square shape. You can also anchor your rug by using a coffee table atop it.

4. Use A Rounded Area Rug For A Large Sofa

A round area rug with a sectional sofa can add a new dimension to your interior design. Just consider placing the rug in the middle of the sectional sofa. 

It actually goes well with larger sectionals that come with even sides. And, you can also complete the look by using round coffee tables.

5. Large Rug For All Furniture Pieces

Choosing a larger area rug can create a cozy and comfy lounging area inside your home. All you have to do is to place the rug in such a way that all the legs of your sofa and coffee table remain on the rug. It will also provide your children with extra flooring space for crawling on and playing.

6. Create A Square Using The Sofa And The Rug

An infallible way to place rugs underneath your sectional sofas is choosing an area rug that is similar to your sectional’s longest side in terms of length. 

Just align the rug with the sectional and ensure the ‘L’ overlaps onto the rug just as shown in the above picture. Remember, this square look will be perfect if you own an open and large living space.

7. Decorate Diagonally

You can create a flow from one living room to the next by placing a rug diagonally, no matter if you have an open floor plan or not. 

For diagonal rug placement under the sectionals, you need to angle the rug under the sofa so that one short end remains underneath the sofa’s middle part. And, make sure the other end points to the room that is connected to your living area.

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What Are The Benefits Of Placing A Rug Inside The Room?

Most of the homeowners cannot figure out the benefits of decorating their living spaces with area rugs, but rugs can make a bedroom, living room, or even office look aesthetic for sure. 

Here are some of the benefits that an area rug can bring to your life. 

Ensures Comfort

It feels hard to your feet to walk on solid surfaces like hardwood, tiles, or laminate, right? Well, that is where a rug comes into play. 

Using a rug on top of the flooring can provide you comfort while walking around inside your home all day. 

A rug can also protect your expensive floorings from being worn and torn by the heavy foot traffic, stained, and scratched-up by the legs of the heavy furniture.

Additionally, rugs under the sectional sofas can also create a cozy atmosphere, which can create an overall cohesion within the whole area, too.

Offers Insulation

If you’re living in a colder area, then you know how uncomfortable it feels when you walk on the cold surfaces. 

Well, buying a large size area rug can cover the floor and provide you insulation. That’s beneficial! If you want more insulation during cold seasons, you can also put a padding in between the floor and the rug.

Absorbs Allergens

As rugs can absorb allergens to prevent them from being in the air, they are useful for people suffering from allergies. 

On the other hand, some people also reckon that since rugs absorb allergens, they will pose a health threat to the people with allergies. But why? Because those people remain always exposed to the surface of the rug.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve come to know some different ways to put a rug beneath a sectional sofa that will leave your indoor looking more alluring and eye-soothing. 

Out of the aforementioned options, just go on choosing one that will best fit you. Also, make sure you choose a rug that is big enough so that it can fill most of the space in front of the sofa. Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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