Does Shampooing Carpets Ruin Them? Know the Answer before the Next Deep Cleaning

When I first brought up shampooing the carpet, my 3-year old daughter asked me, “will it make the carpet silky like my hair?”

I had to say yes to her.

However, shampooing doesn’t do the job, but it ensures a deep clean and brings back the fluffiness. The whole shampooing is a massive task and needs to be done using the best vacuum and carpet cleaners. Or else, you can consult with a professional carpet cleaning service.

Meanwhile, a lot of people asked me, “Does shampooing carpets ruin them?” This is one of the biggest carpet cleaning myths, and I will bust it today for you.

When Shampooing Carpet is Essential?

After Kayleigh McEnany in White House, the carpet in your home or office absorbs the most dirt and debris. So, it needs thorough cleaning at a regular interval.

If you have kids at home, the regular means shorter intervals. However, professional cleaning companies and leading carpet manufacturers recommend shampooing every year unless you have a big mess and super dirty carpets.

Pet hair is another factor behind shampooing. When you have a few furry hairballs at home, it is essential to deep clean the shaggy floor.

Do You Have to Vacuum Before Shampooing a Carpet?

Do you dust off any surface before cleaning with any liquid? Yes, you do. The same goes for the carpet.

As I told before, carpet is a dirt magnet, and it loves them. If you do not vacuum this dirt fiesta, the shampoo will make dark slurry. There is a terrific possibility that removing that stain will be nearly impossible for any cleaning methods.

So before shampooing, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the loose debris is crucial for a clean carpet at the end. No matter if you use steam cleaners or shampoo, vacuuming is a must.

Is Shampooing Carpets Bad for Them?

Here comes the biggest myth buster about deep cleaning your carpet.

No, shampooing carpet does not ruin them at all. Period!

In fact, regular deep cleaning of the carpet keeps it free from any mold and mildew and keeps the freshness intact. Besides, when you have kids or pets at home, keeping the carpet free of any deadly mites is crucial. And only shampooing can ensure it.

Let’s bust some of the carpeting cleaning myths.

Shampooing will Ruin the Original Look of the Carpet

This is so much, not true. The old carpets may have this issue. But modern polyester and other synthetic material can easily withstand the cleaning agents.

Moreover, the cleaning agents these days are friendly to both the environment and the carpet fibers. So it is totally a myth that regular shampooing will ruin the look. Contractility, deep clean with a high-quality carpet cleaner, will enhance the appearance.

Vacuuming is enough; I don’t need Shampooing

It’s more like – deo spray is enough, I don’t need a regular shower.

Deo spray is a temporary solution. Taking a shower is a permanent remedy. In the same way, a vacuum will remove only the loose dust. But the mites, microscopic allergens, and germs will still be out there.

The only solution is a deep cleaning, aka shampooing.

Steam cleaning is another good alternative to shampooing; however, it is effective for a shorter period like a vacuum.

Shampooing will Shrink my Carpet

Not at all. The shampoo will only deep clean your carpet, nothing else. But there is a catch. Leaving your carpet wet for more than 24 hours without any attempt of drying will indeed shrink it.

A significant number of the readers asked me, “How long does it take the carpet to dry after shampooing?” Well, it depends on the drying process. If you take help from a professional cleaning company, they will come with a commercial dryer.

Otherwise, you have to use air conditioning to dry the carpet completely.

Regular Shampooing will Develop Mould and Mildew

It’s another myth that is not true at all. Yes, shampooing will indeed make the carpet wet. But if you take necessary action to dry it, there will be no issue with any mold or mildew.

Even leaving a wet towel on the bathroom can make the room smell musty. So think about the expansion of the carpet and its effect if left wet. Along with the musty smell, the molds will love to make their colony there.

So, dry the carpet immediately after shampooing. The outcome will be surprisingly fluffy and fresh.

How to Do Carpet Shampooing?

If you want to do the shampooing by yourself, go over the steps. Some of the vacuum and carpet cleaners come with shampooing options. Those will make the process easy. Otherwise, rent a professional carpet cleaner from any supermarket.

  • Move all the furniture from the room.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the room.
  • Treat the stain on the carpet with stain remover.
  • Check the carpet cleaner.
  • Put the shampoo in the machine and mix the directed amount of water.
  • Add an appropriate carpet soap that complements the shampoo.
  • Start from a corner and slowly make strips on the carpet.
  • Empty the dirty water from the tank.
  • Go for a second run with only shampoo and water, no soap this time.
  • Open all the doors and windows to dry the carpet. If you are not sure about the process, the shampoo bottle should have the drying instructions.
  • Clean the tanks of the carpet cleaning machine thoroughly.
  • Move the furniture back.

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Final Thoughts

I am sure you don’t have any misconception about – does shampooing carpets ruin them.

Shampooing or deep cleaning the carpet is essential for the safety and comfort of your family. If you can maintain the correct way or processes of shampooing carpets, it will only bring your home’s softness and serenity.

Any detouring from the process will definitely bring disaster. Therefore, it is better to use the most appropriate carpet cleaning machines or consult a professional cleaning agency.

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