A Quick Solution to Kohler Canister Flush Valve Problems

The toilet problem is more annoying than any other problem in the house. Especially when you are talking about a ‘flush valve,’ that is the pain in the ass. What actually does a flash valve do? Well, it is particularly attached to your toilet flush; the main job is to control the delivery of water from the tank to the bowl. Especially when the level is lean on. If the flash valve goes bad, different issues have been created. For example, the flash will lose control, consistently leaking water from the base along with annoying sounds

So in this article, we will cover almost everything about Kohler canister flush valve problems. Besides, we also talk about how to adjust that easily and how to replace the seal of Kohler canister flush valve.

What Is a Canister Flush Valve?

If you have experience using old flush valves, you might know how it works. Still, let me make you clear. There is a stopper made with rubber that helps the water to flush the water into the pot. It usually links with the chain. 

However, the canister flush toilet changed this old era. Now flushing is no more hustle. A simple press washes down all the problems. Consequently, the whole canister flush system runs inside the tank. It comes with a tall cylinder shaper valve. 

In brief, the flush valve holds the water, and with a press on the button, it makes a path for water to flow into the tank. It is the new system in the town that works for a long time and effectively. 

However, it doesn’t mean it has no downsides. There is a list of problems you might be facing and want to get rid of. 

Kohler Canister Flush Valve Problems And Solution

A Running Toilet

Problem: One of the most annoying problems you may encounter is a running toilet. It may occur because of any issue related to the filling valve. Maybe the water tank is full. Again, you may find a problem with the flapper. It is not functioning correctly. Hence the flush valve isn’t working. 

Solution: In order to solve the Kohler canister flush valve keeps running, you need to be cautious and follow the steps simply. Yes, you can fix this problem by yourself. 

  • If the water pressure is too high, then consider turning off the water supply. At the same time, flush your tank once. 
  • Then locate the black seal, the valve cap and detach it by a clockwise turn.
  • It could happen because the valve cap is clogged, dirty, or damaged. 
  • If that’s the case, you need to replace both the seal and valve. However, first, you should go for basic cleaning and flushing. 

Flush Problems

Problem: The flush handle may not be working at some points. In that condition, you might be facing-it has gone erratic or disconnected or loosen up. It can happen due to blockage, water is not pressured up to the mark, or the wire is disconnected. 

Solution: Simply connect the wire with the flapper. Let the tank be full and try again. Besides, tightening the nut or the chain may also work. Inside the tank, you’ll get the nut, mount it correctly, turning counterclockwise. 

Leaking from the Toilet Base

Problem: Well, we are talking about Kohler canister flush valve problems. However, this is a common problem we can’t but address. Chiefly, this problem occurs when the toilet seal fails, or the base tank is leaking. To identify where the leak happed, you can follow a simple trick. Simply dry off the toilet using a sponge or a towel. Soak the water and wait for the next puddle to come. Identify where it’s coming from. Then take the necessary steps.

Solution: Usually, to stop the water from leaking, you can replace the wax ring. However,  tightening the bolts can also solve the problem. You can simply use a wrench to make the process smoother.

Kohler toilet hissing

Problem: If you hear the hissing sound whenever you flush your toilet, the problem may be with the fill valve. It has been disabled or blocked as a result of mineral deposits.

Solution: You have to replace the fill valve in order to solve the problem. 

Low water level in the toilet bowl

Problem: It can happen if the rim feed hose is not attached to the flush valve correctly. Typically, the rim feed helps the water to direct into the bowl. You’ll see a low water level if it is mismatched or doesn’t link with the flush valve.

Solution: The rim feed hose should go at the center of the valve canister and be connected properly. 

Adjust the Canister Flush Valve

We discussed the problems that you might face. Now let’s learn how to adjust the canister by ourselves. Follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, take off the lid of the water tank. Then keep it aside to work correctly. 
  • Then check out the wire. If it is disconnected, try to reattach it once again. The flush valve should be connected with the chain. To ensure you did everything right, pull the chain again.
  • After that, check the valve seal. Put your hand at the bottom of the valve seal and place it perfectly.
  • Well, your task is done. You successfully adjusted the canister flush valve and valve seal at the right place. 
  • Finally, turn back the lid On. 

How To Replace A Kohler Canister Flush Valve Seal

Indeed, we have talked about replacing the Kohler canister flush valve seal many a time here. But how do you do that? Follow the steps as it is; you’ll astonish it only takes 10 minutes or so.

First thing first, you need to stop the water supply in your toilet. Of course, turn off the valve knob which is located behind the toilet. 

Secondly, in order to remove the water from the tank, flush it at once. Press the button until the tank is empty.

Thirdly, you have to remove the flush valve seal. It may seem not easy, but it isn’t. 

  • Remove the porcelain lid carefully.
  • Make sure the chain is working properly. It should not be too loose or too tight.
  • Detach the refill tube by turning 360 degrees from the canister guide.
  • Unhook the chain and pull the canister.
  • Disconnect the canister guide. This time go for reverse 360 degrees. 
  • Remove the seal valve as well if it is damaged.
  • Set up the new seal valve


Why do toilet fill valves fail?

Usually, if there is high water pressure and the water tank starts brimming, it’s a sign that toilet valves fail. In such cases, flush your toilet first. Then check if the valve is clogged with dirt or not. If you find dirt, do your basic cleaning. Otherwise, consider replacing the toilet valves.

Can I replace the Kohler canister flush valve?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is effortless to replace the Kohler canister flush valve. First, turn the water supply off. Then at the center of the canister, you’ll find a guide. Grab it and start turning it counterclockwise. Slowly you’ll get the Kohler canister valve out.

Final Thoughts

It is ubiquitous to have problems with your Kohler flush. That doesn’t mean they provide bad products. However, you should know what to do in such cases. At least if you know the basics, you can solve the problem by yourself, which is our primary goal.

To conclude, hopefully, you know how to solve Kohler canister flush valve problems. If you found this article helpful consider sharing it with your homies. Check out our other articles as well.

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