Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

While cleaning the smoother surface of the tiles is comparatively simple, the grout channels are not so. Usually, the grout area accumulates lime scales, dirt, and water stains to change into a darker and much uglier version of the original white color. To clean that kind of dirt and stain, you need reliable tools that can be steam.

This substance requires extra labor, time, and additional help to clean in most cases. Though a steam cleaner has many advantages, the cleaning of tile grout has become a relatively more straightforward job and without the need for additional help or external cleaning agents.
Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

The grout steam cleaner is the best to soften the dirt and mildew that become settled on top of the grout, and the steam cleaner washes away them easily. Use steam; a question always arises that “Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?” The answer is no. But Chemicals and other caustic agents used for causing damage to the tile grout. Similarly, hired cleaning assistance also does damage the tile grout due to the harsh scrubbing with metallic brushes and chemicals like acids and alkalis.

There is a significant reason people fear using a steam cleaner due to the comments they read on online reviews. The misconceptions about steam-cleaning come from people who have a little knowledge of the matter. A hand’s on knowledge of cleaning grout with a steam cleaner will end to the delusions that it damages grout.

Purchasing a good quality steam cleaner is an excellent investment. The cost of the steam-cleaning equipment is dependent on its effectiveness to clean dirty grout. But a lot of people do not want to invest in a quality steam cleaner. They justify their decision by saying that the steam cleaner may damage grout. That is not the main reason at all. Some times they do not have knowledge using steam on the grout in a proper way. While a steam cleaner does a great deal to make your floor look clean and spotless, it might be a tilt expensive.

How Does Grout Get Damaged?

Not only can steam cleaning damage grout but also there are many reasons those lead to damage to your grout. Some of them are given below.

Insufficient amount of grout

Applying a lower amount of grout while placing tiles, people make a common mistake. So the grout is unable to sustain itself for a more extended period due to insufficiency. Then it gets cracked.

Another mistake is unnecessary saturation. Most of the builders make this mistake that they use a lot of water during saturation. This excessive water weakens the grout and unable to sustain itself for an extended period.

Unsealed grout

Another mistake could be unsealed grout. As we know that unsealed grout can’t able to hold itself for a long time. Sealed grouts can be saved the cracks and damages.

Now the question is, “Should we clean or replace grout?”

This is a ubiquitous question. And the answer is simple. Whether you notice the slight stains on grout, you should clean them thoroughly. If you ignore the stain to clean, it may damage the grout. A steam cleaner has the right option for cleaning those grouts. It lightens the mildews and stains and very easy to wash. Regular based cleaning can reduce the chances of damage to the grouts.

Which one is better? Cleaning or steam cleaning?

As chemical cleaners are made of toxic and harsh elements that can damage the color of your floors, and can be very expensive too. So, you can use homemade grout cleaner. It also may need proper ventilation before the room can be safe health-wise.
On the other hand, Steam cleaning grout is very easy and time-consuming. So it doesn’t need many times and can be done without professional assistance. Its heat steam effectively get rid of stains.
Nevertheless, water vaporizes into steam at 100 degrees. Celsius also creates gas to clean it.
So steam cleaning is the first preference and the most reliable one. It doesn’t damage grouts. Hence a very safe way to use a steam cleaner for getting rid of stains on grout.

Choosing the Best Steam Cleaner

There are few tools specially made for cleaning tile grout in the consumer market. You have to select the best tiles and grout steam cleaner that contains miserable heats and steam with more services. If you want to clean the bathroom wall tile, you should consider buying a canister, multi-purpose steam cleaner because some steamers are only floor and not able to work for shower or bathtub tiles grout. Multi-purpose steam cleaners have attachments for different surfaces.

Someone purchases steam cleaners or rent them at home centers and hire outlets. Though most rental units are suitable for tile, make sure to check with the rental store, and you have the right brushes for grout.

How to clean tiles grout with a steam cleaner?

Ceramic tiles are durable, and it appears in a variety of patterns, types, and colors and effortlessly acclimatized to any living space. So grout tends to get very dirty very quickly.
You need a quality steam cleaner that can make this task much simpler, effectively clean, and shine.

Materials you will need
A bucket
A mop
A broom
Steam cleaner with specific grout brush nozzles and attachments

Clean the Tiles First

Someone start steam directly on the grout, but it is a mistake. It would be the best thing to do is start by cleaning a specific area when you will steam. This will ensure to get rid of all the grit, dirt, and gunk that will bother your steam cleaning endeavor later on.

Sweep and damp mop first. If its walls, you want to clean, sponge-clean those using gentle detergent and rinse.

Set Up the Steam Cleaner

Snatch some water and fill the steam cleaner. Turn on and set it to “steam” as per the instructions. Usually, it will take a few minutes to start creating steam.

Attach the hose to the steam as per instructions. Take an appropriate brush depends on the size of your grout. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

It would be better to use a nylon-bristle brush, which helps effectively to remove most grout and prevent damage to the tile.

On the other hand, use a brass-bristle brush for hard and obstinate dirt. Sometimes this kind of brush might damage the tile in some way, be aware.

Scrubbing & Steaming

Turn on and set up on the recommended spray rate. Move back and forth strokes directly on the grout to scrub it. Once it’s spotless, go to the next area and do the same.

If you need to clean walls, make sure to work from the top down. This ensures the dirty water runs downward and not into cleaned areas.

Rinse & Repeat

After finishing a specific area, stop scrubbing to mop or rinse the clean section, and clean the dirty water before it settles back into the grout and dries. Do the processes continuously until you achieve the sparkling grout.

Final Words

Therefore it can be said that grout or shower grout needs massive care. It seems troublesome but saves you the right amount of money and time invested in re-grouting due to improper care. Daily base maintaining can provide charming grouts floor. There are several grouts cleaning solutions in the market that might be used.

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