Engineered Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance!

Hardwood engineered flooring will undoubtedly provide an elegant appearance to your house. It seems easier to install and lasts longer than the regular timber floorings. Without engineered hardwood flooring care and maintenance, you will lose its shine over a few days. 

All types of chemicals and materials are not suitable for hardwood engineered flooring. Always go with a mild kind of cleanser. Once you pick the correct tools and materials, it’s no hassle to take care of the hardwood flooring.

Care and maintenance also include protecting your flooring. Always keep the hardwood protected from excess moisture, UV rays, and humidity. Such factors can easily damage your flooring.

It doesn’t require any professional cleaning services here. Just make a good routine and learn more about care and maintenance tips here.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Care

Engineered hardwood flooring care and maintenance Routine

Engineered hardwood flooring is always super sensitive with the maintenance and care process. Applying any wrong type of tools/ elements here can cause permanent damage to your flooring. Such damaged parts might cost you more.

It doesn’t only include regular cleansing but also protection. If you follow a specific routine, things might seem handier.

Here give a quick check and get a proper engineered hardwood flooring care and maintenance routine:

Vacuum & sweep your flooring regularly

Vacuuming and sweeping your hardwood engineered flooring is part of regular cleansing. It is an unskippable part of your floor maintenance procedure.

Remove all the dirt speck of dirt over the floor with a broom/ vacuum cleaner. Consider using a vacuum cleaner with a soft floor attachment/ broom. Never go super harsh in this step. Else, you can create scratches here. You can use both a Grab a damp microfiber mop and start sweeping the flooring thoroughly.

Deep cleaning occasionally

For keeps up the durability of your hardwood engineered flooring, and you must do occasional deep cleaning.

Here you must use all professional, unique hardwood cleaning products. Always keep the mop away from getting super wet. In this step, you can use your favorite commercial hardwood cleanser.

Even a DIY cleanser with white vinegar, vegetable oil works effectively. All these are part of regular cleaning.

Remove all stains, spilling and scratches

You can’t forget stains, spilling or scratches over your flooring. Try to remove such spill-outs immediately. Else they will create permanent damages/ scratches.

For spill-outs, you can use a damp mop with a professional. Scrub off the scratches and stains mildly. To protect your engineered hardwood flooring from further scratches, use a scratch-eliminating concealer.

It will seal all the faults of the flooring and protect it from moisture seeping, dents and scratches.

Arrange enough floor protections

Just cleaning and using good products over the flooring is not enough. You must have to arrange all protection materials to keep up the hardwood shine and durability. You must use good-quality rugs and maps to protect the flooring.

For hardwood, vinyl rugs are mostly recommended. Such a layer will cut off heavy object interaction with flooring. You must arrange your furniture carefully here. Don’t place any furniture directly over hardwood. You better place some rugs/ maps before arranging your furniture. It maximizes the safety issue of the flooring.

Rugs and maps will keep the flooring protected from pets/ children as well. Even such protection can keep the flooring from UV exposure.

Things to avoid with engineered hardwood flooring

There are a few things that you should never try with hardwood engineered flooring. Give a quick check here and avoid such things to protect your engineered hardwood flooring:

  • Don’t use any oil/wax-based cleaning elements over hardwood engineered flooring.
  • Don’t apply harsh chemicals based products over the engineered hardwood flooring. 
  • Don’t use wet moves directly over the hardwood. It will swell and warp the flooring.
  • Don’t use any kind of buffing machine/ steel wool brush/ scouring pad. Even if you’re scrubbing, always maintain a mild motion.
  • Don’t walk over such flooring with heels or sharp shoes. 

Addition tips for maintaining hardwood engineered flooring

For proper maintenance, only cleaning and protecting are not enough. There are some amazing tips to increase reliability. 

Give a quick check:

  • You must maintain the indoor humidity level to take care of the hardwood engineered flooring. For keeping up shine and durability, you must keep the humidity level from 35% to 55%. 
  • During the summer month, you can turn on the air conditioner for a few moments. It will keep the humidity balanced. 
  • You have to use some good quality entry mats and floor protectors. It will keep the flooring safe from scratches, dents and damages. Try to pick some nice-looking rugs to make the interior more adorable. 
  • Stay careful while moving any heavy types of furniture. You should never drag heavy appliances over the hardwood flooring.
  • Always keep the pet nails trimmed and place them over rugs. The long nails of the pets can damage hardwood footings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average life of engineered hardwood flooring?

On average, hardwood engineered flooring will last around 30 years. However, this can even last longer and shorter depending on the maintenance procedure. 

Are engineered hardwood flooring more expensive?

Yes. Comparatively, hardwood engineered flooring seems more expensive. Such flooring will last longer and shine more as well.

Wrap up

Engineered hardwood flooring looks fantastic and last longer. It is undoubtedly an expensive type of flooring. Suppose you want to grab the worthiness focus on the care and maintenance procedure. People generally hold questions about over-engineered hardwood flooring care and maintenance routines. Here you’ve got ins and outs of hardwood engineered flooring. Try to follow these tips and suggestions to keep up the shine and reliability for longer.

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