EUFY Going in Circles: Reasons are Explained!

The EUFY robovac is an excellent device to keep your house neat and tidy. However, just like any other electronic appliance, the robovac can also malfunction. One of the major symptoms of the malfunction is the robot circulating round and round. So, why might your EUFY be going in circles?

A Faulty bumper is one of the most obvious reasons behind your EUFY going in circles. But there are also some other reasons like faulty or dirty cliff sensors, malfunctioning wheels, and software issues. To solve the problem, you need to repair or re-install a new bumper and keep the bumpers, cliff sensors, and wheels clean. If neither of them works, go to customer care for help.

If you are having such a problem with your EUFY robovac, don’t worry because there are some easy guidelines to help you fix it.

EUFY Going in Circles

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Reasons Behind Going In Circles

Suppose you have a robovac, and it’s working perfectly. But suddenly, you have noticed that your tiny robot friend is circulating aimlessly. What could be the reason behind such behavior? Here are the most apparent reasons why EUFY could be moving round in circles.

Check The Bumper

In a robovac, bumpers are used to tackle the hard edges. But after cleaning for a while, the bumpers can attract a lot of dirt particles. An excessive amount of debris makes the bumper dislodged or jammed. Thus, your EUFY goes in a circle while functioning.

Again, the same problem will appear when the bumper sensor gets dirty. The bumper sensor mainly helps with the navigation system of the robovac. So, if the sensor gets dirty, it can’t navigate where it’s going. It will circulate aimlessly on the floor.

Cliff Sensors Might Be Dirty

The problem with dirt hasn’t ended yet. If the dirt gets into the cliff sensors, it will malfunction. Your EUFY vac won’t be able to sense the edges or the stairs because of the obstructions. Therefore, it will rotate in a circle on the floor. 

There is another reason behind the circle dance. The cliff sensor can’t recognize the dark surfaces because of a lack of technological advancement. So, you may see it’s circulating over a black area of your floor. And the problem will be more frequent if you have dark shade floors.

Wheels Are Malfunctioning

The wheels are there to move your EUFY according to navigation coordinates. As the robot moves around all over your home to clean the debris, it might get stuck easily because of the dirt accumulated in the wheels.

The debris and dirt can jam the wheels and hinder their movement throughout the house. Thus, it will act like a pivot foot to your EUFY and perform motion in aimless circles. Sometimes the wheels may not work correctly because of mechanical issues like being stuck at an angle. This kind of malfunction can also cause circular movements.

Software Problems

The EUFY robovac is a device where all of the functions are controlled through software like cliff sensors, bumper sensors, vacuum, etcetera.

If there’s a problem with its software, obviously, it will malfunction. And among all the strange things that your robovac can do, constant circulation is one of them. 

So, when your robovac is circulating like crazy, it may have software issues like a bug in the program, or it may need to update the operating system. Sometimes lack of functioning sensors can cause such problems too.

How To Solve Such Issues?

Yeah, you get the problem and the reasons behind completing circles again and again. But how can you get rid of this problem or solve the problem? 

Don’t worry because we are here for you with all the possible solutions regarding this issue. Here are some of our suggestions.

Gentle Push On the Bumper

When your bumper gets struck because of excess debris, you can just push the bumper gently. A simple tap can get rid of the debris that is trapped underneath the robovac’s bumper.

When you see the dirt coming off from the bumper, you can restart the EUFY and start cleaning. This simple step can help you solve the problem pretty quickly.

Change The Bumper If It’s Faulty

When the bumper isn’t working, even after tapping several times to remove the dirt, it may be malfunctioning. So, a faulty bumper can’t provide the required performance. Moreover, your robovac won’t be able to protect itself from the hard edges.

If you notice the faulty bumper, change it as soon as possible.

Keep The Bumper Sensors Clean

As the bumper sensors are also responsible for the aimless circulation of your EUFY, you need to keep it clean.

First, you need to turn off your vac and place it backward. You will notice the bumper sensors, and you have to tap gently on the sensor to dislodge the dirt. 

If the dirt hasn’t gone properly, use compressed air to get into the gap between the mainframe and the bumper. The high-pressure air removes all the clingy dirt pretty easily.

You need to pass the air at various angles, not just in the center. You can also clean all the openings, just in case.

Re-Install The EUFY Software

If it’s a software problem, you need to delete the existing software and install a new one. That’s because removing bugs from old software is quite bothersome.

Therefore, you can download new software from the internet or reinstall it from the app store.

Check For Software Updates

When the new software doesn’t fix the circulation problem, there’s not much to do. You need to wait until the next update comes and fixes the issues.

But there’s another feature called the silver lining. If you enable this option, you will get updates more frequently than a regular user.

Keep The Wheels Clean

The dirt may have gotten stuck inside the wheels or beside them. So, you need to clean the wheels when you notice such circulation problems.

Take both wheels and push them up and down to remove the dirt or loosen them. You need to do it several times so that no dirt stays on the wheels. After cleaning the wheels, take a quick check by turning the device on and see if they are functioning freely or not.

Check On The Cliff Sensors

You need to keep the cliff sensors if you don’t want any circle dance from your robovac. 

Use a soft cotton pad to clean the sensors. Some hardware stores sell very light dampened foam that works like magic while cleaning the sensors.

Try Manual Reset

Sometimes a simple reset can make your EUFY well-functioning again. Start with a long press on the start button for 10 to 15 seconds. When you hear one beep and see the light of WIFI status start to blink, the reset is complete.

If your robovac model is a bit different from the regular one, you can follow the instruction manual to reset your EUFY.

Customer Care

When none of these tricks work to solve the circle dance, then there’s nothing you can do. You have to go to a customer care center to seek help as a last resort.

The manufacturers of EUFY, Anker innovations, have fantastic customer care services where you can go to solve this circulation problem or any software or hardware issue.

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Final Words

Your EUFY device is very handy to keep your house clean. But the device might sometimes show this circle dance because of dirt or some other problems. So, if you see your EUFY going in circles, apply our suggested solutions and see if they work or not. But if the solutions are not useful, go to the designated customer care and get your device fixed.

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