10 Amazing Ideas to Enhance Your Interior Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls have quite an impact on interior design, especially in rustic or industrial-themed designs. They are the perfect presentation that uncovered features can look incredible and add character to a space. Exposed brick walls look artistic and accentuate modern living or working spaces.

Exposed brick walls have become so popular that people are incorporating them in perfectly furnished rooms. So, whether your home already has an exposed brick wall or you want to create one, there are many ways to highlight an exposed brick wall to look good and compliment the rest of the room.

10 Ideas to Enhance Your Interior Exposed Brick Wall

Here we have shared ten best ideas to try for exposed brick walls. We have included the excellent ones for numerous types of homes, work, and commercial spaces.

1. Create Contrast in Textures

The coolest way to highlight an exposed brick wall is by creating contrast in textures. You can have the rustic, brick texture in one area and have a smooth texture, in contrast, using tiles, marbles, wood, or smoothly painted walls.

Again, you can have an entire room with smooth drywall but a textured brick column. These contrasts look amazing and highlight both the textures beautifully.

2. Limewash the Wall

Limewash or whitewash is an excellent technique to blend the vibrant brick wall into a subtle one. It allows you to blend in the walls a bit more so that the entire space looks well composed.

You can check out the whitewashing brick tutorial and execute it to blend in the brick walls to your white interior. Although the entire room might become the same color, the variation in texture stands out.

3. Create Color Contrast

Apart from creating contrast in textures, contrasting colors look absolutely breathtaking in an interior space. Light-colored floors or walls can look amazing with red brick walls. You can also choose earth tones or muted colors to create color contrast against the dark brick walls.

Black and white looks bold and makes a space put together more with exposed brick walls. Using only black to contrast with the red brick wall gives a moody vibe and looks really sleek.

4. Frame the Wall

Framing an exposed wall makes it look more sophisticated. It also accentuates the wall and creates dimensional space. You can use a plain wall, wood, or concrete to create different sized frames.

For example, in the bedroom, you can have a big square block of an exposed brick wall framed by a plain wall. This framed wall behind your bed will enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom without sacrificing comfort.

5. Add Windows

If you have a vast exposed wall, you can break the monotony by adding windows to it. If the outside view is good, it is like a cherry on top. Windows allow light and provide dynamics to the space. You can also experiment with different colored curtains on the windows.

Windows can be of different shapes and sizes depending on how much you want to stylize the space. Having a black window can give a rustic feel, while having them in white can give a modern twist.

6. Create a Gallery Wall

An exposed wall can be a place to show off other art. You can create a gallery wall on an exposed brick wall. You can play with different sized frames and color of artworks.

7. Include Pop of Color

An exciting way to make a living space stylish and modern is by incorporating pops of colors. It brings out the brick wall texture even more and wonderfully compliments the colors.

There are several ways to use pops of colors with exposed brick walls. You can choose to use vibrant paints to paint over sections of brick walls. You can do a whole brick wall in rich color while the others stay original.

Also, you can add pops of colors using colorful furniture, artwork, and decorative pieces and letting the brick wall stay true to its original form. For example, you can put a bright yellow sofa in front of an exposed brick wall, a yellow vase, or a few bright decorative pieces to make the space more cohesive. This method looks more well designed and modern.

8. Create a Sneak Peek Effect

Creating a sneak peek of an exposed brick wall is a unique and exciting way to display the raw walls. You can compose an area, a block of a wall or column where you let the exposed wall peek through while the rest are painted.

You can create circles, squares, or other shapes on a wall to create the sneak peek effect. It works as an art piece without the need to frame it.

9. Give a Salvaged Look

The salvaged look works really well with industrial themes or rustic looks. This is more about giving a raw, unpolished look to your living or working space.

This theme can look incredible if you could pull it off with appropriate furniture and decorations. You can create a torn-off look where some places are plastered to perfection, and other parts are exposed brick walls. You do not have to accurately place the plaster and brick positioning as the goal is to have a salvaged look.

10. Add a Mural

There is a presumption that to have a mural, you will need a clean and smooth wall. Well, you can have a mural on a brick wall and that looks outstanding. The texture of bricks emerging through the vibrant mural really adds some character to a space.

However, you should properly plan how to incorporate a mural into a brick wall based on the entire space. Going overboard with this style can make a space feel smaller and untidy.


Brick walls can look fantastic in both traditional homes as well as modern themed houses. You can elevate brick walls to compliment a well-decorated interior space in many ways. It all comes down to how well you could integrate the exposed brick walls with your planning.

Hopefully, the ideas we have shared to update your interior exposed brick wall will help decorate your living space.

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