HH-66 Vinyl Cement Alternative

The HH-66 vinyl cement is arguably the best glue to work on vinyl products and surfaces. It is a vinyl fabric specialist. Its water-resistant solution dries up really fast and creates a really strong bond. But you don’t have it available at this moment in your area. What to do now?

To end your concern, we are going to provide a list of multiple HH-66 vinyl cement alternatives. The HH-66 can be used in a lot of works. And we are not sure exactly what type of job you are going to do. So, we will add different types of alternatives that are good for different purposes.

In this discussion, we will pick up the best alternatives for HH-66 considering all their pros and cons. We will mention the best usage of each product. So, find out the best alternative for you after going through all of them. Don’t miss one!

HH-66 Vinyl Cement Alternative

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10 HH-66 Vinyl Cement Alternative

Here is our pick on the best alternatives of HH-66 vinyl cement. 

1. Loctite vinyl, fabric, and plastic repair adhesive

An adhesive for especially vinyl fabric, plastic, and stuff like that. If the material works with this product, then any types of cracks and tears will be gone after using it if given enough time.


  • Comes in very small tubes of 1 oz.
  • Best glue to fix problems in upholstery.
  • It is transparent and leaves no traces when dried.
  • Small rips and tears specialist.


  • Not good for surfaces that are very different from vinyl surfaces.
  • Takes quite a long time to dry up.

2. Cal Flor FL49106CF vinyl fix

This is the product that you can call a vinyl specialist. Any kind of reap or crack on vinyl products needs to be fixed? This is the product you buy.


  • Users have the option to freely mix the solution.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Doesn’t contain any wax.
  • The most recent formula from the company is in it.


  • Confirmed by multiple sources, it doesn’t work on very fine cracks

3. HENRY premium multipurpose flooring adhesive

This is an adhesive to use on floors. But can also be used on any other vinyl surfaces as the term multipurpose in the name suggests.


  • The price to quality ratio is great.
  • A great option to be used on large surfaces.
  • Almost odorless.
  • Moisture, freezing, and thawing resistance.
  • A great choice for DIY enthusiasts.


  • Not the product for small repairs as it comes in a big bucket.
  • Not good on surfaces other than vinyl ones.

4. Gorilla heavy-duty construction adhesive

A product you can use for both indoor and outdoor purposes and on almost any kind of hard surface. Within only 30 seconds it binds two surfaces, indicating how strong of an adhesive it is.


  • This adhesive doesn’t have any odor.
  • Works on many surfaces including vinyl and leather.
  • Within 30 minutes it completely adheres to the surface.
  • The best price to quality ratio is ensured.


  • Very irritatingly, the top of the tube dries up if not used for a long time.

5. Red Devil 658 patch-a-wall spackling paste

This is a product to be used to connect mainly vinyl tiles to the floor. This thing comes in really small tubes that are really great for fine work.


  • Works on a variety of surfaces like vinyl, mosaic, masonry, wood.
  • Comes with a squeezer that makes it easy to use until the end.
  • Comes at a really low price.
  • For term use, the tube size is very logical.


  • Not to be used as a normal adhesive.
  • It is not a product to use for a long time.

6. HENRY, WW company 12220 vinyl repair adhesive

This is a USA-made really great quality product that is perfect for long-term noncommercial use. For easy household usage, it comes in a hand squeezable tube.


  • Comes in an 8 oz tube that ensures long-term use.
  • Manufactured in the USA and better than other Chinese counterparts.
  • Can be used in places that are hard to reach with your bare hands.
  • Can be used on any kind of vinyl surface.


  • As the tube is quite big, it is sometimes prone to leaks.

7. FORTIVO vinyl repair kit

If you need an adhesive that is especially for furniture, this is the one you get. And this product is not colorless, so you can use it to make things colorful too.


  • Any types of cracks, tears, reap on upholstery can be easily fixed.
  • Comes as a complete set of glue for any usage on vinyl and leather surfaces.
  • You can pick up different types of tubes from the whole set for different usage.
  • The set contains small tubes containing 20ml and 40 ml.


  • Doesn’t provide the best price to quality ratio.

8. Rhino glue pro kit

The product claims to be a faster, stronger, and tougher glue. And it seems to be, the users of this product don’t disagree with these claims. 


  • Really easy to use in any case.
  • Dries up really fast.
  • The package provides multiple options to choose from.
  • The end result is a really strong bond.


  • This glue contains a strong smell.
  • Reports indicate leaks in the tube and drying up fast.

9. 3M scotch-weld nitrile high performance 1099 plastic adhesive

This is a specialist product for vinyl fabrics. It works on other plastic surfaces too. The main usage of this product is in precision operations and comes with a small tube nib.


  • A specialist product for precision applications.
  • 5 oz tubes serve for quite a long time.
  • Provides a really strong and durable bond.
  • Can be used on vinyl products as well as foam, fabric, and others.


  • Takes quite a long time of 45 minutes to dry up.

10. J-B weld plastic-weld plastic repair epoxy putty

Now, this is a product that specializes in rigid vinyl surfaces like pipes. The really cool usage of this product is you can actually fill up cracks and holes really well with this product.


  • The strength of this adhesive is really high.
  • For rigid surfaces like vinyl pipes, this is the product to go with.
  • Dries up quite quickly, like in 25 minutes.
  • Can be used for DIY projects without any concern.


  • This product is a high-priced one.
  • Not so suitable for flexible vinyl surfaces.


Still have some questions? Check the answers below.

Is HH-66 the same as PVC glue?

They are not exactly similar. Although you can use them alternatingly, it is recommended. PVC glue is specially made for PVC surfaces only. But HH-66 works on other vinyl-type surfaces and a lot of other surfaces. 

What is the best glue to use on vinyl?

Cyanoacrylates” is the name you are searching for. We all know it commonly as super glue. This is the adhesive that is best for use on vinyl surfaces. It dries up really quick and the end result is a super-strong bond.

What glue works on vinyl pool liner?

Well, the answer is HH-66. The adhesive we are finding alternates for. You can find out any alternative for it for other purposes but for this particular case, HH-66 is the world’s best adhesive. It works like magic on vinyl pool liners, spa covers, and others. 


If you were searching for one good hh-66 vinyl cement alternative, we provided you with no less than ten. So, cheer up! There is a multitude of options available as a vinyl adhesive. But not all of them can replace the hh-66. We picked out the best ten for you.

But don’t get confused between all the alternatives. Go through their details and also pros and cons. Try to find out the best alternative for your case. If you find multiple then go with the cheapest one or with the one you can find easily. Happy repair.

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