How Long Does Weed And Feed Take To Work

Weed and Feed typically take up to two weeks to work and make an effect. You may notice a change within 5-7 days of applying, but the whole process will surely take time. In addition, some weeds require a more extended period to get completely wiped off. This is why the complete clearing process may take a bit longer than usual. 

While the period varies depending on the product and its manufacturer, it is usually determined by the recipe and the setting of the product.  The directions for the product you’re applying should be carefully studied since there may be some guidelines that will make the application more productive.

Sometimes, the user doesn’t read the instructions and doubts the product as they don’t see the result immediately after applying the product. This is why the user should always read the instructions provided with the product to make the best use of it.

How Long Does Weed And Feed Take To Work

If you want to make your yard look amazing, you should apply weed and feed in the proper way. There are some basic steps that should be followed to make the process more effective.

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How Should You Apply Weed and Feed

You may not have the expected result if you’re not applying the fertilizer how it should be. As long as you use the product correctly, weeds will not thrive in your yard. Check the following steps to make full use of it – 

Wait for the Perfect Season

The fertilizer works best if it’s applied in the perfect season. You should wait for the spring or fall if you’re planning to apply weed and feed into your yard. The temperature between 15℃ and 34℃ will be the best for applying weed and feed. If you start the process at the beginning of spring, you will be able to reapply again in the fall if required.

Rain should be a concern while applying weed and feed on your lawn. The water may wash away the fertilizer and damage the process. Thus, make sure you have checked the weather forecast. If there was any heavy rain on the previous day, do not apply the product as it won’t be effective. There are specific products available for each season as well. You may check them out if you’re looking for a quick application.

Water your Lawn Before Applying

Here comes another important step for this process. Some of the products come with strict directions to wet the lawn before applying the product. You should water the lawn just to wet the grasses. This will make the lawn prepare for the process. You may mow the yard to a medium height before at least 48 hours of applying the product as well. 

 Purchase the Perfect One

If you are applying the product for the first time, you should ensure the right product for your lawn. There are a variety of products available on the market. Each of them has different effects based on the yard. There is weed and feed available based on different grass types and yards. 

For example, Bermuda grass comes with very thick growth and sharp blades. The product label will clearly mention the effectiveness of the product for specific grass types. Explore the manufacturer’s site or the market to find the best one for your yard. 

Spread Accurately

Use the perfect spreader for this process. There are different types of spreaders available in the market. You may pick the standard one based on the size of your yard. The amount of fertilizer needed should also be calculated based on the lawn size. Read the product manual if there is any instruction provided about the settings.

Apply the product with a round or linear sequence that will make you able to cover the whole yard easily. You may overlap the columns to ensure maximum coverage. If you notice the excess application of the fertilizer for any column or space, you may clean the space with a sweeper. 

Follow the Post Processes

Your work is not over just after applying the product in your yard. There are multiple processes you should follow after the application. First of all, do not water your yard for 24 hours after applying the fertilizer as this may wash the product away from the yard. This is one of the crucial mistakes that the user may make while applying weed and feed.

Do not allow your children or pets to play in the yard after the application. If they somehow consume the fertilizer, you should immediately call a vet or doctor as the product contains toxic elements that may have an effect on the human or animal body.

You should wait for four weeks to ensure if the product is fully absorbed or not. The yard will be suitable for reseeding after one month. A regular application will make the process more effective.

A green lawn is obviously a dream for every yard owner. These steps will surely make the application more effective. Reading the directions should be the first step after purchasing a Weed and Feed product. 


Should I water after weed and feed?

This actually depends on the weed and feed product you are using. Don’t water immediately after spreading the product. In general, weed and feed should be watered after 24 to 48 hours of fertilizing. 

How long does ‘weed and feed’ stay in soil?

If the chemical is presented in the soil, it won’t make you able to grow anything. This is why the product is designed to evaporate within 2 to 3 days of applying.

Will this kill crabgrass also?

Weed and Feed doesn’t kill crabgrass. They usually clear out dandelions and clover. There is a specific product available for killing crabgrass.

Does weed and feed killer destroy soil?

Weed and Feed won’t destroy the soil. The product is made to kill the weed’s root system.

When should I put weed killer in my garden?

Weedkillers should be applied in the early spring. If the germination process doesn’t seem effective for some plants you may reapply the weed killers in your garden.


The main problem with most of the users is they don’t read the instructions carefully. Weed and Feed is a product that takes time to take effect in the yard. If you have applied the product following the instructions, you will indeed have the result within the required time. If the application was based on the directions the result will appear within 5-14 days. Just apply in the perfect season following the guidelines. Apply to a damp lawn, water before the process, and don’t water for at least a day after applying. You’ll definitely have an amazing output by following these processes.

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