How to Clean Sofa without Vacuum Cleaner?

There is hardly any person who does not sit on a sofa for taking some rest after a long tiring day. Children often spend their time on sofa for hours while watching television or playing video games. In fact, it may have something to take away the exhaustion of your long tiring day. It is very essential to keep the sofa clean as it is one of the most used furniture. Also, sofa is an important part of elegant home décor. If you do not clean your sofa regularly, it may cause bad smell and hamper the beauty of your room.

Depending on your time and other perspective, it is good to clean a sofa at least once or twice in a month. You can clean your sofa easily at home without taking any services. In this article, we will provide you some simple steps to clean sofa without using a vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Sofa without Vacuum Cleaner

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Reasons for Cleaning Sofa without Vacuum Cleaner

A sofa can be cleaned following various methods. Vacuum cleaner is the most common housecleaning tool and there are many vacuum cleaners those are suitable for cleaning sofa. But, there are a large number of people who do not want to clean their sofa using a vacuum cleaner. There are mainly two reasons behind not using a vacuum cleaner. Firstly, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner may hamper the condition of the fabrics used to cover the sofa. Secondly, sometimes, vacuum cleaners are not effective enough to clean tough stains of the sofa. Also, it only cleans the outer part of a sofa not the hard to reach areas.

How to Clean Sofa without Vacuum Cleaner

Before starting our cleaning process, let’s have a look at the equipment we may need to clean the sofa:

  1. Two clean cloths. (Microfiber cloths are preferable)
  2. One soft headed brush.
  3. One stiff bristle brush.
  4. Bicarbonate soda (Depending on the size of your sofa)
  5. Water or dry carpet cleaner (You can use any of these two for making a homemade sofa cleaner)

These are the equipment you will need for cleaning the sofa without any vacuum cleaner. Collect and gather all the equipment together before you start cleaning.

Clean Sofa without Vacuum Cleaner

After managing all the equipment we mentioned above, you are now ready to clean the without vacuum cleaner. Now we will provide some easy steps for you. Following the steps accordingly, you can clean your sofa without using a vacuum cleaner in a hassle-free way. Let’s look at the cleaning process:

  1. First of all, take a clean cloth and wipe down the sofa with it. Wiping down the sofa with the cloth will take off the dirt and dust from the surface.
  2. After wiping down the sofa, you will have to clean it with brushes. In this step, you will need two brushes. Use a bristle brush, if there is any heavy dust or dirt stick together. Using a stiff-bristled brush, break the dirt cake separately. Remember to use the brush firmly, but not so hard that it may damage the sofa. After breaking the heavy dirt, use a soft headed brush to clean dusts and dirt from the confined areas of the sofa.
  3. Wiping down the sofa or cleaning with a brush may not clean hair or pet fur sometimes. Use a lint roller to clean hairs and furs from the sofa. Make sure that you are using the lint roller in every inch of the sofa so that there is no chance of missing any hair.
  4. After completing the pre-steps mentioned above, you will have to use bicarbonate soda now. Sprinkle the soda on your sofa to remove stains. If you find any tough stain or any stinky part, you are suggested to mix the bicarbonate soda with water. Spray a little amount of the solution on the stain and wait for few minutes until the stain is fully absorbed by the solution.
  5. After 20 minutes, take of the water and bicarbonate solution with a blower from the sofa.
  6. Finally, after completing all the process mentioned above, take another clean cloth and wipe down the sofa again.

These are some simple steps that you can follow to clean your sofa without using any vacuum cleaner. Instead of bicarbonate soda and water solution, you can use a homemade sofa cleaner by mixing the bicarbonate sofa and dry carpet cleaner. While working with the bicarbonate soda, it is recommended to keep children and pets away from the sofa so that they do not get in touch with the cleaner mistakenly.

TheDrive advises that if you want to keep your environment looking, feeling, and smelling like new, consider purchasing an upholstery cleaner machine to clean it easily and with minimal effort.


It is appreciating to clean and maintain your upholstery all by yourself. It does not take much time to clean your sofa at home without using vacuum cleaner following the steps we mentioned above. Also, the whole process is trouble-free and easy to follow. For keeping the pristine condition of your sofa and maintaining the elegantly home décor, make sure to clean your sofa on regular basis.

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