How to Get Turmeric Stain Out of Carpet

What do you do if you are afraid of turmeric spots? Avoid eating turmeric, or do not use turmeric to brighten the face at all!

You can’t rule out a popular spice, no matter how much it stains. This spice is essential for your good health, but of course, it can stain your clothes and household items.

I will present here if you get turmeric stains on your carpet, how to remove those stains? If you can’t do one method, you have to try another approach, but you can’t be disappointed. If the stain does not appear in our removal process, we can take alternative measures. But first of all, we try with a few home remedies to see if we can stain the yellow from the carpet! So let’s learn out how to get rid of turmeric spots.

How to Get Turmeric Stain Out of Carpet

Pre-treatment For Turmeric Stain On Carpet

Turmeric stain? Ugh, this is so disgusting when it sets in any fabric; it doesn’t come out quickly. On top of that, if you scrub the stain spot roughly with soap directly, the stain spreads so badly & becomes red. Do you know, in some countries, turmeric stain is used widely to dye fabrics? Because the paint doesn’t come out so quickly.

Wait, what if you find your carpet in your room stained with turmeric? What would you do? That is like a nightmare, I know. But, don’t worry, let me tell you how you can remove the stain. Before that, you must have patience. That would take some time, but it will indeed remove the stain. Hey, why are you waiting? Get a spoon or something like a scooping tool quickly. You need to remove the excess specks of dirt immediately; otherwise, it will set more strongly.

Now, don’t use soap at this point. Soap will turn the stain red & it will spread so severely. To avoid this, first, you need some warm water. Rinse the spot area with the water & soak it. You may use a towel to absorb the water. Besides, using warm water will help the stain come out quickly. Now you can pour enough liquid soap on the spot area directly. Scrub the stained area carefully. A brush or water-soaked towel may be used to scrub. It will work better if you wait at least 10 minutes to settle the soap on the carpet to soak it properly.

How to Get Turmeric Stain out of Carpet?

There are many procedures to remove other stains from the carpet, including turmeric stains. If there are new stains, you can easily remove them. However, to remove the stains of old turmeric, bleach, vinegar treatment, and other suitable treatments should be given. Below is the process of removing the four tested yellow stains. Hopefully, with the proper application of any one of these, you can remove all types of turmeric stains from the carpet, new and old.

1. Using Liquid Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide

You can remove a turmeric stain with soap & hydrogen peroxide. Firstly, you need a bucket & some warm water. Soak a towel in the water and blot stains from your carpet. Keep blotting till you remove the maximum paint you can. Just soak & blot, don’t rub the carpet. Or the stain will spread so badly & you won’t be able to remove the stain easily.

Well, what if you still find the turmeric stain is in powdered form? No worries! Use a damp towel; you may use a dry towel to blot the stain as well. But remember one thing. Don’t use hot water, and it helps the stain to set more strongly. Warm or cold water is preferable. Now, take another bucket—mix liquid soap & water. Use a sponge & dab the spot area with enough soap. Then soak for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, remove the soap, water using a clean towel. Remove as much stain as you can. Keep doing the same thing till you extract the maximum stain you can. Of course, you need to change the towel to a clean spot. Now you can use a brush to scrub for a few minutes. You can use a towel as well.

After you remove enough stain, mix hydrogen peroxide with water. Take nine portions of water & 1 slice of hydrogen peroxide. Now stream it into a spray bottle and shake to mix well. Find out the stained area of your carpet & spray the hydrogen peroxide solution to the site. Now, what? Nothing. Now, wait at least 2 hours then You can do anything you want to spend the time. Maybe you would like to finish your cooking or read a book! Just leave the carpet for 2 hours. Times up! Go & scrub the area again with liquid soap. You can use a brush or a towel if you want. And you are done! See, no more stain on the carpet. Amazing, right? Now scrub with clean water & dry it in the air or steam vacuum it. And it’s ready for use again!

2. Using Liquid Dish Soap And Baking Soda

We all know how powerful baking soda is to remove any stain. It can remove any grease stain or any stain you want. So, you can use baking soda to remove the turmeric stains from your carpet too. I am sure almost everyone has baking soda in their house so that it will be more comfortable, right?

To use baking soda to remove them, first of all, you need a solution. You can prepare it easily by yourself! All you need is to prepare a solution of baking soda, liquid soap, and water. For that, mix one portion of baking soda & 3 portions of liquid soap. Then mix it with enough water and shake very well, Or stir very quickly. Now the solution is ready to use. Then apply the solution in the spotted area. For that, use a sponge. Soak the sponge into the baking soda solution. Dab the stained spot with the sponge & do it until you cover the whole stain with the soda solution.

Now, time to scrub the stain. A soft toothbrush is perfect for that. Take the brush and wash the stained area very carefully.

You must follow the circular motion to scrub. But remember not to scrub so harshly. Otherwise, it will make the stain more visible. You may need to dip the brush from time to time to keep it wet. Keep doing the step till you remove all the spots of turmeric.

Now, you are done! You already have removed the spot. Remove the extra mixture with clean water or use a stain cleaner. You can use a Goo Gone. Soak the mix, leave for 30 minutes, and remove the extra stains with a towel or clean cloth.

3. Using Glycerin To Remove Turmeric Stain

Do you know, glycerin is an excellent solvent? That means it can dissolve different stains easily and remove them. So, it is another option for you. Of course, it is a straightforward solution for removing the turmeric stains from your favorite carpet. And I can assume you have glycerin in your dressing table to keep your skin moisturized, right? So, grab the glycerin and remove the turmeric stain in just a few minutes! Just follow the steps I say.

Remember? Did I say don’t use hot water? So, get some lukewarm water. Pour some warm water with the turmeric stained area and wait for some time. It will sit on the spot. Then take a towel to blot the water from the carpet. Now you need a solution of glycerin & water. Take the same quantity of glycerin & water; that means 1:1 proportion of glycerin & water to make the solution. Pour it into a spray bottle. Spray enough of this mixture on the stained area and wait to sit for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, again pour some warm water on the turmeric spot & blot it using a cloth or towel. Keep doing it again & again until you remove as much stain as you can. After some time, you will see the yellow stains of turmeric is coming off with the towel. 7 to use again.

4. Bleaching White Carpet

Some of us may ask if I can use bleach as it’s a powerful stain remover. Well, for that, I can say, of course, you can. But you can use bleach only for white carpets. Because bleach will remove the color if you use it on any colorful carpet other than a white one. Why?

[su_highlight background=”#ff4645″]Bleach is extremely basic, which can remove the color from clothes or fabrics.[/su_highlight]

So, be careful.

Using the bleaching method is very easy. It is the most powerful method to remove any stain, including the turmeric stain on your favorite white carpet. Now pour enough quantity of bleach into a washing vessel. Then wait only 15 minutes to let the carpet soak the bleach. Then you can clean the carpet with clean water. You can clean it manually, or use your washing machine, the way you prefer. It is now all upon you. And after drying, you will find your carpet clean & out of the horrible turmeric stain!

What are other methods available for salvaging your permanently stained carpet?

Well, what if your carpet is badly stained with any stain? You might be thinking of replacing it. Or are you going to throw the rug away? Wait, wait, don’t do any of this. I can give you some ideas to reuse it. Makes sense? Let me explain it to you.

Suppose you have a light-colored carpet. It may be a color near white or Any light color it can be. And you have found the carpet stained very badly with turmeric. It’s of no use now. But listen, don’t throw it. Dye it with another bright color! You can use a lovely dark brown color. Or any bright color as your choice. Problem solved!

Instead of dyeing the whole carpet, you can use different abstract colors in other areas according to the stained area. It will bring color to your room surely. Another way can be embroidering your carpet. You may design it or make some beautiful art by stitching the whole carpet. This way, the turmeric stains will be invisible. On top of that, you will get a wonderful embroidered carpet!

You can also cut the carpet in different shapes & use it as a rug in front of your door or other areas. Just recycle them. Could you not throw it away? Make it more elegant with any of your creative ideas.


Can turmeric be removed from carpet?

Removing turmeric from carpets is an easy job. But you would need some powerful detergent and wash the stains two or three times. Turmeric stains are quite stubborn, forcing you to use harsh chemicals. Additionally, you can use baking soda on the spots directly. After applying, please wait for 5 mins and clean it up with clean water. If you want a natural solution, try using lemon juice or vinegar mixture. The acid in the mix will resolve the stains and hopefully give you a picture-perfect finish.

Are turmeric stains permanent?

Well, it depends. If you leave turmeric stains for too long, the color goes deep into the fabric. As a result, removing the stains will become tough. However, cleaning any turmeric stains immediately will reduce the chances of permanent coloring. Turns out, you can remove any turmeric stains with a little breaching power. The only drawback is, other fabric colors will fade away as well.

Does Oxiclean remove turmeric stains?

Yes. Oxiclean is a great option for removing turmeric stains. It will offer you a mix of sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. Old-fashioned washing soda or sodium percarbonate acts on the turmeric stains and breaks it down. The faster you start the cleaning process, the better the results are. Turmeric becomes permanent within two days, and after that, OxiClean will hardly make a difference.


Things that can cause stains should be used with caution. If you get turmeric spots or any other spots, try to remove them as soon as possible. Since the turmeric stains on the carpet are straightforward to understand, it does not look good. You can remove the scars by applying the treatment presented above.

However, if for any reason the stain remains, work with the advice of a skilled professional cleaner. Eat turmeric regularly, take care of your health. Stains need to be dealt with efficiently.

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