How to Prevent Poop From Sticking to The Toilet Bowl?

A stinky and unclean toilet bowl will not only create germs, but also it’ll affect your household impression. For keeping up a healthy household, you must take care of the toilet properly.

If you experience poop sticking to the toilet, it gets tough while cleaning. The best solution you can apply here is, stickiness preventing tips.

This will also keep your toilet fresh and clean for a longer time. Besides, a smooth toilet can save a lot of water while flushing.

Do you know how to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl? Some easy tricks can turn the job super handy and time-saving. Try to follow these suggestions here every time you clean your toilet.

Why Does Poop Create Stickiness in the Toilet Bowl?

Poop sticking on the toilet bowl creates a lot of issues. This makes stubborn stains, filthy toilet bowls that get tougher to clean.

Besides, if you don’t get rid of these quickly, the stains/ stickiness can grow health-threatening germs in your toilet. 

Before getting into the tips, let’s get a quick check on why poops get stuck in your toilet bowl. Most of the solutions will evolve from here.

Poops are meant to be flushed with water. Then what’s wrong with your toilet bowl that it’s creating stains every time? 

Things that can create stubborn poop stickiness: 

Digestive Disorder:

Digestive disorders are something that produces unhealthy sticky poops.

If you’re taking a lot of fats in your diet, there is a probability of producing sticky and unhealthy poops.

When you’re on an unhealthy diet, your poop will include the extra fat that will make a greasy texture.

If you notice this type of stickiness on your toilet bowl regularly, you must concentrate on your diet.  

Malfunctioning flush:

If your toilet flush is broken or unable to supply enough water, it will get the poop sticking on the toilet bowl.

Make sure your toilet flush is quick and efficiently working to avoid such issues.

Manufacturing defects:

Manufacturing defects are another core reason that can create stubborn defects in your toilet bowl.

Your toilet bowl should include porcelain to keep the bowl smoother. So, you must check on the toilet quality before purchasing. 

Improper use of toilet:

If you’ve any children in the house who are causing this sticky poop on the bowl, it might be no fault of the toilet bowl.

Children mostly don’t follow the basic rules of using toilets. This could be another reason for poop sticking on your toilet bowl. 

Toilet bowl stains/ defects: 

Sometimes, stubborn stains can create stickiness in your toilet bowl.

Minerals like calcium and iron can create stubborn stains over the smooth layer of the toilet bowl.

If somehow the bumps, stains, scratches cover up the porcelain of the toilet bowl, it can get poop sticking on the bowl. 

How to Prevent Poop from Sticking to the Toilet Bowl? 

Tips one: Flush water before every use:

Water pouring/ flushing the toilet before pooping falls in the basic toilet manner. But most children don’t follow the rules correctly.

As a result, your toilet bowl creates stickiness and an unhygienic ambiance. If you flush the toilet before using it, it makes the bowl smoother and drains all dirt entirely. 

Tips two: Flush immediately after using: 

It would be the best idea if you flushed your toilet immediately after using it. Any minute late can create greasiness over the poops.

Besides, you need to make sure that your toilet flush is working well. Sometimes insufficient water supply creates stickiness over the toilet bowl. 

Tips three: Clean your toilet regularly:

If you don’t create the toilet regularly, minerals can create stubborn stains over the toilet bowl.

This not only keeps your toilet unhygienic but also destroys the porcelain layer of your toilet bowl.

Besides, a regularly cleaned toilet will keep the bowl smoother. 

Tips four: Use the right toilet cleaning ingredients: 

For cleaning the toilet bowl properly, you must know what the right ingredients are.

You should use a good quality toilet cleaning brush, bleach, and water for regular cleansing. If you want to keep the bowl shinier, coca-cola can work as an effective DIY bleaching product.

If your toilet bowl is experiencing yellow stains, get a porcelain stone to get it shiny and smooth. A properly and regularly cleaned toilet can prevent poop from sticking to your toilet bowl.  

Tips Five: Use non sticky spray:

If you’ve never heard of it, then it might be the lack of your information. Non Sticky sprays do excellent work with keeping your toilet smooth.

It would help if you sprayed it over the toilet bowl before using it.

This amazing slippery coating will keep the toilet slippery without creating any stubborn stains/ traces over the bowl. 

Tips Six: Follow a healthy diet:

An unhealthy diet will produce sticky and greasy poops.

Suppose you’re cleaning the toilet regularly and following all the basic manners and still experiencing stickiness.

In that case, it might be the result of your health issue. So, check on your diet first.

Avoid consuming excessive amounts of fast foods to get rid of these kinds of issues. 

Tips Seven: Replace your old toilet bowl:

Old and defective toilets create sticky and greasy stains over your toilet bowl.

And with passing time, it’s usual to lose the efficient smoothening effect of your toilet bowl.

To avoid all these issues, replace your old toilet bowl with a new one.

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Frequently Asked Question

What do you do if your poop is too big to flush with water?

Sometimes, big meals or digestive disorders create big poops that get harder to flush with water. Get some hot water, vinegar, and baking soda mixture and pour the mixture into the toilet bowl. It will make the poop flushed quickly.

Is it good for poop to sink or float?

Yes, if you’re producing healthy poop, it should float on the toilet bowl. Besides, they create no stickiness while flushing. 

Ending Note

Cleaning and using the toilet properly are a must to hold a healthy surface in the toilet. However, stickiness in the toilet bowl is something that can kill your household impression. This article has explained how to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl. Try to follow the suggested tips and get smooth and shiny toilets all the time.

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