Basement Floor Drain Backs up When Toilet is Flushed But Why?

It’s no secret all of us face the problem of the basement floor drain backs up when toilet is flushed. Have you ever tried to know why such a hassle arises? 

Maybe a few condemn the blockage we get to see in our home’s line is the root cause of it. And that is totally right. But still there are enough possibilities for the basement floor drain backing ups. 

Don’t worry. The initial treatment is easy to fix. Most probably your sewage pipe is clogged with debris like paper towels, pads, etc.

Are you eager to know about it? Then don’t go anywhere and give a look below. Your problems are going to budge away soon.

Floor Drain Backing up Risks

Endless risks such as property damage, health problems, etc. can occur due to backing up of floor drains. So, let us not beat around a bush and see the unpredictable risks from which we need to stay safe.

Health issues

One of the worst effects you may face through floor drains is on your health. Generally, lots of viruses and bacteria come along with the sewage. Also, there are numerous substances, which cause problems in our body, and we are not even aware of it. Such as- Acanthamoeba, Various Coli, Heliobacter Pylori, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and so on.

Property damage

There is no doubt floor drain back ups will damage your property. Also, it damages the pipes and sequentially ruins the floors and walls in our basements. Moreover, you will get to see your insulation is hampering, thus it will become entirely unusable. 

Fire hazards 

Why will you even face fire hazards for toilet water backing up? Confused right?

Sometimes, the dirty water makes its way to the electric components such as, electrical outlets, extension cords, etc. Again, it may reach gas burning equipment and cause some serious damage. Hence, different fire hazards may engage in your surroundings. 

Causes of Floor Drain Backup

It is very important to know what causes such kinds of complications in our households.

Most of the time, build ups and clogs come from grease. And, it is nowhere false we flash improperly many items, like- wipes, papers, towels, and many more. These are the most common causes of sewer back ups. And this is why the water can’t flow properly and gets a jam in their way.

We all know, strong storms are also the main cause of these backups. Usually, heavy rains leave no stone unturned to overwhelm the sewer system of the whole city. Therefore, the floor drain backups become apparent in many of the houses. So, make sure you are always ready with the solution whenever you have these symptoms and save your basements. 

How to Prevent Floor Drain Backup

As I mentioned before, you must take instant precautions at the times of sewer back ups. So, going straight to the point, let us discuss the preventive steps we must take.

Get an overhead sewer

Why do the basements suffer from flooding? The reason is not having an overhead sewer. But now, you must take it into your list since you can gain foolproof protection against water leveling. And make sure you purchase the high quality sewer.

Own the right drain plug

If you want to prevent water from backing up in your basements, go and get a one-way drain plug. Usually, the overloaded sewers are the prime cause of these back ups. And having a drain plug can deactivate the water floating and return the basement to its normal condition.

Install a backwater valve

All you need is to install a backwater valve in your basement or the exit point of the building. There always remains an underground pipe in every house where it connects the sewer line. We mainly call it sewer lateral or the closest manhole.

Backwater valves are a high price solution. Here, you will require a construction permit and licensed plumber before using it.


Standpipe is an ordinary pipe which remains stuck in the floor drain. The watertight rubber seal surrounds it, so the spillage water can drain easily. When water rises out of the drain, it goes into the pipe and gives a deep backup and again goes to the top of the pipe.

After you start using standpipes, these flood conditions will not appear in your basement anymore.

When to Call a Plumber?

Fixing the basement floor drain backing up is not in the hands of homeowners. And, we all know plumbers have the potentiality to deal with such stuff. But, at first, we need to consider if the mess is spreading widely or not. If yes, you must call a plumber immediately at that time. And if not, you need to try another step.

See if you have blockage or water flow slowdown or not. If yes, you need to understand that clogs are inside the main drain somewhere. But don’t worry, you can easily fix it with the help of a professional plumber.

Again, you shall diagnose the issue if there is any kind of clogged drain on your property. Most often, basement floor drain backing up with poop also becomes the reason why such hindrances occur. So, don’t delay calling a plumber whenever you see the signs of sewer back ups. And ultimately, you will not face any grudges in your basements and gain a smooth condition there.

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How to clean after a drain backup?

After a drain backup, you will get to see a lot of dirt and filth in your place. And, when the spills are major, there is no way out except for seeking professional help.

Now, the question is how to clean the clogs and other contaminating stuff from your basement after the drain backup. To know just check out the points below.

Wear a protective gear

Make sure you have protective eyewear, rubber boots, rubber gloves, and a facemask. It can be really harmful if your body comes in direct contact with waste waters.

Give a partition between the spilled water and clean water 

It is obvious, sewage water will track the clean spaces first. Rather, close the door so the water and debris do not spread everywhere.

Dispose the dirt immediately 

Use a plastic bag and fill it with soil, debris, and shovel dirt. Then take it to an isolated space where you can sanitize the concrete or tiled floor easily. And if there is any saturated carpeting, wall planning, flooring insulation, etc. dispose of them as well.

Wash down the walls and floors

There are different bactericidal disinfectants which are great for cleaning wastes after back ups. Also, use hot water. As a result, the filth from your floors, walls, and other surfaces will go away in a click.

Let the air in by removing excess water

Open up the windows, especially when the weather is dry. Or even if it is sunny or rainy outside, the atmosphere can also work finely in air transferring. But don’t avoid the process of drying within 24 to 48 hours. Or else, the mild growth can appear again in your basement areas.

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End note

Hopefully, you got a clear idea about the basement floor drain backs up when toilet is flushed. And we know there are lots of causes and possibilities, such back ups. You just need to stay alert from these problems and always be ready with some solutions. 

Now it is high time we should start maintaining our basement and protect it from drain back ups. 

On that note, you must step out for the best treatments you can give to it. Thus, a suitable surrounding without any spilled waste will always be with you.

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