How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Standing Water

Hygiene is the key to sound health. In every sphere of daily life, one needs to maintain cleanliness. From taking baths daily to keeping the house clean, everything is related to hygiene.

Your lifestyle and the place you are living in pretty much tells how hygienic you are as a person. But if you want to be much more specific, then there is one section in the whole house that can tell you about someone’s hygiene the most. We are talking about the kitchen. It is basically the heart of a home. What all you are eating has to go through the kitchen and then to your stomach. So, it is the place that will be the most used, the dirtiest, and yet needs 100% cleaning.

A Clean Kitchen

You are continually working with things that are raw and are going to stale within a day if not properly preserved. You are washing dirty dishes every single time you eat, and that’s at least five times a day. One needs to keep it organized to keep away the bacteria, dirt, contaminants, and viruses.

Otherwise, these will reach straight into your stomach. As a result, you are going to be sick within no time. So, keeping a kitchen, the neatest and cleanest though tough but a must-do.

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Standing Water

Single And Double Kitchen Sink

In a kitchen, the dirtiest portion is the kitchen sink. Single or double kitchen sink, you can’t keep away the dirt from it. All that goes in the dustbin, some way or the other, touches the kitchen sink most of the time. However, a double sink gives you space to stack the dirty dishes at one side and use the other side of the sink to wash dishes comfortably. In a single sink, you have to stack the dishes and will have to wash them right there. No extra space is available. So, between the two, a double kitchen sink is better though it takes too much space in the kitchen. But if you have space, it is the best.

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink

Single or double, it is not very uncommon to have a kitchen sink clogged within every few weeks. When you see the sink overflowing, and the water is not draining properly, you know it’s clogged. The sink with standing water is the sickest thing you can see in a kitchen. It is enough to kill your appetite. If you are too cautious, the period of getting the sink clogged might be delayed, but it is inevitable. So, here we are to tell you how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water. The process is pretty much the same for the single kitchen sink. But we are going to mainly cover the double kitchen sink unclogging because it has two drains connected to each other that enters the waste trap. So, unlike the single kitchen sink, you might have to unclog two drains simultaneously.

Reason For a Clogged Double Kitchen Sink

Before we touch upon the subject of unclogging, let’s talk about the reason a bit. What you are cooking and eating, almost 90% have oil in it. Then, you have the additional greases and fats in the food items. The dishes have those stuck in it, and when you wash them, all the fats, oils, and greases get drained in the kitchen sink. These are liquid only when warm, and once it’s there in the drain, these don’t get warmth to melt. The result is a clogged kitchen sink.

Then there is the food waste. We tend to throw these in the trash can. The rest that remains in the dish or plates, we mostly depend on the waste disposal units to trap. However, there is no way these units could work 100%. So, after constant disposing of the food waste that is never going to dissolve, we get a clogged sink.

If you are living in an area where you get hard water, then the minerals from there might also clog your kitchen sink. Then you might have accidentally lost your ring or coin or something hard that is not supposed to be disposed of in the kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink will clog.

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How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink

We need to remind you again you have two drains in a double sink. So, the steps we are telling you to take must be taken on both the sink strainers, so that both the drains start unclogging.

Remove The Pipe

Most of the kitchen sinks have the pipe attached to the strainer with a screw. If it’s not, even then, removing the pipe and strainer should be pretty easy. So, if you know how to remove it, then do it and clean the pipe. You can use a plumber snake to do that or whatever you feel convenient. Take the particles and waste out of the pipe. Clean it with water, and you are done unclogging the kitchen sink. You can also remove the P-trap and use the plumber snake or an unused coat hanger to drain the standing water from the kitchen sink. The two drains of the double sink will already be one in the P-trap.

Boiled Water

The moment you feel like your kitchen sink might be clogged, boil plenty of water, and pour the hot water into the strainer. You can add salt in the water, too, and boil it. The heat will work in breaking the waste and cleaning the drain. The greases and fats are going to melt and drain easily due to the hot water. Make sure to do it on both sides of the double sink.

Baking Soda

You can use the age-old mixture of baking soda and vinegar, or you can also add salt to baking soda and pour any of the combinations to unclog the kitchen sink. Baking soda is known for breaking clogged waste or dirt in particles through reaction.

If nothing of the above works, just check your garbage disposal and reset it. Do not know how to do it, then ring the plumber. Take the help of the professionals if these DIYs are not working in solving the issue of standing water in the kitchen sink. They will know better and resolve the problem quickly. To keep a kitchen sink clean and fresh, clean it daily. You can, from time to time, pour vinegar-baking soda combo or boiled water in an unclogged kitchen sink for extra caution. As we all know, prevention is always better than cure.

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