IKEA Pello VS POANG Chair: Which One Should You Choose?

With products like the IKEA Pella and POANG, one can find themselves in a bind as both armchairs have a remarkable quality and provide utmost comfort.

IKEA Pello is an armchair with a comfortable cushion and cover that has its sitting position almost close to the floor. Pello comes in a single color variant- cream- which DT gives you many options unless you order a custom-made color for either the frame or cover or even both.

Like Pello, IKEA POANG is another armchair but with a variety of color options to choose from, both for the frames and covers. With POANG, you can order for the set, which comes with a matching footstool.

In comparison, IKEA Pello has a low design that makes it perfect for small or short people and those who wouldn’t mind having their armchair close to the floor. POANG has a taller design and is a bit more sophisticated than Pello because despite not being a real rocking chair, you can still rock it backward and forward a little.

Parameters for comparisonPELLOPOANG
CostAbout $130 or moreAbout $170 or more
CushionWell padded with polyester wadding and polyurethane foamWell-padded with polyurethane foam
Fabric100% cottonCotton (55%), polyester (25%) Viscose/rayon (12%), and linen (8%)
DurabilityHighly durableHighly durable
DimensionsW- 26.4 inches,  H- 37.8 inches D- 33.5 inchesW- 26.75 inches H- 39.4 inches D- 32.25 inches
Armchair weight18.3 pounds25.9 pounds
Weight capacity250 pounds375 pounds
Armrest frameClear acrylic lacquer and birch veneerClear acrylic lacquer and birch veneer

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Differences between IKEA Pello and POANG

Irrespective of how alike they may look, IKEA Pello and POANG have their respective differences in their sizes, cost, cover fabric, and weight capacity. Let’s see a side-by-side comparison to understand their differences clearly.

Dimension and size

This is where their major differences lie. IKEA Pello is smaller and shorter than IKEA POANG, which is heavier than most armchairs. Check the table above for their dimension variances.


Although the fabrics used for Pello and POANG covers are different, they are breathable and allow for complete comfort, irrespective of how long you sit on them.

IKEA Pello

The cover for IKEA Pello is made from 100% cotton and comes in only cream color. Nevertheless, there’s room for placing custom orders to the manufacturer for other cover colors.


For IKEA POANG, the cover is made from a mix of cotton, viscose/rayon, linen, and polyester and comes in a various colors.

Weight capacity

IKEA Pello has a lesser weight capacity than POANG. Apart from having a low seat, it can only accommodate a 250-pound adult or less. On the other hand, POANG can hold up to 375 pounds, making it a better option than Pello.

Note that ignoring the weight capacity of any furniture can impair its durability. This is because if it continues to carry weight more than what it is designed to, the padding becomes less thick and the frames weaken over time.

Cost and warranty

IKEA POANG costs more than the IKEA Pello armchair; although the price difference between them isn’t high. For instance, the San price for the Pello is about $130 and for POANG, $170.

A company’s warranty shows the integrity of its product and in this case, IKEA hasn’t fallen short. Both Pello and POANG come with a 10-year warranty, despite their affordable prices. This shows that they have the integrity to build a product that will last for years.


IKEA armchairs are ideal for mostly relaxation purposes; since IKEA Pello chairs are low, they may not be suitable for those who want to breastfeed or babysit their child comfortably. On the other hand, POANG is more versatile and usable in any space for your relaxation needs.

Similarities between IKEA Pello and POANG

Apart from the fact that they are both comfortable armchairs designed for relaxation and built to last, other similarities between IKEA Pello and POANG include:

Design and comfort

Every armchair requires an adequate cushion for comfort; both Pello and POANG haven’t fallen short of this requirement. While Pello is padded with polyester wadding and polyurethane foam, POANG has only polyurethane foam but in a generous quantity that makes it comfortable enough to take a nap in.

The padding in Pello’s neck cushion is more than that of POANG. However, they both provide the necessary support but at different levels.

Both chairs have an “S” design that follows the shape of your lumbar vertebra so that your neck, back, and waist are well-supported.

Apart from having a simple but beautiful design that complements any space, you can conveniently sit on them for a long period without any discomfort or nap for a short time without worries about waking up with body pains as a result of the wrong posture.


You probably know someone who has had a Pello or POANG armchair for as long as you can remember. IKEA doesn’t compromise on quality and that is why their products have a high durability rating in customer reviews.

Both Pello and POANG have their supporting frames built from the same material, which enhances their durability for long-term use. However, some customers complained about the cushion losing its thickness over time, which will mean changing the cushion.

But then, it is expected for any product to diminish over time with constant use. As long as their frame remains sturdy, one can easily replace the cushion.


IKEA Pello and POANG may seem alike unless you pay attention to most of their details, which we have discussed above. While they both are fantastic options and also have positive reviews from customers, IKEA POANG has a higher rating than Pello because it has a sturdier construction and can accommodate most people due to its tall seat, bigger weight capacity, and variety of colors. Nevertheless, the choice of which armchair to settle for is completely yours to make after you have considered the necessary features and parameters.

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