Top 5 Best Steamer for Curtains & Drapes in 2023

Have you ever gazed at your wrinkled drapes and thought of how to straighten them without ironing them? The process of washing curtains can be aggravating, time-consuming, and expensive. You must take them down, clean them, and then reinstall them. As a result, a steamer for your drapes or curtains is the ideal answer.

With steamers, you could clean even the dirtiest window coverings in minutes. A simple steamer will assist you in removing wrinkles and keeping your curtains looking new. Which is the best steamer for curtains? And which is the best steamer for drapes? This article will answer these and many other questions.

Best Steamer for Curtains

What is the Best Steamer for Curtains & Drapes?

Hiring a professional curtain steamer to steam your curtains is best to keep them refreshed. If this isn’t the case, there is another alternative you could consider. You could get yourself a handheld like the J-2000 steamer. Such steamer does the trick in just minutes, without the hassle of taking down your curtains.

It’s slightly larger than the other alternatives in our review, but the lower wheel makes it easy to transport. Thanks to its large water tank capacity, it can function for 1.5 hours efficiently. However, it is a pricey alternative. Therefore, people on a tight budget can look into Hilife curtain steamer. It’s only a portion of the cost, and it’s functional. This portable steamer weighs roughly 1.7 pounds and includes a huge tank for easy steaming.

Our Top Picks

Our best pick is the Hilife curtain steamer. It’s a handy steamer that works wonders for removing creases from drapes and curtains. Here is a list of other top-notch handheld steamers.

1. Hilife Garment & Curtain Steamer
Why Hilife Steamer?
In shorts “Not only is lightweight and easy to use, but it has a 240ml capacity, which means you’ll be able to do a few curtains before having to refill the tank.”

2. Conair Turbo Handheld Fabric Steamer
Why Conair Turbo?
In shorts “The best handheld steamer for curtains is the Conair Turbo Handheld Fabric Steamer. It’s super lightweight at only 7.3 ounces and you can choose from five different steam settings.”

3. BEAUTURAL Steamer for Curtains
Why Beautural Steamer:
In shorts “The BEAUTURAL Steamer for Curtains is the best budget option on our list. It comes in at less than $30 and can heat up in as little as 30 seconds.”

4. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer
Why J-2000 Jiffy Steamer?
In shorts “The best large-capacity steamer on our list is the J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer. It can hold 3/4 gallon of water and can run for 1.5 hours on one fill-up.”

5. PurSteam Steamer for Curtains & Drapes
Why PurSteam Steamer?
In shorts “The steamer that’s great for all materials is the PurSteam Steamer for Curtains and Drapes. Not only is it great for materials like cotton, but it can also work with materials like silk.”

Top 5 Best Steamers for Curtains & Drape

If you still aren’t sure which curtain steamer is right for you, take a look below at our detailed and thorough review.

1. Hilife Garment & Curtain Steamer

If you’re looking for the best handheld steamer for curtains, get yourself the Hilife curtain steamer. It is the top-ranked handheld steamer in the market today. At first sight, this steamer is breathtaking. Here are some of its other significant features:


This steam cleaner can handle all of your curtain and drape cleaning needs thanks to its 700-watt powerhouse. You won’t have to worry about going too close to the plug because the steamer includes a 9-foot power wire. A word of caution: don’t overfill the tank. Slightly underfill it. The water will almost immediately boil over and spew if you overfill it.


It’s ideal for household chores because it’s light (0.568 kg). This makes it easy to carry.


This curtain Steamer from Hilife is a valuable gadget. This Hilife steamer will do the job efficiently if you’re steaming your curtains for a big occasion, just refreshing them for the day. It comes with a cup, power cord, brush, and user manual when you purchase it.

It heats up and emits a sufficient amount of steam to eliminate wrinkles. You will not run out of water before the task is completed. You will always have enough water in the tank to steam one curtain without replacing it.

Various Steam Settings

Variable steam settings are another amazing feature of this steamer. There are five different settings to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. The best part is that it takes approximately the same duration to warm up despite the settings you choose.

Easy to Use

It’s simple to use and great for getting rid of wrinkles and static electricity from your garments and drapes.

Heats Up Quickly

It takes approximately 40 seconds to heat so that you can steam the drapes or curtain immediately. Fill the tank, select the desired setting, and the steamer will start heating. It will notify you when it’s done, and then you can begin steaming.


It’s small in size. So, if you enjoy traveling to your other homes, it would be excellent to pack this steamer in your luggage and take it with you.

Why I Choose Hilife Over the OGHom Steamer

We picked this over the OGHom Steamer since it’s roughly the same price and capacity as the OGHom Steamer. However, it has far more positive user reviews and does better. Both include brush attachments. However, the ones in the OGHom steamer are of greater quality. Overall, it’s a superior product that produces superior results.

2. Conair Turbo Handheld Fabric Steamer

For steaming curtains and other materials, the Conair Portable Steamer is ideal. Just like the Hilife curtain steamer, it is also the best for curtains. This turbo steam curtain delivers powerful steam bursts that swiftly eliminate wrinkles and fine lines from the skin. With the help of a bristle brush, the steam penetrates the fibers and is squeezed fully. Here are some reasons why you should buy this steamer.


It’s also portable, meaning you can carry it with you everywhere you go. It also kills mites, germs, and bed bugs in 99.9% of cases. As a result, the Conair Steam cleaner is ideal for someone looking for the best fabric-steamer for curtains.

Easy to Use

Turn it on, wait 40 seconds, and slide it up and down your curtains until the creases are gone. You don’t have to hold the button down to get constant steam. On the front panel, there is a toggle for that. On the back, there is also a hot/cold option. If you have children, they may be able to learn how to utilize it effectively as well.

Make sure the steamer does not come into contact with your curtains during steaming. Leave a small spacing to avoid burns for optimal results.


The Conair Turbo Extreme, with its 1875-watts, is one of the most powerful fabric steamers available. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind performance, the Portable Conair Extreme uses modern steam technology to deliver an incredible steam volume and remove stubborn creases as smoothly as possible.

Heats Up Quickly

This Conair Curtain Steamer doesn’t take long for it to heat up. Heating takes only 40 seconds, as previously mentioned. This makes it stand out from its competition thanks to its quick heating time and long battery life.

Why is the Conair Turbo Steamer better than the Rowenta X-Cel Steamer?

Each of these steamers is similar, but there are a few key differences between them. The Conair Turbo, for starters, is cheaper than the Rowenta. You might get a similar experience at a lower price. The Conair additionally has a larger water holding capacity. This not only cuts down on the number of times you need to refill the tank, but it also speeds things up.

3. BEAUTURAL Steamer for Curtains

You don’t have to look any further if you’re shopping for a compact steamer that will do the job well. You no longer have to worry about the tank spilling because this steamer is leak-proof. You may also place it on a level surface because of the flat bottom. Here are some of its other top qualities.

Steaming Capability

This steamer comes with a height-adjustable telescopic pole and a T-nozzle with a 5-foot insulated cool touch hose. These features come in handy when you steam long curtains and drapes in your house. It also has a 360-degree rotating hanger with clips and easy-rolling rollers for moving about in the house.

Heats Up Quickly

With this steamer, you’ll be ironing steaming your drapes and curtains in no time. This is because it takes only 30 seconds to heat up. Wait for it to heat up after filling its tank. Even though it doesn’t have a ready indicator, you’ll know it’s ready when steam begins to emerge from the head.


This great steamer smoothens, eliminates wrinkles, and revitalizes your fabric. It contains a huge 80-ounce detachable water tank that is easy to fill. The steamer shuts off automatically when the water level drops. It also has a cable wrap mechanism for easy storage.

Why Do I Choose BEAUTURAL Steamer over The NUOBEIER Travel Steamer

These steamers are similar. However, the BEAUTURAL Steamer is superior to the NUOBEIER steamer. First and foremost, NUOBEIER lacks an auto-off switch. It may not appear to be a big deal, but it is safer for a steamer to have one. Another significant difference is that NUOBEIER tanks are quite difficult to open, whereas BEAUTURAL tanks are simple and quick to access.

4. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

The J2000 has long been regarded as one of the greatest clothes steamer alternatives available, and it has been in use for quite some time. It is all you need, and it’s a legitimate alternative to steaming. It keeps your curtains and drapes looking new and fresh. Let’s see some of its key characteristics.

Amazing Design

The general design of this steamer is clean and uncomplicated. The reservoir is positioned at the bottom of the machine and is connected to a high-performance, leak-proof steam pipe. The water is heated and expelled as steam through the nozzle, softly smoothing the wrinkles in the fibers. You can combine it with other available extras, most of which are well worth the money for even more advantages.

Long Hose

It has a very long steam hose. This lets you steam the your curtains without removing them or straining it to reach high areas. Additionally, the hose does not tangle, so you don’t have to worry about it getting trapped when closing the curtain.


The J2000 has the power and performance you’d expect from a high-end device. You may steam your curtain for an hour and a half thanks to its 1300-watt steam output and a 3/4-gallon reservoir.

Heats Up Quickly

It only takes 2 minutes for this steamer to reach maximum temperature. Given the amount of water in the tank, it’s not a long time. Steam rises from your head as the water heats up. This is a sign that you should start steaming.

Why Didn’t We Go with the KOTLIE 1600W 2 in 1?

These steamers are excellent, but the J2000 is the better choice for various reasons. It takes only 2 minutes to heat up at first, while the KOTLIE takes much longer. Another important consideration in selecting the J2000 is its mobility. Although both devices have easy-to-move wheels, the J2000 is lighter and hassle-free.

5. PurSteam Steamer for Curtains & Drapes

Finding the best steamer for drapes could be tricky for some people. However, if your local electronic shop has the PurSteam Garment Steamer, you are good to go. This is a powerful, efficient, and long-lasting drape steamer with all the bells and whistles. It can also be used on curtains. It swiftly reduces and cleans your drapes while providing a constant and forceful steam flow to your fabric. The heating element swiftly heats the water inside. It offers a lot of features. Here are a few examples.

Quickly Heats Up

It only takes about a minute to heat up. When it completes heating up. This steamer does not utilize a meter to indicate, but steam may be seen flowing from your head. When this happens, you will know its time to begin steaming your drapes.

Long Cord

The cable on this steamer is 9 feet long. You may steam the drapes throughout your home with a cord of this length. You don’t need to worry about tangled or tied cords, which is a huge plus.

Tank Capacity

The PurSteam Curtain and Drapes Steamer comes standard with a 180 ml tank and can steam continually for approximately 15 minutes. You can use things like mugs to fill the tank or take it out and fill it. You can select the approach that is most convenient for you.

Tip Prevention

Turning the steamer over can bring about leaks and, in extreme situations, prevent the steamer from working at all. However, this steamer has an anti-tilt foundation to avoid this. This means you don’t have to worry about the steamer tipping over if you place it on a hard surface.

PurSteam Steamer vs The Uomeod Portable Steamer

We chose the PURLIFE steamer over the Uomeod steamer for several reasons. First, the PURLIFE steamer heats up faster. While the difference is minor, the PURLIFE permits you to begin steaming in minutes. Another key factor is that the Uomeod is unprotected against tipping. Nothing is worse than shambles. Therefore, this was a crucial factor to consider.


Conair Steamer Not Working
Rowenta Steamer Not Steaming
Can You Use a Clothes Steamer to Remove Wallpaper

What to Look for in the Best Fabric Steamer for Curtains & Drapes

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a curtain steamer. They include the following:

Easy Installation

The simplicity with which the steamer can be assembled is an essential consideration. This is crucial, especially if you’re searching for a stand-alone steamer. The best fabric steamers for curtains and drapes are made up of several components. You should ensure that you go through the user manual. This makes it easy to install these parts by following the guide.

Cord Length

You’ll need a steamer with a lengthy cord if you want to steam your hanging curtains. For example, if you’re using a handheld steamer, you’ll need a flexible cable that allows you to reach the top of the curtain comfortably. Furthermore, you may attach a long cord to a switch, no matter how far away from you are from the curtain.

Water Capacity

The tank of a standing steamer is greater than that of a hand steamer. Handheld steamers with larger water tanks are bulkier and heavier. Water tanks for hand steamers are available in a multitude of sizes. Water absorption capacity ranges from 100 to 300 ml. The water tank capacity of an upright steamer, on the other hand, can reach 1 gallon. The longer the vaping steaming duration, the higher the skill level.

Heat-Up Duration

Most steamers heat in 30 seconds to 2 minutes however others take longer. The good news is that most steamers include an area indicating how long they take to heat up. You can also check the reviews and see what other people say about that steamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below to see the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Can you steam clean hanging curtains?

The vacuum cleaner may not be effective if a curtain is oily or has unpleasant stains. Instead of removing the curtains and washing them, you can use a steamer to remove the dirt while they are still in place. A powerful handheld steam cleaner with upholstered attachments can easily clear stains and debris from drapes with minimal effort. The steam cleaning head should be moved vertically to enter the fibers without soaking them.

Can you use a steamer for curtains?

A steamer is essential in the home for those who are concerned about ruining their treasured drapes. These machines use heated steam to eliminate creases and wrinkles on curtains. It may also be used on clothes and other materials as an added advantage.

Are garment steamers better than irons?

They are in certain situations. While irons are great for clothing, steam irons are wonderful for draperies. The steamer is faster, but it is also easier to use on curtains. Another benefit of using a steam iron instead of iron is that you don’t have to finish the work on an ironing board or a hard surface.

What kind of steamer do you use for curtains?

The curtain steamer comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are various steamers specifically designed for steaming curtains and regular steamers for clothing in this collection. Both options work well, and it’s a matter of deciding which one suits your needs best. Handheld steamers are preferred for curtains because they allow you to reach the top of the curtains more easily than a standing steamer.

Can a garment steamer be used on curtains?

Garment steamers are incredibly versatile and may even be used to remove wrinkles from drapes. When the curtains are hung vertically, numerous clothing steamers can be used on your curtains and drapes. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about removing the curtains for steaming.

With so many various models and choices to choose from, utilize this comprehensive buying guide to choose the best handheld steamer for curtains. From the evaluation above, we can see there are several excellent product selections. As stated earlier, the Hilife Curtain Steamer is the best steamer for curtains. However, all of the devices in this review are useful in a number of scenarios, so don’t rely solely on our suggestions. Each of these products provides a variety of alternatives, so think about your requirements.

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