Pella Window Lowes vs. Pella Stores

As one of the largest US companies that manufacture windows and doors, Pella Corporation is a reputable brand whose products we can find in several homes, institutions, and commercial buildings across the state. As a result of their ethical work and environmental consciousness during production, they have gained recognition with the necessary bodies in charge of environmental protection in the US.

Pella Corporation does not have retail stores. Instead, they sell their products through independent retailers called Pella stores.

Lowes is also an American retail company where you can find Pella replacement windows at an affordable rate.

In comparison, the decision of whether or not to buy Pella windows from Lowes or Pella stores depends on whether you are looking for new construction windows or replacement windows for your home. Also, Pella stores offer a vast range of options for your window needs but at a more expensive end, especially with installation. Lowes can accommodate most budgets; however, you can only get replacement windows from them.


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Comparison of Pella window Lowes vs Pella stores

Parameters for comparisonPella storesLowe’s
AccessibilityAbout 14 showrooms and other Pella retail stores nationwideOver 2000 stores across the nation, hence easily accessible
VarietyAll Pella windows in different sizes, designs, and stylesThey have standard sizes and designs but limited styles
InstallationInstallers have technical know-how specific to Pella productsKnowledge of windows installation may not be specific to Pella windows
WarrantyManufacturer offers a limited lifetime warrantyOne-year warranty for installation
Customer serviceRepresentatives have a comprehensive understanding to provide utmost customer satisfactionRepresentatives may have little knowledge of the product, leaving customers with unanswered questions

Differences between Pella window Lowes and Pella stores

While you can find Pella windows in Pella stores and Lowe’s, the comparison details discussed below will give you an insight as to which of them is ideal for your window needs at the moment. Their major differences include the store’s accessibility, cost of windows and installation, available designs, etc.

Access and convenience

Pella Corporation has about 14 showrooms and a vast number of Pella retail stores across the nation. Pella stores can provide a more customized offer than Lowe’s; however, since their store might be a little far, you may have to order the windows or travel a distance to get them, which might be inconvenient and expensive.

Lowe’s has over 2000 stores in the US, which makes them more easily accessible than Pella stores. So, you can walk into a Lowe’s store without traveling too far.


There’s no doubt there you can get a vast range of window styles and designs from Pella stores since they get their supplies straight from the manufacturer. If you are unsure about which style of window to choose, it will be better to shop from a Pella store.

On the other hand, Lowe’s have limited designs of Pella windows and this does not give you as many options as possible unless you find the exact style you want in their store.

Another option with Lowe’s is to have them place a customized order to the manufacturer if you can’t easily access a Pella store. However, you may have to pay a little extra.


If you are on a budget and need affordable options for Pella windows, you might want to check out Lowe’s, as their prices are significantly lower than that of Pella stores. Also, depending on your credit, you may even get a financing option for your window replacement project.

As discussed above, the window varieties Pella stores offer is one of the major reasons there is no decrease in their patronage; otherwise, their prices are expensive.


You can’t talk about buying a window without adding the cost of installation to your budget- which is on the high side, if we may say. And if you are thinking about handling the project yourself, then you shouldn’t unless you are a professional; this is because window installation is more technical and time-consuming than it looks. Lowes

Pella stores may have an advantage because they deal exclusively with their product and so would have invested heavily in their installers, who will provide specialized installation services relative to their products.

At Lowe’s, their window installers deal with an array of products, which means that most of them do not have the specialized know-how to install Pella windows.

Lowe’s will collect the complete payment upfront but will not pay the contracted installer unless you are completely satisfied, while Pella takes about 50% upfront and collects the balance after they’ve ensured that you are satisfied with the job. So, in general, Pella may be the better option for installation.

Customer service

At a Pella store, you will get a representative with in-depth knowledge of the products to attend to your concerns and questions. In the end, it becomes easier to select a window model if you didn’t have any in mind before.

At Lowe’s, their customer representatives are not entirely familiar with the products and may not be able to put you through thoroughly, but if you already know what you want, you can always patronize them.


Pella corporation offers a limited lifetime warranty but that doesn’t mean it comes as easy as it sounds, especially since you are patronizing them through retail stores.

Lowe’s does not provide warranty coverage for Pella windows but offers a one-year warranty on its installation. So, if you have any concerns about the windows, you’ll need to file a warranty claim with Pella corporation and follow up on it, which might be quite a hassle. Nevertheless, it may be easier to follow up on any issue concerning warranty through Pella stores than Lowe’s.


If you barely have any style or model of Pella windows in mind or want to follow through on warranty claims, it’d be better to buy from Pella stores. Otherwise, the wide distribution of Lowe’s stores and their affordability make them worth considering. However, for installation, you can always buy from Lowe’s and get installed from Pella stores to handle the project.

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