Is Poo Pourri Safe For Septic Systems?

No one likes a stinky toilet, right? That’s why you guys use toilet deodorants like Poo Pourri. But, since toilet deodorants are unknown chemicals, people frequently ask “is Poo Pourri safe for septic systems?”.

To answer in short, Yes, Poo Pourri is indeed safe for your septic system because it’s got nothing hazardous. However, to comprehend the explanation behind this, you have to go into further detailed discussion. 

That’s why we are here. We’ll tell you all about Poo Pourri deodorants and their safety concerns. So, stick with us till the end.

Is Poo Pourri Safe For Septic Systems

What Is Poo Pourri Made Of?

Poo Pourri deodorant is made of various types of natural oils and other essences of fragrances. To be more specific, Poo Pourri contains water, Citrus chemicals, Cineole Limonene, Citrus Grandis peel oil, Litsea Cubeba oil, and other secret chemicals.

All these chemicals are completely non-toxic to human health and the environment. It’s because all these ingredients are extracted from the environment itself. On top of that, all these chemical ingredients have been fully tested in several labs and in several types of septic systems by the manufacturer. 

Thanks to this peer-reviewed system of testing and verification, you can rest assured that Poo Pourri will not be harmful to your toilet.


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Is Poo Pourri Really Safe For Septic Systems?

Yes, Poo Pourri is perfectly safe for any septic system or sewage system. The working mechanism of this deodorant is really simple. It gives off pleasant smells that suppress the awkward smells of the toilet. As a result, you get a refreshing atmosphere in your toilet.

Furthermore, since there’s nothing hazardous or chemically superactive in the compounds of Poo Pourri, there’s a 0% chance of fermentation or gas generation in the septic system. So, it’s perfectly safe for the septic system. 

Now, if you have used any shampoo or conditioner in your bathroom and let it be sucked by your septic system, you already know that most cosmetic chemicals are not unsafe for the safety system, right? Well, likewise, the Poo Pourri deodorant is also thoroughly tested to be perfectly safe for a bathroom or toilet environment.

Moreover, since Poo Pourri is completely manufactured in the USA, it’s been fully tested by government testing organizations to ensure safety for the public. For instance, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) has tested the Poo Pourri deodorant and found no hazardous component in it.

Will Poo Pourri Damage The Plumbing Components of Septic Systems?

Poo Pourri is not harmful to your plumbing system at all. It’s because Poo Pourri doesn’t contain any chemical component that creates any hazardous residue. Furthermore, Poo Pourri is only used in small doses. So, it’s not threatening in terms of volumetric quantity as well.

In addition to that, to acquire real-life data on the safety of this deodorant, we have scoured through the internet for people’s reviews of this product. And, we never found even a single feedback that indicates Poo Pourri has caused harm to the plumbing system of a septic or sewage system.

Now, in terms of acidity, the pH value of Poo Pourri is around 7.4, which is nearly equivalent to the pH value of human skin. Therefore, it is ensured that Poo Pourri will not cause an acidic reaction in the sewage. Thus, there’s no factual reason to think that it will cause damage to the septic system or its components.

How To Safely Use Poo Pourri In The Toilet?

The standard way of using Poo Pourri is to spray it on the toilet before you sit down on the toilet seat. After you have emptied your bowel and flashed the waste materials into the toilet, the Poo Pourri components will also get sucked into the sewage (along with the wastes). As a result, it will only leave a pleasant smell behind.

Now, since the chemical component is already sucked into the sewage with the wastes, a substantial amount of Poo Pourri deodorant is not left in the toilet. Despite its small quantity, it will retain a noticeable amount of fragrances in the atmosphere.

That’s why your toilet will have a refreshing atmosphere all day even if it’s used many times throughout the day. 

However, you can also use the Poo Pourri deodorant oil after flushing down the wastes as well. Using the Poo Pourri deodorant oil this way is also acceptable. In addition to this, you also have to routinely apply the Poo Pourri deodorant on a weekly basis.

One thing to be noted here is water should be used as much as possible in the toilet while Poo Pourri deodorant is used. And, the flush should be used as frequently as possible in the toilet as well. 

Is Poo Pourri Flammable In The Toilet?

Since Poo Pourri is a mixture of essential oils, they can be minimally flammable. But, the notable thing here is that, when Poo Pourri is used in toilets, it is highly diluted with the toilet water. As a result, it completely loses its capability to be flammable. 

That’s why it is safe to say that Poo Pourri is not flammable when used in the toilet. So, there is no valid reason to think that the Poo Pourri deodorant will catch fire when used in a septic system toilet.

Furthermore, as observed in nature, in order to catch flame, any oil will need an active source of flame for the combustion reaction to start. 

Now, even if you accidentally put a lighter in the toilet, there is 100% certainty that the lighter will get put out by the water. So, the chances of catching fire are practically zero.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of this discussion is that there is nothing to be afraid of when using the Poo Pourri deodorant in the toilet or in a septic system. 

In fact, you can effortlessly use the Poo Pourri deodorant on a routine basis in your septic system toilet. Additionally, we also encourage you to use this deodorant to keep the environment of your toilet healthy.

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