Just Had Septic Tank Pumped and Full Again? (How to Fix It)

A Septic tank is one type of buried large container made of concrete or hard plastic. It holds the wastewater of a house. Generally, it is used in rural areas where the sewer system is not available. Depending on its size and capability of holding water, septic tanks must be pumped once or twice a year.

Sometimes septic tanks fill right away after pumping. There are some common problems that occur when septic tanks fill continually. If you just had a septic tank pumped and full again, then we are going to give you the solution.

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Why Does the Septic Tank Fill Quickly After Pumping: With Solution

Just Had Septic Tank Pumped and Full Again

There are certain problems that cause septic tanks filled with water and dross rattling. We can easily fix these problems by reducing wastage of water and monitoring some details, like

1. High Water Level

There are two levels of water according to the capacity of the septic tank. These are – ‘Normal water level’ & ‘High water level’. The normal water level is when the septic tank holds a certain amount of water following its capacity. On the other hand, high water levels are when the septic tank overflows with sewage and water.

In this situation, water will leak through any eyelet. High water level after pumping septic tanks is concerning. You can check onto these things to solve this problem

  • Check your shower head, toilet, or faucets if there is any leakage and fix it.
  • Use the laundromat to wash clothes instead of washing machines.
  • Reduce using water and the number of flushes.

2. Malfunctioning Drained Field / Leach Field

The drain field is an underground disposal area where contaminants are washed from the water that comes from septic tanks. If the ground is muddy or wet in texture above the septic tanks then the drain field occurs.

Sometimes  Water appears above the tank & causes a bad odor. Pumping septic tanks may not always be effective to solve this problem. You should contact a septic repair contractor who can replace the septic system or can provide you these authorizations

  • New drain line installation.
  • Mining and adding new soil or relocating the Leach field.
  • Replace/repair clogged outlet pipe.
  • Offering solution via Terralift.

3. Too Much Wastewater

Using a lot of water, doing laundry regularly, using the toilet flush again & again, taking a long shower can fill a septic tank fast. So you have to reduce excess water wastage in the house. Do check if there is any running toilet or leaky faucets in the house.

4. Clogs or Blockages

If there is a clogged outlet pipe or a blockage in the septic system it will cause septic tank fill continually. Water can overflow inside the house. If your septic tank fills over a short time, check inside your house if there is any clogged pipe preventing the flow of the water & sewage from the septic tank.

If there is a clogged pipe in septic system, follow the steps down below to unclog the pipe

  • Firstly pour 1 cup boiling water down to the drain.
  • Then pour ½ cup baking soda and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Mix 1 cup of vinegar & 1 cup of warm water and pour into the clogged pipe.
  • Again pour 1 cup of boiling water to flush away the dregs.

Following these easy steps, you can make your own unclogging mixture. You can also purchase Liquid cleanser, plunger, drain snake or use chemical substance to unclog pipes.

FAQs of Septic Tanks

Can an overflowing septic tank fix itself?

A septic tank can’t fix itself when it overflows. An overflowing septic tank is nothing but a huge mess. So it’s better to call a professional plumber to fix it. A professional plumber will provide you these benefits – he will use a specialized vacuum hose, pump the septic tank to unclog and spray the walls of the septic tank with clean water.

How long does it take for a septic tank to get full?

Usually a 1000 gallon septic tank can’t be filled by one or two adults. One adult can fill up 300 gallon of a septic tank in 6-7 years. Therefore, a family with 4 or 5 members can fill up a 1000 gallon septic tank in 5-6 years with scum and sewage.

Is it normal for a septic tank to be full of water?

Before using, a septic tank must be filled up with water. Water helps to flow away the sludge and scum that congregate into a septic tank. But it should be filled to it’s normal liquid level. Normal liquid level of a septic tank is 8u0022 to 14u0022 from the top of the tank.

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If a septic tank fills just after emptying, gurgling sound comes from the septic system. Sewage and used water from the drain and toilet do not flush properly back up to the property. Bad odor comes from the drain field and septic tank. Toilets become slow to flush as the septic tank fills with damp and sludge. If a septic tank is located near a tree the roots can grow through the wall of the tank and lead to the property. It can damage the roots as well as the septic system.

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