What are the Best Way of Killing Hookworms in Carpet?

Hookworms on your house carpet are the most dangerous thing you can skip while cleaning. If such worms can survive, they will create infectious diseases in the human body. People often get hookworm infections for walking barefoot. Besides, if you’ve pets in your house, hookworms’ growth risk is more.

The more fearful thing is, you might not get any symptoms of such disease so quickly. Although there have been cures for such diseases, you should always think about the precaution first.

While cleaning the carpet regularly, make sure you’re killing hookworms in the rug thoroughly. Now, you can use how you can make the process easier and more effective?

Killing Hookworms in Carpet

How do You Get a Hookworm? 

Hookworm is a particular type of infection that spreads from contaminated flooring and soils. Even your house carpet can include such contaminations if not cleaned regularly. Once you get this infection, it might not show all the major symptoms all of a sudden.

In most cases, people don’t even notice any major symptoms at all. However, the common symptoms are gas, vomiting, cough, nausea, itchiness, rash, and pale skin. Almost all types of carpet require professional steam cleansing after a certain period of time.

And regular effective cleansing is an important factor as well. You must know how to maintain a carpet for holding up a clean, hazardless and healthy ambiance on the rug. If you walk barefoot where the surface is hookworm infected, it will affect your health. Sometimes hookworms can spread from raw soil and toxic food too.

It’s more threatening when you’ve got pets like puppies and kittens in your house. Such animals get infected by hookworm commonly. If your pet is a hookworm, they can certainly spread the infection in your house carpet. 

What’s the Process of Killing Hookworms on the Carpet?

The best way of getting rid of hookworm is by giving it an effective professional cleansing. You can kill them as quickly as you can. While cleaning other infections, we might use bleach, cleaning solutions and other chemicals. But the truth is, hookworms are resistant to all of these.

You must know that hookworm can’t survive in all kinds of temperatures and environments. And that’s the only thing you can use for killing hookworms. If you just try giving your carpet a quick high-heat cleansing, the infection will get killed thoroughly. Here you can use a normal good quality carpet cleaner.

Another smart way of cleaning hookworm from your carpet would be using hookworm-killing parasites or spray. Such spray is usable only before shampooing the carpet. However, you can find severe options of disinfecting spray available. 

Only vacuuming or steaming the carpet is not enough. Here you’ve to steam clean the rugs, bedsheets, covers, couch or bedding too. Try to remove the furniture and disinfect underneath them for a healthy ambiance. 

For avoiding hookworm growth or killing the existing, you might have to clean the carpet with shampoo and warm water. If you’ve already hookworms an in-house carpet, consider cleaning the carpet with a high heated vacuum several times a day. And you might have to shampoo the rug twice a week. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet after each wash. It will get all the dead larvae removed. 

How to maintain cleanliness when your pet has got a hookworm?

What if your pet has just got a hookworm? You can’t obviously throw out the adorable dog/ kitten. Then, you must make sure you’re keeping your dog/kitten on intestinal monthly heartworm prevention. It will help to maintain your pet’s hygiene and keep them safe as well.

However, if your pet has just been cured of hookworm, you’re still not safe. This is the time of after-cure cleansing.

Here have some things you can follow to get rid of such issues:

  • Try disinfecting the surfaces with your homemade solution. It’s super quick and easy making a diluted bleach solution. Here you have to use 1:3 = bleach: water to clean out the areas. Pout the solution for a few minutes and wipe off every surface where your pet has been. For mess-free cleaning, you can use non-liquid bleach. 
  • Don’t forget to disinfect the clothes and material that your infected pet has touched. Consider using boiling water. Remember, the hot temperature is not at all suitable for hookworms’ growth.
  • If you’re a pet infected with hookworm, you have to burn/ bury its daily garbage. Don’t throw it in a plastic bag as usual. That can spread the infections
  • Launder your contaminated clothes with disinfecting solid chemicals. Even when your clothes have the minimum possibility of carrying hookworms, you better clean them with hot boils, water and bleach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you leave hookworms on your house carpet?

Answer: If you don’t kill the hookworm immediately on your carpet, they will increase the numbers. Hookworm eggs can survive around three weeks on the surface. So, if you don’t want any health hazed in the long run, try to kill them faster.

What are the core symptoms of hookworm infection among humans?

Answer: Although hookworm doesn’t show any noticeable specific symptoms, it has several core issues. It will lead you to fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting. But the core issue that hookworm creates is blood loss. Sometimes, such an issue can cause anemia and protein loss as well. 


Hookworms are such different and hazardous infections to deal with. People who have an indoor pet carry the possibility of dealing with hookworms more often. “killing hookworms in the carpet” is the wisest decision you can take to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house. There are several tips and suggestions you can try to get rid of such issues effectively. But the best possible solution here is keeping up the daily maintenance. Follow the tips and suggestions and stay safe from any kind of hookworm attack.

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