Method vs Mrs. Meyer’s: Which Plant-Based Laundry Detergent is Best?

Maintaining a spotless and odor-free house reflects you and your way of life. High-quality detergents, washing machines, and air fresheners will help you keep an immaculate home and body.

Many synthetic and chemicals perfumes and components in conventional cleaning and body care solutions can be hazardous to your skin, home appliances, and the environment.

For this reason, many consumers prefer plant-based product lines. Mrs. Meyer’s and Method are two of the best and safest alternatives to chemical-laden commercial cleaners. The items they sell are effective at cleaning and have a pleasant aroma.

The name “Mrs. Meyer’s” is synonymous with a wide range of fragrant household products, including detergents, disinfectants, shower gels, and body scrubs. There is a wide variety of cleaning and personal care items available at Method.

The range of items available is a critical distinction between Mrs. Meyer’s and Method. Compared to Mrs. Meyer’s, Method has a broader selection of products.

Method Vs Mrs. Meyer’s Differences

Both companies are well-known in the plant-based market, but they stand out in their ways. Some key distinctions between the Method and Mrs. Meyer’s are as follows:


Method and Mrs. Meyer’s are typical green cleaning goods in that they are quite forthcoming about the substances they utilize and the rationale behind those ingredients. The ingredient glossary is available on both brands’ web pages.

Both products are all-natural. However, Mrs. Meyer has roughly 140 artificial additives. Scents and preservatives indeed fall within this category. None of their items are tested on animals, and they don’t use harmful chemicals like chlorine, artificial dyes, or ammonia.

As a bonus, the Method used is not cruel. A material research organization examines each of its components to guarantee its safety. The containers are eco-friendly and produced from recyclable materials.


Fragrances manufactured with the Method synthetically yet have no harmful side effects. Different fragrance options are available from this company. Some of them are as follows: coconut water, mint leaves, juniper berries, sage, sea salt, lime, aloe, green tea, and many other ingredients.

For those who would prefer a natural option, Method also has scent-free and colorless products.

Mrs. Meyer’s employs both natural and synthetic perfumes derived from essential oils. Bluebell, watermelon, basil, plum berry, peony, Iowa pine, rose, radish, and countless others are just a few of their many one-of-a-kind aromas.

In contrast to popular belief, Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t sell odorless cleaning supplies.


The aesthetic appeal of both brands is distinct, particularly in the labels. The layout of Method is clean and uncomplicated. Mrs. Meyer’s, on the other hand, has a label that is more verbose and informative.

Both have eye-catching hues to make them stand out on the supermarket shelf and in the consumer’s house. The transparent bottles used by Method allow the product’s vivid hues to shine through. They’re curvy in all the right places. You can feel comfortable leaving this product out again on your kitchen counters.

The laundry detergent comes in two convenient shapes: an hourglass without a pyramid and a pump with a pump to dispense just the correct quantity.

For the most part, Mrs. Meyer’s products come in cylindrical bottles. Most of the company products feature pumping mechanisms.

There are also more substantial, voluminous containers containing concentrated formulations. Large glass jars with noticeable ridges around the top are used for the firm’s candles.

All brands present themselves in distinctive and original packing, but Method sticks out more due to its eye-catching shape and vivid hues.

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Method vs Mrs. Meyer’s Similarities


Products based on plants, such as Method and Mrs. Meyer’s, are typically more expensive than conventional cleaning products. Still, the two brands are more wallet-friendly than most plant-based options.

Based on the package size and the store you purchase it from, prices can change significantly. Prices for Mrs. Meyer’s goods are between $15 and $23. Compared to Mrs. Meyer’s, the price of a Method bottle is typically from $10 to $15.

Cleaning Power

Both Method and Mrs. Meyer’s are legendary in terms of cleaning power. Customers love Mrs. Meyer’s products; they were recently rated the best plant-based cleaners.

Products by Method have a bold aroma and perform well against stains. You need not worry about any damage to your skin or clothes from using their laundry detergents.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly cleaning supplies, you can’t go wrong with either brand.

Method vs Mrs. Meyer’s FAQs

In response to your many inquiries regarding Mrs. Meyer’s Method, we’ve compiled below a list of the most commonly asked questions and their responses.

Where to Buy the Products?

You can buy Mrs. Meyer’s products through their website or any other big store.

Products by Method are not sold directly through the company site but can be purchased on Amazon and other websites.

Are These Products Antibacterial?

Soaps like Method and Mrs. Meyer’s are not antibacterial, but an excellent 20-second handwash will eliminate most bacteria and germs.

Can You Buy Refills from These Products?

Many brands support recycling by providing refills. Don’t throw away the empty bottle; instead, use a refill kit.

Are these Products Animal-Tested?

Neither of these brands conducts animal experiments or utilizes ingredients produced from animals in any of their goods. Both have been verified as cruelty-free.

What Materials are These Products Packaged on?

Bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s products are recyclable and comprise a minimum of 25% post-consumer material.

The bottles of Method soap are produced from 100% post-consumer waste plastic. The transparent containers are constructed from PET plastic that has been recycled from commercial products. The HDPE plastic used to create the opaque containers is recycled at a minimum of 25% and as much as 85%. The corporation is always looking for new ways to boost this figure.


Some of the most well-known names in plant-based alternative cleaning products include Method and Mrs. Meyer’s. They’re great for the environment, harmless to your family, and essential to have about the house. Every product line has unique advantages that set it apart from the competition.

Here’s a quick rundown of each manufacturer to help you make up your mind. If you prefer intensely fragrant goods, Mrs. Meyer’s is your best bet. They carry a wide selection of items for personal care and housekeeping. They make no bones about hiding the origins of their products or the substances they employ.

If you want to clean something, you can find a Method product among the many available from the company. Brighten up your home and wardrobe with the help of their products, which are both efficient and effective. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste. Both companies sell fantastic products, so you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

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