Noise from Pipes When Toilet Flushes: 4 Common Problems & Solutions

Noise from pipes when toilet flushes: is this the annoying problem you currently live with?

Then, you are not alone in the room. Like you, I also suffered from the same issue. Even the loud vibrating noise when flushing the toilet sometimes gets louder- equivalent to a cruise ship taking off.

So, do you want to know the reason behind this problem and how I fix that?

Then, continue to read as I am going to break down everything behind the foghorn noise when flushing the toilet. And the best part is- I also provide the solution to the problems.

So, let’s dive into this guide.

Noise from Pipes When Toilet Flushes

Problem & Solution No. 1: Water Hammer Effect

Water hammer is the major problem that occurs frequently. Generally, it’s a kind of water pressure or waves caused when liquid and sometimes gas suddenly stops at high-speed. It occurs when a valve gets clogged. You can understand easily by imagining the water flows through the pipes like the car driving on a track. What happens if the front vehicle suddenly breaks die-hardly? Of course, the cars behind that will crush and make a banging sound. And this is what exactly happened when you flush the toilet. The water flows through the pipe suddenly stops and hits the pipe wall, which causes noise.


The water hammer effect basically occurs when the air-filled chamber gets clogged or stops. So, you can fix this easily by emptying the air-chamber.

To do that, first, shut off the water supply.

Secondly, flush your toilet and open every faucet in your bathroom.

Then, close the faucets and turn the water supply on. It helps to empty the water and air out from the chamber.

Now, flush your toilet again and listen to whether the banging noise stops or not.

If it doesn’t fix the issue, we recommend you change the shut-off valve and install a new one. You find this in your local hardware or plumbing store.

Problem & Solution No. 2:  Bad washer inside the fill valve

The bad washer inside the fill valve is another reason for the foghorn noise. It vibrates when the valve is closing or the toilet is filling, but the tank remains full.


Fixing the issue is simple and effortless. You just need to replace the fill valve, which is affordable. It costs you around 10-15 bucks to get a new valve.

The best part is- installing the valve in your plumbing system is a breeze. You don’t require any arcane knowledge or specialty tools.

Here how to do that:

Firstly, turn the water supply off.

Now, drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Keep holding the flush handle until the tank is getting drained completely.

Secondly, both from the valve and the toilet, remove the waterline. Then, unscrew a nut that keeps your old fill valve in place. Afterward, lift out the fill valve.

And finally, install the new fill-valve and do the reverse to complete installation.

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Problem & Solution No. 3:  Dirty Valve

The valve is getting dirty or dirt stuck on it will be another reason behind the noisy toilet. So, how do you know that the valve is being dirty?

You can easily understand that the valve is getting messy when your toilet makes the fog-horn noise.


Cleaning the dirty valve is the best way to get rid of this problem. Here how you can clean out the valve.

Firstly, turn the water supply off to your toilet.

Secondly, lift out the valve by removing the tank lid. Make sure you eliminate the dirt carefully. Also, make sure the water washes out the valve.

Thirdly, turn the water supply on and flush your toilet to check whether the noise is gone or not.

If the noise remains, it would be best to replace the old valve with a new one.

Problem & Solution No. 4:  Clogging the drain

Clogging the drain is another problem that may cause the banging sound when you flush your toilet. The reason behind the clogging is you may use too much toilet paper. Or, some giant turds stuck, which will clog the drain.


You can easily remove out the toilet papers by using a long toilet snake. Keep in mind; the drain may often clog for using a lot of toilet paper. So, we recommend you to clean the toilet by inserting a toilet snake frequently. 

If this doesn’t fix that case, it’s time to call for a plumber to make it right for you.


I have compiled all the possible reasons behind the noise from pipes when toilet flushes.

Now, you can easily fix those issues next time by following the step by step guide we provide.

However, if you can’t stop the banging noise after trying all the solutions I enlisted, then it’s time to call a professional to make the plumbing system of your house right.

But I firmly believe if the problems I enlisted occur in your bathroom, you can fix that by yourself following the instructions.

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