Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming – How to Fix it

Though there is lots of cleaning equipment available in the market, Shark steam mops are exceptional at their work. Shark steam mops are a handy tool on any floor that makes you happy to clean with it.

But there are some obstructions and common objection among the shark steam mop users, and that is shark steam mop not steaming. Though shark steam mops are recently one of the best steam mop manufacturers around the world.

Besides, there are other complains about the shark steam mops such as blockage, pressure leakage and so on. Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you for those solutions.

Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming

How to Work the Steam Mop

First of all, you have to know how to work shark steam mops. Steam mops work by heating water from a reservoir tank inside the mop. It needs to a temperature of nearly 250 degrees F that sends a jet of steam down into a mop pad covering the head absorbs the dirt, and the heat of the steam is capable of killing most of the bacteria and grime on the floor. It is a faster and sanitary means of cleaning.

If you compare with traditional mop and bucker cleaning system, you will see the steam mop makes it extremely convenient to quickly touch up floors, and so easy and fast to use.

How to Fix Shark Steam Mop?

Your steam mop is not steaming, what could be wrong?

Many reasons can cause your steam cleaner to stop steaming. Firstly you have to know the actual problem of your steam mop and most of the common problem can be fixed.

By using for over the year, your mop will not work properly and get a lot of common problem. If you can’t fix the problem here and make a decision to replace your steam mop, we are here to help you to fix the steam mop.

Blocked Nozzle

It might be calcium clogged up in your mop nozzle. When normal water is heated inside the steam mop, then it releases calcium.

Put normal water which contains hydrogen, oxygen and other minerals. When you boil it, the water becomes vapor. Besides, the minerals stay as remainder. These minerals discharged with the pressures and blocked up at the jets that steam shoots through.

After using your steam mop, make sure that you clean your mop regularly. It will help prevent mineral substances from blockage nozzle.

That’s why the manufacturers recommend that you should use distilled water in the steam mops. The result of not following this instruction is usually a blocked the nozzle.

How to fix block nozzle of the shark steam mop?

If your nozzle blocked, you could fix this problem by decalcifying the nozzle. For this, you will need some tools such as Cotton swabs, Vinegar and Paper Clip or similar objects.

Firstly you have to unplug your mop and let it cools down. Make empty the water tank. If you see the spray tip of your steam mop is blocked then insert a paperclip into your mop’s spray tip and move it back and forth. This process will loosen debris that locked the nozzle.

After that, take some white vinegar onto the mop head. Then wipe it with a duster or cotton cloth. This will make sure to prevent further blockage in the mop head area. Next, you need to turn it on and use it as usual.

There is another more effortless technique with vinegar that can be applied.

Take vinegar and distilled water and make a solution with 50% vinegar with 50% distilled water. Put the solution inside the water tank of your shark steam mop, and let them sit overnight. In the morning, please turn on the steam mop and hold it over your sink. Then you need to set the steam setting at the highest level and get prepared for a loud burst and sediments. After disintegration, hope your mop will work just fine. This method is easier and time-consuming also.

Leakage of shark Steam Mop

This is the second reason for a steam mop that is not steaming. When you are going to use your steam mop, you notice the mop is leakage.

You know a steam mop releases steam due to pressure. When this pressure gets cut off or leaked somewhere, then steam can not get released through the mop head.

This may happen due to several reasons. If the bottom cap is poorly filled, your mop will not produce any steam at all. When it happens, then the pressure would be reduced.

How to Fix It?

First, you will fill the water tank and check the mop’s bottom cap. Make sure it is tight required measurement and well secured in place. While you see a problem in the bottom cap and can not fix it then call your manufacturer, they will fix it in a proper way or a replacement.

Clean the steam mop regularly

The cleaning process of a steam mop is removing debris and all sorts of that from the floor. This means any of these can make blockage the nozzle. Ensure that you are cleaning your mop correctly after every use to avoid any blockage problem. You can also prevent blockage by adding a little vinegar to your mopping solution.

Lack of water and heat

There is another main reason for steam not coming out of a shark steam mop; there is no required water in the steam mop tank, and your water isn’t sufficiently heated. Remember plugging in an empty mop might damage it. Some times you are in a too hurry and can not wait to check the water tank as well as heat. When this happens, your steam mop can not release steam, and you jump into conclusion super quickly and start blaming the device.

Bottom Line

The best way to prevent any leakage or damage of your steam mop is to follow the manufacturer’s care guide and user manual. It will help you to keep the steam mop in tip-top condition. Make sure you are using distilled water only in the tank that does not have impurities such as calcium that usually causes the blockage.

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