ORFELD vs. Dyson: Which Cordless Vacuum is Best?

Finding a vacuum cleaner with state-of-the-art features can be tough, especially for newcomers. Orfeld is a budget-friendly option whereas the Dyson falls in the premium segment. So, who will win between Orfeld vs. Dyson? 

Both of them offer good dust suction, a user-friendly interface, and tons of features. But only one can be the true winner. 

For us, Orfeld surpasses Dyson vacuums in both features and pricing. Turns out, you can get an Orfeld vacuum for about 20% less. You will also find the Dyson to be louder and somewhat slow. 

That said, let’s not beat around the bush and see the comparison between these two vacuum cleaners.

ORFELD vs Dyson

Comparison For ORFELD vs. Dyson: Head to Head

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, see the chart below for an easy answer. 

NoiseLoudVery loud
LED battery indicatorYesNo
LED watch lightYesNo
ChargingPower adapterWall mounted setting available
SizeDepends on modelDepends on model
Usage time30 mins20 mins
StorageEasy to storeEasy to store and quick use
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

ORFELD vs. Dyson Differences 

Other than the body design and user experience, there are tons of features differences between these two vacuums. Dyson is somewhat heavier than Orfeld, which can induce arm fatigue. You also need to constantly press the triggers of the Dyson vacuums to work. However, Orfeld bypasses this problem by offering a single push trigger. Let’s see the other key differences between these two vacuums. 

Suction power 

The more suction, the better it cleans. For a stick vacuum cleaner, Dyson has the most suction power. Not even Orfeld’s premium segment vacuums can compete with the Dyson’s awesome suction capacity. It’s a win for Dyson. 

LED battery indicator 

Battery indicators help the users know how long the vacuum will work. In the case of the Orfeld, there are LED indicators, which will notify you every time the battery is low. On the other hand, Dyson doesn’t offer this feature and may shut down any time. Here, Orfeld gets a bonus point. 

Weight distribution 

Though the weight distribution of both the vacuums is good, Orfeld surpasses Dyson in this sector. Orfeld has a lightweight body design and spreads the weight evenly on every side. However, Dyson can be a little side-heavy. You may need to take turns and shift hands while cleaning the whole house at a go. 


If the noise of a vacuum cleaner is more, your ears will feel the blow, indeed. Due to the Dyson’s powerful suction capacity, it makes quite a bit of buzz. However, the Orfeld isn’t as loud as a Dyson. If you don’t want your ears to pop out, try the Orfeld instead. 


Storing both vacuum cleaners is easy. But the question is, which one is easier? Well, for us, the Dyson is better. In the case of the Orfeld, you need quite a big space. Then again, Dyson can be stored anywhere you want, especially on the charging station. 

Charging Station 

The charging stations of the Dyson and Orfeld are completely different. The Dyson has a wall-mounted setting, whereas the Orfeld cordless vacuum needs a wall adapter to charge. You can store and charge the Dyson at the same time. On the other hand, if you don’t have a wall charger in your closet, charging the Orfeld won’t be possible. 

Usage time

While cleaning the whole house, vacuum shut-downs can be a pain in the neck. With a usage time of 30 mins, the Orfeld can help avoid this problem. You can use a Dyson vacuum cleaner for about 20 mins straight. Here, Orfeld is clearly the winner. Though we don’t use a stick vacuum for more than 10 mins, having more battery life is still a winning factor.

Which One is the Best Between ORFELD and Dyson?

Once you know the differences, finding your top choice isn’t so hard. After analyzing all the details properly, we found Orfeld to be superior to Dyson in both features and price. 

Though the Dyson has better suction power, its sound is not pretty. Then again, Orfeld vacuums have a quieter sound, and you won’t feel much distress. 

When it comes to low-light settings, Dyson vacuums fall behind in it as well. The Dyson doesn’t have any LED lights to show the cleaning path at low lights. Orfeld vacuums, with their bright LED lights, won’t disappoint you in this sector. 

If you want to store and charge at the same time, Dyson is what you need. It has a wall-mounted charging station, and you can hang it on the wall. Just take the vacuum whenever you want and place it back after finishing. 

Finally, for anyone needing guided LED lights, better sound quality, and more battery life, you know which one to choose. 

Is Orfeld a good company?

Orfeld is one of the industry-leading companies, when it comes to making premium quality products. Orfeld is trying to give exactly what the users want at a cheaper price tag. Don’t worry. You will always get the best performance from any Orfeld products. 

Is a Dyson worth the extra money?

Dyson has the most powerful suction in terms of stick vacuums. Then again, Dyson provides top-notch quality and user support. So, yeah, the extra money is totally worth it. However, if you want a cheap alternative, try out Orfeld, Nequare, etc. You will get somewhat the same user-experience. 


Is 17Kpa good suction?

If you want to pick up all the dirt and debris, 17Kpa is more than enough. You can even use it for marble, tile, hardwood floors, and so on. 

Can stick vacuums clean carpet?

Stick vacuums can clean carpets if they are light and not bulky. While working on heavy carpets, Stick vacuums can’t suck any internal dust particles. 

Are Dyson products overpriced?

Dyson’s products are often a pricey version of vacuum cleaners. It has a better build quality, feels, and a powerful motor. However, other vacuum brands offer similar quality at a cheaper price tag. 

Should I leave my Dyson on charge all the time?

Leaving a Dyson on charge will ensure a full battery every time you use it. But is it safe? Well, yes. Dyson has a charge restriction mechanism, which activates after the battery is full. So, you don’t have to worry at all. 

End Note

Did you find your top choice yet? Turns out, both the Dyson and Orfeld offer a premium quality product. However, Orfeld wins the match. 

If you want better battery life, LED lighting, and low sound settings, beating Orfeld vacuums is tough. 

This is all for today. Have a good day.

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