What to Do When the Pool is Cloudy but Chemicals are Fine?

Cloudy pool waters are certainly a big concerning issue. When you can’t see the pool bottom clearly and experience difficulties while swimming, that means your pool has cloudy water.

The most common fact behind it is the high level of chemicals in your pool. This imbalanced chemical level can harm your skin, hair and organs. If you notice such issues, do the pool water chemical balance check soon.

What if the pool is cloudy, but chemicals are fine? Things sound tricky, right?

Apart from chemicals, poor filtration, rain, environmental dust, extra particles etc cause cloudy pool water. To hold up the sparkles, clear water and blanched PH level, you must keep the pool water always clean.

Pool is Cloudy But Chemicals Are Fine

Is A Cloudy Pool Safe For Swimming?

A cloudy pool will indicate that your pool water is not healthy and safe. The unclear water means either it’s not blanched with PH or has some other filtration/ chemical issues. So it would help if you never swam in cloudy pool water. There are several reasons behind it.

Let’s give a quick check on them: 

  • If you swim in cloudy water, it increases drowning risks. As the water is not clear, you won’t be able to see under the water correctly. So, you can unconsciously reach over the deepest area of the pool. Especially when you’re learning to swim, never go over those areas. 
  • Cloudy pools are more likely to include bacteria, germs, higher PH levels and chemicals. These are threatful to your face, body, hair and even health. You’ll experience red-eye, dehydrated, rough hair by swimming in such pools. 
  • The cloudy pools might grow some harmful bacteria. It will be filthy to look and worse to smell. So, you better not use cloudy water for swimming.
  • Cloudy water seems to have some nasty contaminations. It might have sweat, urine, blood, etc. You obviously won’t want to swing in such a pool. 

How to Check Pool Water Chemicals?

If you’re noticing cloudy and unclear water after shock in your pool, grab a strip and check the chemical level instantly.

There is a huge possibility that your pool water is cloudy because of an imbalanced level of chemicals. If you do the chemical check first, it will be available to fix the further issue. 

You just need to place the strip under pool water. Hold the strip for around 20 seconds, and it will change the color. Then, you can know if the chemical level is too high or too low.

Pool strips are a popular as well as a reliable tool to check pool chemical levels. You should do the test once every 15 days. This will also help to keep the water clear, sparkling and healthy to swim. 

Five Things To Do When the Pool is Cloudy But Chemicals Are Fine

Suppose your pool has cloudy water. The first suggestion you’ll get from people is checking the chemical level. And when the chemical level is balanced yet the water is cloudy, you should check on other causes. 

Give a moment over here and learn what should you do when the cloudy pool is balanced with chemical levels: 

Fix Poor Filtration

If the pool filtration system is broken, malfunctioning it can make unclear and cloudy water. Any clogs, dust, the damage will hamper the regular water cleaning of your pool.

Such issues will decrease the suctioning power of your pool filter. And poor suctioning won’t clean out the debris from your pool.

The lower suction power will also restrict the water flow and sparkle. Make sure your pool filtration is working fine to avoid cloudy water. 

Heavy rainfall

If you don’t clear the pool water after heavy rainfall, that will affect your pool water. Heavy rainfall and storms make imbalanced PH, alkalinity and chlorine levels.

Moreover, extra rainwater might also make it cloudy. So, you better drain off the excess water and clean the pool within 24 houses of rain. 

Swimmers extra debris

If the swimmers wear body oil, makeup, sunscreen or release urine in the pool, this will affect the pool water. Swimmers often use oils and sunscreens while swimming.

Although you can’t restrict people from using such things in the pool, you can make them aware.

Children should be especially aware that they are not allowed to pee/ throw any extra particles in the pool. 

Alkalinity balance

Some might confuse this property by comparing it with other chemicals. But it is a bicarbonate element to control your pool water PH level. The imbalanced Alkalinity level will certainly affect water.

If you take care of the chemical level, the Alkalinity of your water will be automatically balanced.

Your pool water alkalinity level should be around 8- to 120 ppm. Make sure you’re checking the Alkalinity balance regularly for safe swimming.  

Environmental debris

Environmental debris means the particles/ dust that causes naturally. Your pool water gets affected by insects and bird droppings.

These might sound little, but in the long run, such particles can also damage your pool water. So, you must ensure that the pool is getting cleaned regularly. 

Trying out these things can fix your cloudy pool water. Identify the problem and fix that as soon as possible. 


Don’t forget to clean your pool water regularly. For a better water atmosphere, you should use high-quality, safe ingredients and products on your pool water. Any cheap chemicals can make the pool water toxic and cloudy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it will take to clear a cloudy pool

Well, cleaning cloudy pool water will take around 2 to 3 days if you keep the filter machine running 24/7. It can take less time if the cloudiness is minor.

Will bleach clear up a cloudy pool?

Yes, if the pool water is extremely cloudy and includes an excess amount of chlorine, bleach will stand as a pretty effective solution. Liquid bleach can fix the cloudy and chemically imbalanced pool water in no time.


Cloudy pool water can happen for many reasons. But whatever the cause is, it indicates an unhealthy water atmosphere in your pool. To avoid such health threats and damages, you should never swim in cloudy water. If the pool water chemicals are balanced, check on the other possible issues. Do the proper maintenance to avoid these problems with your pool water.

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