King Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas – Find the Best Combination!

King-sized beds are perfect for parents who share the bed with their children. The bed is quite wider than the traditional beds. The dimension of a king-sized bed is 76-inch wide and 80-inch tall. King-sized beds are the widest bed available in the market.

To decorate a bed that wide you will need proper arrangements of pillows. It may look odd to decorate the king bed with a smaller number of pillows. Thus, you should have a good combination of pillows to enhance the beauty of the bed. 

This article will share the top 7 pillow arrangement ideas that will surely make your bed look better. Check the below arrangement ideas to apply to your bed.

King Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

Top 7 King Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

1. 3 Euro Sham, 2 King Pillow, 1 Decorative Throw Pillow

This arrangement will suit the king-sized bed very well. Place 3 Euro Sham in the first layer against the headboard. In the second layer, use the King Pillows. To enhance the beauty, use the Decorative Throw Pillow in the middle of the last layer. 

2. 2 King Pillows, 3 Euro Shams, 1 Decorative Throw Pillow

This combination is quite similar to the above one. Just place the King Pillows in the first layer. Use the Euro Shams in the second layer. Finally, use a larger Lumber that will cover the three Shams.

3. 3 Euro Sham with 1 Lumbar

This arrangement of pillows will bring an elegant look to your bed. It won’t take much time to set the arrangement, and it’s pretty simple as well. Place the Euro Shams against the headboard. The dimension of three Euro Shams will match the wide perfectly. Use the Lumber in the front of the Shams. Use a different color of Lumber to make the combination more attractive.

4. 2 King Pillow with 1 Lumbar

If you love a simple and fresh look, you will love this idea. You will feel comfortable watching television with this arrangement. Place the pair of King Pillow against the headboard. The pillows can be used to sit back on the bed with comfort. Use the Lumbar in the front to cover the King Pillows. You may use a large Lumbar to make the combination more extraordinary.

5. 2 Standard Pillows, 2 Euro Shams, 2 Decorative Throw Pillows, 1 Lumbar

This is the combination that requires a total of 7 pillows. The bed will always be ready for any kind of purpose. Whether you want to read or sleep, the bed has them all. In the first layer, use the Standard Pillows against the headboard. Place the Euro Shams in front of the Standard Pillows. In the third layer use the Decorative Throw Pillows in the middle. The final layer will be with the Lumbar. Using different colors of pillows in each layer will make the combination more stunning.

6. 2 Euro Shams, 2 Standard Pillows, 3 Decorative Pillows

The arrangement is quite the same as the previous one, but colorful pillows will make it impressive. Place the Euro Shams in the first layer against the headboard. After that layer, use the Standard Pillows vertically against the previous layer. Finally, add variety to the arrangement by placing three decorative pillows of different colors in the front. 

7. 3 Standard Pillows, 2 Euro Sham, 1 Bolster Pillow

As the King Bed is family-sized, it’s better to use 3 Standard Pillows if three members share the bed. Use the Standard Pillows in the first layer against the headboard. Place the Euro Shams in the second layer. The Bolster should be used in the final layer. You may use a Lumbar instead of a Bolster. 

What are the Common Pillows Used in a King Size Bed?

Using different types of pillows makes the bed look more elegant. Especially if you use various colors for the Decorative Throw pillows or the front layer pillows, it will look more beautiful than the traditional combination. Here are some typical pillows with the dimension that are being used in a King Size Bed –

  • Standard Pillow 20″ x 26″
  • Euro Sham 26″ x 26″
  • Decorative Throw Pillow 20″ x 20″ or 22″ x 22″
  • King Pillow 20″ x 36″
  • Bolster Pillow 10″ x 27″
  • Lumbar 12″ x 24″

Lumbar & Bolster pillows come in different shapes. You can use a larger Lumbar if you use multiple Decorative Throw Pillows in the middle layer.

How many pillows do you need for a king-size bed?

If you use your bed frequently throughout the day, you may use more oversized pillows that will make it feel better while watching television or reading books. The pillow number depends on the arrangements.

What is a boudoir pillow?

A Boudoir is a particular type of pillow that is mainly used for decoration. This type of pillows is common for the bedrooms. The standard dimension of a Boudoir pillow is 12-inch tall and 16-inch long.

Are you supposed to sleep on Euro pillows?

If you feel comfortable, you can sleep on any pillow you want. The Euro pillow comes in a suitable shape for sleeping. They are comfortable for the neck and can be placed against the headboard as well. Make sure the pillow is fluffy enough that it will make it easier to sleep on it.

Do I need a king pillow for a king bed?

It depends. If you are using traditional pillows, you may need three pillows to cover the whole wide. Using two king pillows would be enough to cover a king bed.


As the king-size bed is wider, the combination of the pillows should be used in a proper way. Use the one that matches your requirements. Having multiple Standard Pillows will make the combination better and also can be used while sleeping with family. Apply the combination to get the best look in your King Bed.

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