How To Clean COREtec Floors

You know there are boundless flooring variants available in the market, like laminate, porcelain, or natural stone. Can you think of why COREtec is people’s most favorite one? What is the key to being the most dominant flooring variants among all! Well, We know why. It’s because of the decent look, long-lasting materials, and most importantly, the easy way of cleaning the floor.

Cleaning the COREtec floor is as normal as cleaning other floors, but there are some factors you must keep in mind. Otherwise, your unawareness might create big-budget damage. So follow our leads and get to know how to clean COREtec floors.

How To Clean COREtec Floors

What is COREtec flooring, and why is it best?

Basically, the COREtec is a special solid surface for the floor. It’s made of dust from bamboo and different kinds of wood. It has four distinct layers: Wear luxury Vinyl top, COREtec core structure, & Attached cork underlayment. This layer makes flooring strong and creates ultimate protection. 

In terms of design, the COREtec has an insane design variation: Fascination Oak, Divergence Oak, Distinction Ipe & Accolade Oak. Besides, they have a lot of variations on products also.

Check out the best possible way of cleaning floors

Cleaning COREtec is not a hard task, but it will surely make your job easier when you know this method and some particular answer to the question. So check out the best possible way of cleaning floors one by one.

How effective Sweeping the COREtec floor is?

As long as you won’t get enough time to wet clean or mop every day, weeping is necessary. Obviously, this is not the ultimate cleaning care, but the floor will be dust and dirt-free. Remember one thing, use the soft-coated sweeper tool over anything hard materials. Hard material might damage your floor.

Is it okay to Mopping the COREtec floor?

Surely you have to mop your floor on a daily basis if you want to see your floor long-lasting. When you just lightly catch up the dirt and dust, then simple sweeping is okay but when you think of cleaning deeply, then mopping is a must—even mopping before wet-cleaning is also fruitful.

For mopping, make sure you are using the right mop. People are always using a rubber mop or sponge mop, be careful with that cause it can damage the top surface of the COREtec. We always advise you to get a microfibre mop. That’s very soft and suitable for COREtec. Be gentle with the floor, don’t push too much force on the floor with your mop tool.

Is wet cleaning necessary for the COREtec floor?

Not only necessary, but this is also a must doing job for your floor. The floor sometimes gets dirty and greasy for several reasons, so you can’t get rid of that without wet cleaning.

Keep in your mind that using random cleaners or chemicals is not allowed on the COREtec floor. Your average cleaner can be the reason for expensive vinyl damage. It will remove the vinyl by damaging the glue and also harmful for colors.  

So what should be used? Whatever you choose to apply, just make sure that the cleaner liquid is PH-neutral. A PH-neutral cleaner will not make any reaction with the floor’s color chemical or vinyl. You can also try the special acid-sensitive spray for ultimate care. But when you don’t have any good cleaner at home, just apply apple cider vinegar or lemon water. Whatever you use, take 10 portions of water against 1 portion of vinegar or lemon.

What are some best microfibre mop cleaners?

There are a lot of microfiber cleaners in the market. Here is some high-star microfibre mop.

  • Mayshine Washable and Reusable Microfiber Mop
  • O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket System
  • Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System
  • Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Floor Mop

Does Vacuuming the COREtec floor create any harm?

Not necessarily as long as you’re using any specialized vacuum tool like wet vacuum or steam vacuum, those can discolor the floor or create scratches. Anything simple will be okay, but watch out for the vacuum wheel and handle. They turn out scratched. Keep in mind a vacuum with a rotating head can be dangerous for the floor.

What about Polishing the floor?

Polishing is not a step of cleaning, but this makes your floor shiny like a new one. But don’t mess up the floor with expensive polishing tools. Don’t use any tool which creates warm air or use random chemicals.

Some inappropriate cases

Anything unwanted can happen to your floor. Learn how to handle

Avoid sunshine

As COREtec is not pure wooden so excessive sunshine can damage the floor surface even it can damage the color. If any part of the floor is affected by the sun, look after that. Use a curtain when the window is bigger, and avoid the smooth way of the sun shining. That can be a solution.

What to do if you spill anything on the floor?

Spilling and staining always happen on the floor when there are kids around. In that case, if anything happens, your first job would be wet clean. The tea or coffee spilling can be greasy, so wet cleaning is best. You can use cleaner, but that should be lighter. The company said, strong cleaners should be avoided. 

Scratches can be a big issue

It basically happens when you move stuff from one place to another place. Using big tools for cleaning can be a big reason. Most importantly, you have to avoid wearing shoes at home (soft warmer shoes are ok). Other than that, scratchers are not much seeable on the COREtec floor.

When the scratches are already there on the floor, don’t try to wash them over and over. Just buy a simple scratch remover pencil or similar tool. Don’t try to recolor the area by yourself.

How to handle fading issues?

Sunshine and UV rays are a big reason which we’ve already discussed earlier. Another important reason would be over cleaning or wet cleaning. This over-cleaning discolored the top surface of the floor. Use less strong chemicals while cleaning, which is also an unavoidable point of fading. 

Can I use white distilled vinegar to replace apple cider vinegar?

Sure! that will also work as apple cider vinegar. There is nothing much difference that anybody can point out. Both are superb cleaners; particularly white distilled vinegar has antimicrobial material that helps to clean deeply. However, don’t use an excessive amount; remember the portion.

Is it okay to use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush head?

A rotating brush sometimes creates scratches on the floor. Although there are some soft brushes available, we don’t recommend that. We suggest you use anything simple and soft. A Microfibre vacuum is best; if you are looking for something cheap, then go for a cotton brush vacuum.

Does COREtec scratch resistance?

Yes, according to their website, they declare that COREtec is scratch resistant. Another good news is COREtec is 100% waterproof. So, water spilling won’t be any big issue We believe.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are not much worried about the floor, as you are now aware of the cleaning process. One thing must be remembered that nothing use fancy and strong while cleaning the COREtec floor. The COREtec layers are a little more sensitive than others, so avoid excessive cleaning and use a light cleaner. If you follow our words gently, your floor will be long-lasting. We believe that you have no further questions about how to Clean COREtec Floors.

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